His African Sweetheart – Part 5

Author’s Note:

This is part 5 at almost 5K words.

i reposted this because the original post somehow got deleted. Strange but thank you, readers, for making me aware of it.

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His African Sweetheart

Part 5

By Sylvia Hubbard

Satisfied with her agenda concentrating only on what she was doing and trying not to think about anything else but how she started her business. This also gave her an opportunity for her to really think about her future, After three months here what was next? Did she want to stay in the cleaning business? Did she want to move to build management? she has taken classes online and offline and was interested in the field.

So focus on what she was going picking working doing she even created a business plan for the next five years. As she remembered, she sent the finished document to the printer before jumping in the shower. 

This time spent alone in her thoughts gave her a lot of time reflecting on her life. As much as his words had hurt Aeden was right  Enola had chosen not to face a lot of things in her life and blamed a lot of things she had not done on her sister even though Naaji had not been around.

Failure was easier than working for success. She was guilty of failure and had blamed Naaji when in truth, Enola could have walked into her own success of she had taken the steps necessary to do so.

Realizing she had this opportunity to change her personal and business life in three months, gave her a new lease on her downtrodden spirit.

Starting tonight she would change. She would take the steps necessary to take control of her happiness.

Starting with making love with Aeden. Yes after this she won’t be able to blast she was a virgin but at least she could use this as an opportunity to learn how to be with a man. Once should be necessary enough and from there she could date until she found someone she could tolerate and marry them. 

Getting out of the shower, she decided to change things up.

A dark purple Kanga of silk had been out with diamond patterns using silver sequins. There was a matching head wrap, but she found a silver scarf  

Tearing the material in two strips she wrapped these around her wrist. Her arms were still healing. There were purple and silver bracelets in the small suitcase and she used silver anklet bracelets to distract from her bruises around her ankles.

Instead of wearing stockings in replacement of underwear, she went commando and just wore the slip and wrapped the Kanga around her body. Adding a little makeup to her eyes and some lip gloss, she took several deep breaths to steady herself as she made her way out of the room.

Near six-thirty, she started down the main steps and then noticed he was at the bottom of the steps draped in a silver shirt and dark grey dress pants with matching shoes. 

Oddly, he had on his wedding ring a thick gold simple band, but she made no mention of him wearing it.

Aeden was the epitome of handsomeness and she was breathless by the time she reached him fully aroused and not a bit hungry for food.

“You look ravishing, Enola,” he complimented before leaning over and kissing her cheek. 

Thank you. Funny you should wear silver,” she noted. “We almost match.”

He smiled. “I’ve set up dinner by the river nearby.” He looked down at her purple and silver sandals. “Do you mind the walk?”


Putting his arm out, she wrapped her arms around his and walked with him.

“I should let you know your sister has called your phone about seven times already,” he said. “I suspect they’ve dropped her off in Canada already.”

“That was fast,” she noted.

“Immigration is past the point of people in violation and she was. The marriage would have kept her in the states. Also, my contact has taken over accounts. There’s an email they can contact you directly on the laptop, so make sure you check it.”

This feels so weird working without working.

“It is like working remotely,” he assured her. “As you grow in business it makes sense. I also took the liberty and read the business plan. My contact and I love it.”

“Thank you,” she said blushing. 

“Very well written,” he complimented.

She was so distracted by his conversation, she didn’t look at her surroundings except to note they were walking down a specially constructed path with rose petals to lead the way and citronella candles occasional to light up the upcoming night.

They arrived at a large white tent set up for dinner. The food was covered and to the left of where they were going to sit was a white-flowered curtain that shielded other parts of the tent.

“For dinner?” she questioned.

“For tonight,” he said with a wink.

Her stomach did flip-flops and she let him help her sit down. He revealed dinner and she smiled as delicious smells assaulted her nose. The chef had outdone himself yet again

She dug in the meal heartily and enjoyed herself.

Aeden touched his food a little but watched her most of the time. 

