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Loved to know what you think… and what you think Enola should do? What do you think Aeden is up to? Comment on part 9 post with your ideas. The author would love to hear from you!

Author’s Note:

I like this story. Aeden is getting on my nerves, but I like this story.

Why is Aeden getting on my nerves? Because he doesn’t want to bend to my will and I cannot make him at this point. So he’s hemming and hawing in my head; ranting and raving and driving me crazy. I know what he wants and he knows what he wants…. sigh… characters will drive you crazy, I swear.

Anyhoo, on Enola front, she’s in a tizzy. I know up until now she really isn’t a bad person and Aeden hasn’t deserved her … yet.

Another dilemma to attend to is the title of the book. If you’ve read this far then you can help me rename the book. In the comments please suggest other names you think we should call this story.

Thank you for reading and please make sure you share this with other readers. Let’s talk about it around the water cooler at work.

Part 10 is coming soon. I’ve been a little overwhelmed but give me a couple of days.


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