His African Sweetheart – Part 4

Author’s Note:

This is part 4 at almost 5K words.

I’ve now realized what I want to happen and prepared to go to the dark side to make it occur. Hold on for the ride.

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(Author’s Note: I do ask that you be 18 or over to read the following content. Thank you)


His African Sweetheart

Part 4

By Sylvia Hubbard

A doorbell rang startling her. Aeden actually looked pleased by the distraction. “I’ll show you to your room after I get the door,” he said and left the table going towards the front door, giving Enola a chance to gather herself. 

Her body literally broke out in a sweat as she contemplated if she was losing her mind or not. She wanted to scream. 

Four weeks, her mother yelled in her head. Are you stupid to agree to this debauchery? By the time it’s over no man would want her.

She looked across the table where Aeden had been sitting. Her phone wallet and keys she had relinquished to him were nowhere to be seen. How had he slipped those away without her seeing? 

Needing some air, she decided to go out to the pool area. A cool breeze hit her immediately and was a relief. 

That’s not all, her mother’s voice said in her head. You’ve realized you’ve agreed to have sex with your former brother in law. 

Was she insane? 

Just this once, she tried to reason with herself. 

“Enola,” he called out from the dining room with worry.

She came back into the dining area to see he was carrying a small suitcase and pulling a larger one. “Thought I left?” she teased.

That grim expression he’d been doing off and on all morning came briefly again. “Let me show you to your room.”

In a way, she was glad he hired her to clean the house because now she wasn’t intimidated by the size and she knew her way around. “Which room?” she questioned.

“The top bedroom,” he said as if it were obvious. 

She smiled and then noticed that grim expression came to his face just as he turned away and started up the steps toward the upper bedrooms.

Following him, she questioned, “Why do you do that?” 

“Do what?” he asked confused.

“That… That downward turn of your face?” By this time she was walking beside him and able to see his responses.

He did it again just for a second. “Do you want my truth?” he warned in a question.


“I’m trying not to blush.”

Confuse, even more, she asked, “What’s wrong with blushing?”

He did it again and turned away from her. “I thought you read books,” he mumbled.

“I do, but I don’t remember anyone talking about blushing meaning anything other than embarrassment? What am I missing? What am I doing that you could be embarrassed about?”

He deliberately took long strides to keep his back to her and looked up to the ceiling. 

Enola looked up at the ceiling but didn’t see what he was looking at. He was acting extremely strange and she was really starting to feel rather stupid. “Please tell me what am I missing?”

Before taking the last set of stairs straight into the top bedroom, Aedent turned around to face her looking as if he was in pain. He asked, “If you remember so much of what we did that night, Enola, how can you be so calm about being so close to me and not be in sexual wonder? Especially since I was your first man? Have I turned you off about sex that much?” 

Enola dug her nails into her palms. “I-I… I don’t understand.”

“I blush to hold back my sexual arousal that I am barely containing in your proximity, Enola.”

“Fuck!” she let slip out of her mouth and then covered her lips tightly not believing she had cursed. 

“Yeah, that’s why I blush,” he said and then started up the stairs.

She had to hold herself for a moment. Was she blushing? She was definitely aroused by his confession. Should she have asked for only one month?

Gawd, that thought made her blush and she looked around guiltily as if her mother was there and could read her thoughts.  

When she entered the bedroom, he was setting the suitcases on the dresser and opening them up.

“These are for you,” he declared.

She had to come by him and trying to keep a serious face being close to him was barely containable. Focusing on what was inside of the suitcases and not Aeden took a lot of self-control.

Clothes and shoes were in the large one, along with a beautiful jewelry box.

The smaller one contained various bathroom sundries including naturally made lotions, soaps, and perfumes plus other woman products and hair products. 

All the items in the smaller case were unused and she looked at him with an inquiry.

He seemed to read her expression perfectly. “I knew you would need clothes to wear and other things, so I had my assistant clean out the closet of clothes I bought for your sister, along with all the bathroom items, which she never used. She told me she only used natural products, but according to this, it looks as if that was a lie.”

“I do,” Enola admitted.