“What is it?” she asked. “You haven’t eaten.”

“Honestly, I’m nervous,” he admitted. “I’ve never been nervous with a woman before.”

“Rest assured, I have no idea what I’m doing and I don’t expect much.”

He frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I know you won’t be as rough as you were previously, but after that, I don’t know what to expect. Books tell me every experience with a man is different but they never get in what if feels like to make love with a man repeatedly. No one ever talks about that Except romance books, but that’s fiction.” 

He turned on a Bluetooth speaker to softly play music. “So your experience has been only with me?”

“No,” she said. “I have manipulated a man until he …” She blushed. “I did that a lot to a guy I dated, but eventually he wanted more without marriage.”

“You loved him?”

She shook her head. “I was attached to him and cared about him, but it wasn’t loving. I had to take care of my mother. There was no time for love in my life.”

He stood up and offered his hand.”You dance, Enola?”

“No,” she answered, taking his hand as she stood up.

This did not stop him from drawing her body to his and swaying to the music. he Commander the dance, moving than in a two-step that was easy to learn and even maneuvered her in a spin before ending the song in a dip.

Aeden looked deep in her face and she couldn’t look away.

“When you see me, do you see her?” she questioned.

“Good questions, Enola,” he said before brushing his lips on hers. “I’m conflicted. I see the woman I fell in love with and terrified of the hurt again I allowed to happen.”

His complete emotional honesty shocked her and endeared her to him. Just like he promised, she said, “I won’t hurt you, Aeden.”

He pulled her in a tight hug, burying his face in her neck. “I’m sorry.” 

She felt he was still apologizing for her hurting her and helping Naaji with her plans. “I forgive you now and forever,”

Looking back down at her, this time when Aedenkissed her, he drew the passion that was always in the wings for him. 

Kissing him in return increased her passion and soon, lips and tongue became involved. His hands moved down to easily unwrap her Kanga as if he had done it a million  times 

He didn’t give her a chance to be embarrassed about being naked with him because he hurried took off his shirt leaving him topless and then scooped her up to continue kissing her while he walked over to the curtain of flowers 

Pushing past them into another part of the tent where there was a huge Queen size bed set up with more rose petals and candles lit everywhere. 

He set her in the middle of the bed and then stood away. She watched him take off his pants all the while watching her watch him. When he started on the bed, she dipped over to stop him from getting all the way on the bed. 

Too long in her imagination, she didn’t see all of him, but now.

Her hands moved to his waist and her face was right at his stomach. Lightly she touched her fingers to the ripples past his navel to the thick curls above his shaft. She looked up in his eyes to see if he was fine with her touching.

Aeden looked confused, but he didn’t move and almost didn’t breath.

Enola continued her exploration moving her hands down his thighs feeling their power to his knees and then syncing back up to the patch of hair. His manhood was semi aroused and the natural thickness prior to fully engulf was still intimidating. He was of average length, but there was nothing average about his thickness. Her thumb and middle finger could not touch.

Curiosity was killing her to see him aroused all the way and if the books were right, stroking him would do this.

He didn’t stop her as she pressed down at the base, both her palms fully encircling him and then moving up to the tip. Her hands moved adjacent to each other making sure she covered every inch of him… and there were a lot of thick gorgeous inches to Aeden. 

She giggled as he expanded responding to her touch and then a drizzle of his essence was a token for her. Slowly her stroke she watched as the drip stayed on the tip and she leaned in close to him. Her breath made goosebumps come to his stomach.

He knew her taste so well, so why couldn’t she know his? 

Before he could protest, she leaned closer, licked out her tongue and laved over the tip.

Aeden suddenly pressed her down on the bed roughly and his mouth attacked her. That small action had made him lose whatever control and he was kissing her with abandoned savagery that almost scared her. She heard him growl and his body, heavy, laid over hers pinning her under him.

She didn’t panic. Instead, she received his kisses, giving back as passionate as she received. 

Enola loved this side of him. Something he tried to hide, but she brought out in him.

