A funny thing happened on the way to promoting #DaddysGirl… I almost stopped because I started believing in other people’s ideology #WritersLife #CantStopWontStop #GetTheeBehindMeSatan

I decided to use a book promotion service called ShoutMyBook on Twitter. They have five different accounts and for 20 bucks a month, they’ll shout your book out to their masses.

I’m not one to get swayed by the masses. I’ve been given bad reviews on my books, and I’ve been picked on by readers who thought my books were in essence disgusting. (I’m speaking about Teach me To Love – a student/teacher relationship book, and Dark Facade – a whole ‘nother erotic that almost broke my website when I published it).

I was good for a while, trying to stay in the safe lane. I got a little push back when I came out with Tanner’s Devil because of the prostitution theme, but not too much and I survived that.

So coming out with Daddy’s Girl, I knew there was going to be some flack. I mean the title alone is controversial, but if you stay at the title, then you’re going to miss out on a great read (according to the Amazon reviews I’ve gotten on the book).

I really thought I was ready and I’ve used ShoutMyBook on Twitter before to keep the word of mouth going in the past and it’s been great. So I thought I could handle what was coming, Until …

(Sigh – taking a moment to brace myself)

See I was conflicted at revealing this situation and I was going to keep it to myself, but then I said, whatever. Then I was like, I shouldn’t post her name, she might be embarrassed and then I said whatever to that.


I guess one of my tweets for Daddy’s Girl came across a Tweeters timeline. This one actually:

So this tweeter, I guess comes to see my pinned posts and responds to it like this:

Like I said, I was hesitant to reveal this had been even said to me or even respond to her because clearly, she hadn’t read the book. Only the title.

I responded:


And then she jumped off like this:


Candy Coat? I was nudged in my soul and at this point, I really was going to just take the whole book down and sell it out of my gumroad site, but then I was like she’s really looking at it all wrong and I wasn’t there to try to convince her. She had her opinion and she didn’t really care about mine.

But this cow just keeps going boasting about how “she’s an influencer” as if that’s going to intimidate me & then one of her conservative friends even jump into the fray.

And then she ended with

I was really going to pull it all down until I went to this cow’s website. LOL. Okay, I’m done. She beat me solid and then had me laughing.  This hypocrite calling the kettle black when she is writing a one way ticket to hell. Wanna call me out for an innuendo of a book title while you writing about being naked and Christian. Wu-chile!

Like I said, I’m overdone and I’m going on with publishing my book.


At the end of the day, I’d like to say my advice to other erotic thrillers out there crossing the lines, going to the line, going over the line. Do you but before you throw stone’s look at yourself first.

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