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In preparation of the release of Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart, I have uploaded the books to Amazon to give others the opportunity of obtaining the book. I’m slowly trying to get away from lulu so if you’re looking for a pdf version of the book, then you’re going to have to look at my store at:

(Recently I’ve been visiting some forums and found out they were giving the product away for free. I was very disheartened that some readers could be so cruel to do that knowing I’m a hard working woman that needs every penny she can get in her goal to stay at home and write more.)

Below are links to the books on Use them to post a review or book a book, or do me a fave and share this page with every reader you know that will enjoy the series. Thanks so much for sharing my work in advance and I hope to be done with Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart by the end of the year.

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Tying a man down to get what she wants, leads to sweet payback… First book in the Stealing Innocence Saga
Kimberly could not believe what her uncle wanted her to do. In order to keep the inheritance of her husband’s; her uncle wanted her to get pregnant. Yet, when the new spouse dies unexpectedly, Uncle Charles kidnaps a man who resembles Kimberly’s decease husband, ties him to a bed, and orders Kimberly to steal his seed. Uncle Charles would kill him after the deed was done so no one would ever know the truth.Surly, mean tempered Jaelen can’t believe someone had the nerve to do this to him. When his cold eyes fall on the beautiful, angelic Kimberly and he realizes her intentions, he vows to escape and get revenge if it takes the rest of his life.


stealing innocence II: The Ravishment

by Sylvia Hubbard
– Dec 29, 2008)’
When Michelle is dealt the ultimate blow of being taken by a dark powerful stranger against her will, she didn’t know how to overcome the hurt inside.
Anthony is knocked unconscious and awakens to find out Michelle’s been bitten by the revenge bug and what he thought was a sweet and innocent girl, turns into a lustful hateful woman, who he will kill – if he ever gets away!



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