Her legs were parted and while he attacked her bountiful breasts sending her in some majestic pleasurable parallel universe, he pushed deep into her parting her womanly flesh but also her soul.

She didn’t know if she was coming or going but she didn’t care as she screamed his name in praise.

His thickness pressed deeper and deeper until he came to a halt. She heard a high pitched creek as he backed out and then entered again. 

All she could do was hold on for the ride. Her insides were completely drenched aiding in his lascivious grind, engaging her own body to clench around him.

“Ugh… Ughhhh…. Ohhhhhhhhh….” She cried harder to every rapturous drub he delivered into her body and as his pounding increased, she knew they would come together.

Her vision went dark, but her soul could see, bright colorful lights streaking around raising them up and then releasing him. She was falling drowning burning in glorious euphoria as he shook wailing her name in exaltation.

Enola wanted to cry, but she held back. 

Aeden couldn’t know how powerful his lovemaking had meant to her. 

And she would not face the fact that there might not ever be another man out there that would do this do her body every again.


Aeden wrapped his body around hers from behind holding her close to his body and gave them both a minute to calm their breathing. “I didn’t hurt you, Enola,” he asked with his voice full of concern.

It took a moment to respond because she was reeling in the deepness of his voice and how the sound reverberated on her spine.

“I’m all good.”

“Are you tired?” he questioned.

“A good tired,” she answered.

Sitting up, he took her arm and pulled her up with him until they were on their feet. “We’re completely alone,” he assured her and pulled her towards the flowered curtain out of the tent and to the side where a bathtub had been set up. More flower petals and the water was warm.

“How long have you been planning this?” she asked suspiciously.

“Honesty,” he admitted. “I had planned all this to go to Upper Michigan where I was going to take your sister at a private campsite I owned before we left on a private cruise in Florida, but when I knew that would fall through, I just had the company ship everything here and set it up.”

“So I’m getting my sister’s honeymoon?” she asked.

“No, you’re getting my fantasy. She had no idea what was coming but in my mind, my wife was a virgin and I wanted to knock her socks off the first time.”

“My socks are definitely knocked off.”

Aeden laughed and she followed loving the sound from him.

He began to wash her up and she let him and then in turn, she did the same to him. 

“Is it like the books you’ve read?” he asked as she cleaned his manhood.

“The description but no one ever described the feeling right. I think even romance novels couldn’t come close. They said nothing about your eyeballs popping out of your face and loving it.”

Aeden cracked up and then pulled her up to stand with him in the tub to kiss both her eyelids. “If anything you gave me several heart attacks, Enola.”

“Can we do it again before the night is over?” she asked greedily.

He kissed her with a promise.

Sitting down fully in the warm water with him, he guided her so she could lay back against him. There were soap, sponges, and washcloths along with chilled wine and glasses for them to partake in. Lots more candles were out there as well and the tent covered up this area in case someone did come.

Enola really was overwhelmed by the romance he had set up and slightly jealous of her sister had the pleasure of this man for the past year and a half. 

Three months? Would that be enough for her?

They spoke about a lot of things laying in the tub. She learned he had a strict upbringing by his mother and grandfather, but he lost a lot of himself once his grandfather died and his mother started seeing a lot of older men to compensate for not having her father around. This is what got her in trouble and on his road to redemption for her.

In return, she told him of her life without Naaji. After her sister left, it was a lot of toll and work, but she found humor and happiness where she could. When things were going particular bad, she would just thank God Naaji wasn’t around to make things worse.

“I have to admit,” he said chuckling. “I’ve never laughed so much with a woman before.”

“Why thank you,” she said turning to him. “And I’ve never been in a tub with a naked man before.”

“We should discuss the lack of protection,” he said seriously.

“We should,” she agreed.

“I could go to town in the morning and get an after morning pill.”

Nodding, she agreed, “That would be best.”

“This water is getting cold. Let’s adjourn back to the bed,” he suggested. “We still have the rest of the night to make mistakes.”