“I figured that,” he said and moved away from her to walk to the door. “It’s early. You probably want to take a shower, work on that business agenda for me and then join me for lunch around one?” He nodded in the corner to a computer, which had not been there when she had initially cleaned up.

Next to the computer was a very expensive phone. 

She again looked at him with inquiry in her eyes.

“The passwords are all next to the devices and they are yours. I’m not holding you, prisoner, I just ask that you not contact your sister, Enola.”

She nodded with a promise. “I won’t.”

“Good. I’ll see you for a light lunch.” He immediately walked out of the door and she was left looking around the room shocked this was her new life for the next four months. 

Yet more importantly, in less than twelve hours she would be having sex with Aeden.

Sinking on the bed, she put her face in her hands feeling arousing anxiety. Laying back on the bed, she closed her eyes and wondered if she released some of this pent up arousal, tonight won’t be so bad?

Looking at the closed door, she was assured being on the top floor he couldn’t possibly hear her.

Raising up her Kanga and pushing down her panties, she moved her hand between her legs. She had masturbated before and was familiar with what it took for her the pleasure she desired. 

With her other hand, she moved her wrists behind her head because for some reason her breathing was so much better when her head had something to rest on.

Checking to make sure the door was still closed last time before closing her eyes, she began to manipulate her clitoris. Stretching out her left thigh, she arched her back as she relaxed and took deep breaths.

It wasn’t the night they were together she thought about. It was having him kneel down in front of the chair and this time his hands moved to her thighs, under her garments and he pulled her panties down and spread her legs. 

Biting her lip hard, expelling sharply, she could almost feel the pulsing and smiled knowing this was going to be a good one.

In her imagination, his mouth kissed her and his clothes disappeared as his large strong hands pulled her to the edge of the chair, directly sheathing his shaft.

She gurgled and groaned because she didn’t need anything else and…

Yes, yes… “Fuck!” she expelled again out loud, but this time didn’t cover her mouth because she was alone.

Giggling, she stretched feeling the tension leave her body. Sated for now and ready to do what she had to without the pent up anxiety.

Opening her eyes, she lolied her head lazily to the side to look at the door.

Aeden stood in the open doorway with that grim expression on his face. It didn’t dissipate. The look on his face just stayed there.

How long had he been there?

“Fuck is right,” he said breathlessly.

Closing her legs and pushing her dress down, she sat up without breaking eye contact. “D-Did you want something?”

He rolled his eyes and shook his head as he produced her bag from the guest house. “Also, the chef wanted to know if you liked red or white wine or water again for lunch and dinner?”

“Red,” she answered knowing they needed to talk about the elephant in the room. Looking away from him, she said, “Aeden, I’m sorry. I should have locked the door. I was trying to relax and-” She looked at the doorway again and the door was closed. 

Aeden had left as quietly as he had come.

She put her face back in her hand feeling the worse embarrassment.


The shower was perfect. Matter of fact, she should have used the shower before she decided to finger herself.

Or maybe the shower was made perfect because she fingered herself?

Enola was in a tizzy about what she had done, what Aeden had seen and what was to come for the night.

Thirty minutes after Aeden had left from her doorway, he was outside taking a swim in the pool. From the balcony, she could see him and stood inside of the bedroom where she knew he couldn’t see her and watched him. 

This did not help her sexual frustration. He often stopped swimming his laps and looked up at her balcony doors. 

She was only in a light skirt with her hair loosely wrapped and wondered if she stood out on the balcony in the flimsy garment would he come up and just take her before the night?

He was an honorable man. 

They had agreed to tonight and he was going to stick by those words. 

When he finally left the pool an hour later, she took her bag he’d dropped at the door and went over to the laptop to try to work. 

Mostly everything valuable to her was in the bag including any important papers. She had not unpacked and was glad about that. She had a small music player with her favorite playlist and could at least focus on working.

Unsure how to write a business agenda even after searching online, Enola decided to write up what she did on a daily basis. It wasn’t much, but enough to explain how she handled each customer and what was expected at what cost. 

She also gave information on contact and personal thoughts about each client. Whereas one demanded every bag be changed, the other was a hard ass about dusting.

