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The Mistaken Identity Series 

It started off with me staring at Jerome Bettis all morning when he appeared on a Metro Times because they were going to be playing the Super Bowl in Detroit. I can’t remember the year at the time of this writing, but I know that smile on Jerome’s face made me want to write something and by lunch time I was clacking on  the keys at work like I was about to lose my mind.

Right before lunch, my erotic writing group issued the challenge to write a story about sex taking place at a wedding, but not between the groom and the bride.

Well Jerome was my inspiration and I had a premise.

That’s how this whole thing started off and I just cannot stop with the premise of this story.

Just like my series “Stealing Innocence” has a premise, the Mistaken Identity Line has the same premise, which is why there are some books listed on this page that are not named Mistaken Identity, but they have the same premise and I thought you should be aware of them. (They are listed last under Mistaken Identity Premise.)

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You do not need to read the books in order, but I would suggest it for this series since Dana becomes a running character throughout these stories.


Mistaken Identity Books

About book: A poly-amorous contemporary romance about a woman who switches places with her sister on the wedding day. From that scenario, Dana’s life gets a little bit more complicated.

Product Details

Mistaken Identity (Mistaken Identity Series Book 1)

Jul 6, 2009 | Word Count: 31,420| Page count: 91 (6×9)

by Sylvia Hubbard and (editor) Octavia Lesley
About book: A poly-amorous contemporary romance about a woman who switches places with her sister on the wedding day. From that scenario, Dana’s life gets a little bit more complicated.
Mistaken Identity III: Perfect Woman for Them
Page Count: 203
About Book: This is a MFM series, where desire doubles in pleasure.
Amazon eBook $2.99: (Kindle Select)


Drawing the Line – Book Site | Book Trailer | Word Count:  |
eBook $2.99 | Paperback: $13.99 | Word count: 114,700

About book: How can she resist her boss… and his brother…Andrew and Paul need a way to keep their company and they give Shane an offer she cannot refuse.


eBook: $2.99 | paperback: $11.99 | Page Count: 325
About Book: As her dreams are finally beginning to come true, someone steals her life’s research? Was it her best friend? Her father? The assistant? Or the strangers she thought she could trust? Will she survive this deception or lose herself and everything she has worked for?


(books with Mistaken Identity Characters, but NOT with the Mistaken Identity theme)
Product Details

Love 101:Learning To Love (Mistaken Identity Series Part Deux)

Nov 20, 2013 | eBook: $1.99 | Word Count: 47,750

About book: When the tables are turned and she reaps what she has sown, Cheyenne has to make a choice to forgive Evan and overcome her own fears or miss out on the most perfect love any woman could ever have.


Secrets Lies and Family Ties  – Book Site| Book Trailer | Word Count: 90,360

About Book: When Grae is given the opportunity to sleep with the man of her dreams without him knowing her identity, this shy reclusive young woman steps outside of her shell and transforms herself into the woman of his dreams

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Author’s Note:

Jerome and Tyrone’s story will continue soon.


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