She was all for his suggestion. After he got out of the tub first, he helped her out and then handed her a large towel.

Following him back into the tent, she watched as he laid down on the bed with his towel wrapped around his waist.

She dropped her towel to the ground before joining him, moving to his softened manhood. If she was going to only have one night with him, she would try to do everything she had thought about in the books.

Gently, she took him in her hands again, but her mouth followed enveloping the thick tip of him and engulfing him into her mouth. Five strokes in her mouth had his semi aroused and he was watching her.

Not embarrassed, she was determined to taste him as he had tasted her fully.

Aeden seemed fascinated more and more as she enthusiastically brought him to full salute and didn’t stop. She had seen the videos and listened to the instructions like she was making a bomb. Bringing him to the full peak had been the one thing about sex she had not known if she would enjoy or not.

Orally stimulating Aeden, Enola found mind-bending stimulation of epic proportions. Listening to his body was adrenalizing.

“Eeeeee…..nola,” he warned breathlessly. 

By this time Aeden had fully given in to the lingual gratification she was giving him and was lying fully back on the bed drowning in the senseless titillation.

“My bbb…body… Eeeeenola!”

Time seemed to stop as she came down loosening her jaw sucking him deep into her throat, relaxing all her muscles until she could feel him move past her tonsils and he pulsed so hard she thought her neck split open. His blazing elixir filled her throat and there was nowhere to go unless she swallowed, which she did.

So much! It took several gulps to clear up the explosion he had given her, all the while he was trembling, mindlessly calling her name in praise.

When she was done, she slowly let him go. There was a glass of wine by the bed and she drank the delicious follow up.

“You taste delicious with Chef’s wine,” she noted.

He grabbed her hand and jerked her on the bed until she was under him. 

His mouth took no prisoners and she let him, loving how his tongue seemed to want to taste every millimeter inside her mouth to thank her for the pleasure she had given him. Reluctantly, he broke the kiss and moved down her body, lavishing her neck, chest, breast, and stomach, lingering all over her thighs especially on the inside and then plunging his face between her legs.

Now he had more access than previously and Aeden was reckless like a child unsupervised in a candy store. She was his sweetness and he licked every nook and cranny. Just like before there was no escaping his mouth, gratifying anguish enveloped her, lava ran through her veins, while her senseless came and went until she didn’t know where she was going or where she was headed.

His tongue was like a snake digging up into her body flicking delightful shrills from her until she flooded his face with her juice. He didn’t stop and found another way to make her orgasm and then another way. The bed was soaked but that didn’t stop him. He drank her flood like she was his fountain of life and he needed every last drop to survive.

She was shaking like a leaf when he drew back up to her mouth and she kissed him tasting herself and loving every bit of his lips on hers.

They rolled around on the bed until she was on top and she smiled knowing this position from the books. Enola reached down and guided his ready shaft in her again. 

Her body needed help and she had to ground her hips down until she could slip fully onto his manhood until could feel her clit nuzzling in his hair, in an arousing tickle.

He sat up, holding her naked body against his. “So fucking deep, Enola. I’m not hurting you?” His eyes were foggy in passion, but desperate to hear her response.

She could only shake her head because if she opened her mouth she would cry in joy. Her headwrap fell from her and her hair was exposed, but she didn’t care. 

Being impaled on Aeden stretched her whole body out, but the pain was little compared to the over encompassing blissful stimulation building toward angelic combustion.

His arms lifted her and Enola thought she had died as the life sucked out of her and then returned when she moved back down him. It was a seraphic undertaking lifting her past the heavens into a whole universe her logic could not comprehend. 

He was coming too, right behind her. Pulsing, jerking, pounding up into her if her essence had been gasoline, Aeden would have started a fire. Yet, they were burning, blissfully to a crisp and loving every second.

Moments felt like years as they luxuriated in the stimulative aftermath. Sweat soaked their skin, while the bed itself… that was another story. There was no way they could lie on there. 