Whoever this person that was helping Aeden needed to know this if they were going to be taking her place.

She didn’t have a business bank account but gave her banking information and the phone number to her cell. 

Checking her watch, she remembered Arden saying to have lunch at one and she promptly dressed in another Kanga from the suitcase. There were no long sleeve shirts so she had to wear the one she had been wearing previously.

The colors were brass but she suspected this was her sisters taste in colors while Enola would have chosen more sober colors.

There was a head wrap for every wrap and then some. Her sister had gone all out on the design and in some of the wraps, they were shipped with beautiful sequins and jewels. 

He took them deliberately to make sure her sister was aware he knew the deceit and actually Enola didn’t mind having the clothes. She hadn’t worn anything new in a while.

Unfortunately there was no underwear but there were stockings and that worked for now, but eventually, she would need some panties. She dressed in a yellow, black and red decorated Kanga, a slip and some red sandals that covered her toes. It was perfect for the sunny day going on outside, but she didn’t know if she would be going outside. There, of course, was a matching hair scarf she could hide her hair. When she returned to her room she would use the comb and takedown each braid to comb. 

Ten minutes to one, she went down the stairs to the first floor. The chef was just setting up lunch with a fruit bowl, grilled vegetables, and small sandwiches. Enola smiled at him in greeting.

“I’m sorry I’m early,” she said.

He chuckled in a friendly manner. “Not as sorry as Aeden. That man’s been down here ten times as it he forgot the time he told me to have everything ready. I haven’t seen him this off his game in a while.” He winked at him. “I owe him a lot and doing this for him was a pleasure.”

“Was? You’re leaving?” she asked knowing that would put her in the house alone with Aeden.

“Yes, ma’am. I originally made the trip out here to check on a new vineyard I’ve invested in and some other private land investment nearby. Aeden caught me at a good time.I have to return to my restaurant in Detroit. It’s our anniversary weekend coming up with a lot of summer ceremonies to prepare for.”

“I hope I can come to visit your restaurant one day. Your food was too delicious. I’m sure you get that compliment a lot.”

“Why thank you, Ms. Enola. I appreciate every time I’m told. And when you’re ready to come, you just send me a text and let me know.” He gave her a card and a wink before he headed to the kitchen.

She sat down in her seat as previous and looked to her right. The white envelope on the table in the front room was gone and she took a deep breath. 

For her sister, the plan had begun and Enola wondered if her sister had called her.

A few minutes later, Aeden entered the room. He’s changed into light brown dress pants and a dark blue polo shirt, but instead of dress shoes, he wore light brown sneakers. His beard was trimmed down a little, but otherwise, he looked no different – still handsome as ever. 

“Enola,” he nodded.

She only nodded in return standing up to greet him. “Thank you for the clothes.”

“You don’t need to stand up. And the clothes were your sisters, but I knew I’d never get anything made as quickly as I wanted. I’ll have more coming in a week or so and you can throw those out.”

“No,” she said. “I like them, but the color Is bright.”

“Funny, I always thought that but Naaji said she loved the colors.” He was searching her face for something.

“I’m sorry about not locking my door-“

He cut her off. “Don’t you dare apologize. IT was your room. I should have knocked but I just thought…” That grim expression came and went. 

It was fascinating to watch as he tried to keep his control. 

Changing the subject she said, “The food looks delicious.”

“Yes,” he agreed in relief. “It does.”

She sat down in her chair and he went over to the bar to pour them two glasses of wine. 

“The chef personally choose the food that would go perfect with this wine. This is actually from his winery nearby and the vegetables are actually from the garden outback.”

Enola had a feeling he was just rambling about anything to get out of his nervousness.

When he sat across from her, they stared at each other awkwardly. 

He offered apologizes first. “I’m sorry for barging in your room.”

“I’m sorry for showing you how I relieve stress,” she said quickly.

They stared for a moment longer before breaking out in laughter which was very much needed to ease the tension in the room.

She said her grace and then started eating because, in fact, she was hungry. 

“I was also coming to tell you that there’s a printer in my office on the first floor the laptop in your room should be able to print to, but you can use the same login credentials to log in to the computer in the office as well if you need to print, but the document must be saved on the cloud.”