He scooped her up yet again and walked back to the house.

“I can walk,” she insisted with a blush.

“I know.” He kissed her forehead but kept walking taking the steps two at a time until he arrived at her room where he laid her on the bed and then joined her. 

She was glad he slept with her. What they had experienced together still needed a lot more time to soak in.

As she fell asleep in his arms, she prayed she had gotten enough of Aeden. She prayed she could not want more.


Enola awoke in the middle of the night against his body. At first, she had forgotten she had fallen asleep naked next to her ex-brother in law, but then when she remembered what happened. Her head wrap had fallen off somewhere and she felt totally exposed.

His right arm was tucked under his head and his left relaxed over his chest. The wedding band was still on his finger and she had to look at her own empty hand to come to the reality this was not her husband. He had for a moment belonged to someone else.

“I see the woman I fell in love with and terrified of the hurt again I allowed to happen.”

Was he still hurting? 

Was he using Enola?

She wasn’t sure but for some reason, her gut was telling her something wasn’t right.

On top of that, the guilt of unprotected sex ate at her morals and she wished the time was right now so he could go and get those after morning pills.

Having a baby in her life right now would be horrendous, especially by her ex-brother in law. 

Getting out of the bed, she went to the bathroom and briefly washed up, when she returned to her room, he was still asleep 

For some reason, Enola couldn’t get back in bed with him.

She needed to start separating herself from Aeden.

Finding a light maxi dress to cover her body and a simple scarf to cover her hair, she pulled a fleece blanket about her from the closet and then curled in a chair by the bed.

True, she needed to separate herself from him emotionally and physically, but there was nothing wrong with admiring him physically.

Aeden was damn handsome and the fact that he had been her first was truly an honor. The man’s lovemaking was superb.

If she had some of that wine again, she would have toasted him in his sleep. 

She stared until the early morning light and when he roused himself from slumber, she pretended to be fast asleep in the chair.

He sat up and looked at the bed beside him in disappointment, but then he found her in the chair. His shoulders slumped in more disappointment, but he didn’t disturb her. 

When he left, she breathed a sigh of relief. 

There had been no books to read about what to say when you woke up together. Every incident she had read about had been awkward.

Avoiding was her superpower and Enola did this very well.

She jumped in the shower reluctantly to remove all of Aeden’s smells from her body. Finding a navy blue Kanga, she put on the long sleeve shirt as well and then made her way to the immaculately clean kitchen. 

Making coffee, eggs, and bagels, she was sitting on a stool by the middle counter when Aeden returned with a brown bag.

“I made breakfast,” she said when he found her in the kitchen.

“Thank you.” He placed the bag in front of her as if he were offering his firstborn child. “The pharmacist put instructions in case you didn’t know.”

She thanked him and looked in the bag at the two pills. The instructions were from a local pharmacy but she was sure the pills came in a branded package.

“Is something wrong?” she questioned.

“No,” she said. “I’ll take the first one now and then the next one as the time specified. Would you like to watch to make sure?”

He chuckled nervously. “No, I actually have to check out something for the chef and then do some business. I won’t be back until later tonight. I’ll cook dinner since you cooked breakfast.” He made himself a makeshift sandwich from the bagels and eggs and then poured himself a cup of coffee. “Call me on the phone I gave you if you need anything and I was thinking after dinner, we could go over your business plan and lay it out professionally if you’re interested in taking it into a bank. I could help with the lingo and any legal things you could need.”

Learning business from him would be an honor and she’d be silly not to accept the offer. Plus, the fact that he wanted to keep their relationship platonic from this point on further helped her keep her own head together.

“That would be great. Thanks.” 

She watched him leave and then looked at the pills again. She hadn’t seen him make one grim expression so that meant definitely things were sexually over for them, but he also made an excuse to spend time with her. 

Three months in this house with Aeden. Maybe it won’t be so bad.

His African Sweetheart – part 5 (c) 2019 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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