The business talk made him sexy for some reason and she actually had to look away to avoid becoming more aroused than what she already was.

“I said something wrong?” he asked.

“No, I was just taking everything in” she answered stuffing her mouth full of the tasty small sandwiches. There were several varieties of lightly made buttery bread with different types of sandwich spreads inside. Each one was more delicious than the next and the vegetable and fruit together just brought a culinary delight for her.

“I really have to get used to your leaking sense of humor, Enola. It’s going to take some time,” he said. 

To make conversation so she wouldn’t see too much into what he was saying, she asked, “Who’s cooking once the chef leaves?”

“I can,” he volunteered. “I actually enjoy it.”

“I was asking because I was going to volunteer to cook.”

“Really? You can cook?”

“Of course. My sister doesn’t, but I had to learn once cancer completely took over Momma’s respiratory system after my step-father’s death. She started smoking more from the stress of losing him and it was detrimental to her health, but I don’t think she really cared.” Solemnly, she said, “Naaji used the excuse of the house smelling like smoke to stay away, but I know she was slowly trying to break away and leave permanently without hurting Momma’s feelings.”

“And you stayed because of love? Obligation?”

“All of the above I guess. And I wasn’t going anywhere anyway. Look at me. I can barely put together a silly business agenda and it’s a hot mess.”

“I’ll take a look at it tomorrow before handing it over,” he offered.

“Thank you.” She looked down at her plate. “I guess we should talk about tonight.”

“We shouldn’t,” he said. “I don’t want to overwhelm you.”

“Overwhelm me? Handling me with kid gloves? Is that what Naaji wanted you to do?” she asked bitterly. “She convinced everyone I was the stupid one while she made me do her homework.” Biting her lip, she put her head down in shame. “I shouldn’t have said that.”


“Because talking about someone just because they did something wrong to you is bad.”

“Enola, you have a lot to learn about people. It’s as if you’ve been locked in some kind of room.”

“Because I’m nice?”

“Yes. Niceness sucks.”

She frowned. “Funny coming from a man of justice.”

“Getting justice is not nice,” he said. 

“For the person, it’s getting justice for.”

He stood up and came around the table. “Chef asked us to pick squash for dinner.”

It was an odd request but it was something to keep her busy so she followed him towards the front of the home but veered toward the library where there were more patio doors, but these led toward the back of the garage and a path. There was a solarium down the path and she couldn’t see anything else but the path continued on.

There was a table right outside the patio door with three large cloth bags and a key. He stepped into the garage and pulled out an electric scooter, with a small wagon attached. 

“What are you doing with that?” she questioned.

“The garden is about three miles down the path,” he explained. “Plus we’re carrying everything back.”

“I’ll walk,” she said trying to figure out the schematic of how they were both physically going to stand on the scooter.

“In case you’re wondering, it is designed to carry two people,” he assured her. 

“Would that mean I’d have to hold on to you?” 

“If you don’t want to fall off, yes.”

“How do I know you can drive that thing?” she asked distrustfully.

“I’ve never had anyone just flat out not trust me, Enola,” he said with a chuckle. “But in this regards, I will ask you to believe I can. I’ve come out here once before and I handle scooters all the time in the city.” He stepped up on the side of the scooter with one foot and then looked over at her. “You could hold the bags for me.”

She picked up the bags and walked over to the scooter. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I would never hurt you,” he said.

His words felt as if they had a double connotation and she stepped on the scooter, moving her arms around his waist and locking them in place on his flat stomach. When the scooter began to move, she tightened her grip and he winced. 

“You’re going to squeeze my lunch out, Enola,” he warned. 

She loosened her arms just a little, but kept hold tightly.

The walk would have been hard with the vegetables because there was a slight incline, but Aeden handled the scooter fine with the both of them, while pulling the wagon. 

When they arrived at the garden by the squash, she saw this was an actual farm.

“This belongs to the Villa?” she questioned.

“Yes. the owner of the Villa bought all the surrounding land except a small portion of land down by the stream and then he gifted everything to his wife who cultivated the land to farms, wineries and so forth. Families actually stay on the land and take care of everything, and split the profits with the Villa. “

“That’s so kind,” she said.

“It was, until his wife died and now he pretty much stays away, but the Villa just keeps growing and he allows associates to rent it out,” Aeden explained reaching out for her to hand him a bag. “I know the Chef wants squash and corn. He said to fill up two bags with each of the vegetables and if there was anything else you saw, to please use the third bag.”

Enola nodded in understanding not believing the clean cut and proper Aeden was actually going to get his hands dirty. 

As they walked through the garden picking, she asked, “So what happened to your mother to make you want to serve  justice so vengefully?”

“She was tortured and raped by some big business man, but he didn’t serve a minute of jail time. It was her word against his.”

“That’s horrible,” Enola reacted in horror. 

“Yeah and I swore on my life I’d find justice for her. I entered college when I was just twelve and pursued law. Unfortunately, she killed herself before I could be old enough to do so. I still got my degree in law. and pass the bar when I was twenty-one.”

“She would be proud of you.”

He looked angry. “No she wouldn’t. I’m not a lawyer, Enola. I know the law like the back of my hand, but that’s not what I do. I don’t get justice like that. I circumvent the law and do whatever it takes to get the justice the person deserves.”

“Is that why you said you’re not a nice person?”

Aeden nodded and took her bag. “That should be full enough.” He took the bag over to the wagon and then returned to her outstretching his hand and taking hers. “Let’s walk over to the corn.”

She let him led her but all the time she analyzed how being guided by Aeden seemed overwhelmingly sexual. He was only touching her hand, but the act itself was so sensual. 

“Why are you telling me the details about what you do?”

“Because I practice unconventional justice. I never thought I’d make money from doing something like this, but a lot of people showed their gratitude by giving me money, stock, and other valuables that brought wealth in so many ways. And also I should warn you that I won’t hurt your sister physically, but I won’t guarantee her mental state once I’m done and I can’t promise what she’ll do to herself once this is all over.”

She pulled her hand away as she stopped walked frowning. “What do you mean?”

He turned to her. “I need to be honest with you, Enola, because I’m sure you’re aware you aren’t the only person Naaji has hurt. When she couldn’t get money from you, she got it other ways where it put people in worse situations. She’s stolen property and even sent someone to jail to collect reward money for something they didn’t do, but by your sister’s hands, she worked with the guilty to have this person convicted.”

Shaking her head as she plucked corn from the stalk, she asked, “But she’ll be alive? I mean not on death door?”

“I can only say I won’t physically hurt her, but Naaji’s a woman who will do anything to have anything and you know this.”

Unfortunately, she did and she was terrified of what was to come for her sister. 

Aeden walked up to her and pushed the bag on the ground. “Enola, I wanted to tell you this because I felt I needed to be fully honest with you.”

“I understand and I agreed to allow this so anything that happens I’ll feel guilty.”

“But you shouldn’t,” he declared. 

“You can’t control my feelings,” she said. “You can control everything else, but not what I’m going to feel about my sister suffering.”

“While you disregard years of your suffering? Why does everyone else have to look out for you? Why can’t you look out for yourself first?” he asked bitterly.

“Is that what your mother did?” she questioned. “She stopped fighting and decided to end it.”

He pursed his lips together and she gasped seeing she had guessed too perfectly. 

“I’m not going to end up like your mother. I’m not planning on killing myself.”

“But when are you going to stand up for yourself?”

“I took the money.”

“Yet, you were going to give it back to her just to let her get her way.”

Ashamed now, she turned away and picked up the bag of corn. “I want to go back to the house.”

“No,” he said.

Facing him, she said, “You said I’m not a prisoner.”

“You’re not, Enola, but you will face what you’ve been running away from your entire life. The fact that you don’t have a backbone to deal with her is what is going to make or break this whole thing because even after the three months of hardship, all she has to do is see she can still get over on you and she’ll be back to what she does. A person who hurts other people will never learn their lesson if they can go back to where they are familiar with a hurt those people all over again.”

“So this wasn’t just a lesson to get back at her, but also to turn me against her?”

“I need you to stop helping her, completely.”

“She’s my sister, Aeden. My twin sister. Nothing you can say can come between that.”

He moved up to her. “I admire your loyalty to family, but Naaji has no loyalty to you. She sacrificed your virginity, she used you and stripped you of the one thing that should have been yours to give; not hers.”

Closing her eyes to fight the anger she had been trying to ignore, she covered her ears so she wouldn’t have to listen to his truth.

Damn him for making her face what she had been trying to ignore.

He pulled her hands away from her ears, saying, “Fine, Enola. I won’t force this issue down your throat but I’m hoping in these three months you’ll see your loyalty is deserving for those who earn it and not because their blood.” He picked up the bag of corn and took it over to the wagon.

She followed in a pout. “I want to go back.”

He nodded and pushed the scooter so it was headed back. Enola let him pull her up on the scooter and she reluctantly held on to him until they returned. Someone must have been expecting their return and two cold covered glasses of fresh lemonade were sitting on the table.

Being out in the sun, they took advantage of them and then made eye contact. She should be angry with him, but her desire was too powerful. In all the books and articles she read, Enola had no idea how to express what she was feeling or what she wanted to do. In everything thing she had studied about men, she didn’t know how to initiate affection.

He turned away breaking their moment to start to work on the wagon with the vegetables. Enola helped him without being asked.

“You’re strong,” he said with admiration as they worked together to get the bags out of the wagon. “I just wish you could see what I see in you through my eyes, Enola.”

“You see what Naaji showed you,” she said bitterly.

Shaking his head, he said, “Since I’ve come here, I thought I would meet a different woman, but Naaji played you to the letter. Yes, your sense of humor has been a cherry on top of a perfect sundae, but the woman I fell in love with a year and a half ago is standing in front of me even more beautiful than ever.”

He was only a few inches from her, and it didn’t take anything for his long body to lean down and kiss her lips taking her breath away.

Damn! Damn! Damn! 

She dropped her bag of corn and moved her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He set his bag of squash down and moved his strong arms around her waist as she parted her lips and welcomed his tongue to entwine with hers. He lifted her slightly and set her down on the table, moving between her legs, but she relaxed enjoying this powerful kiss that pulled her mind and soul into him.

He tasted like lemonade and sweat, a delicious aphrodisiac already on an escalating avalanche of passion in her body.

Glass breaking suddenly broke their kiss and she gasped remembering the empty lemonade glasses they’d just drunk out of and were on the table. He stepped away from her and rubbed his beard guiltily. 

“Don’t move,” he ordered going into the back of the garage and coming out with a broom and dustpan.

He swept under her so she could put her sandaled feet down and then she took the broom and dustpan from him.

“Put up the scooter and wagon. I’ll finish this,” she offered.

For a moment, Aeden looked as if he couldn’t believe she said this before he did as she instructed. By the time he finished, she’d swept everything up and carried the bags into the kitchen. She had taken her shoes off at the door of the library so she wouldn’t track dirt throughout the house.

The chef was not there, but she placed the bags in the pantry where he could retrieve them later and where it was cool.

Aeden was looking conflicted slowly pacing in the library with his shoes off.

“I was going to finish off the business agenda and then clean up for dinner,” she said staying at the doorway.

“Yeah,” he agreed, staying across the room. “That would be best.” 

“Aeden, I don’t think you’re a bad person at all.”

“You say that now,” he said regretfully. “In three months, you might change your mind.”

“If I do, I do,” she said without hesitation. “What time is dinner?”

“Six thirty,” he said.

She went up to her room to shower and not from the dirt she had acquired from the farm, but from the sweat she’d acquired from that kiss. 

If just his kiss had done that to her, what would his body do to her when they made love tonight.

His African Sweetheart – part 4 (c) 2019 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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5 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 4

  1. I appreciate Aeden telling Enola that her loyalty is for those who deserve and not because they are family. That has always been my thoughts as well.

    I’m excited for next chapter.

  2. I’m glad that Aeden told her the truth up front, and he told her about herself, she needs a backbone, you can’t let people/family hurt you over and over again and he was right she seems to be the type of person to overlook her own pain for sake of family, then snap and be on first 48 🙂

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