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Now my comments about the story:

Three chapters for a love scene does seem excessive, but the rest of the story is actually based from these chapters. I needed to establish Tyler and Lauren’s relationship. I needed to solidify where they were so I have a way to navigate the hot mess headed their way.

You really gotta know where your characters are in their heads and hearts to understand how to move them in the direction of the story.

I don’t even say in the direction I want them to go because if I was Lauren, I wouldn’t even know how to handle what is coming, but it’s nice knowing how strong she is and that I know she can take what is coming her way.

I do ask my alpha readers as I am setting up the beginning to the end, what storylines haven’t I addressed or need to address?

… Enjoy


Black’s Innocence Chapter 32

The shower coming on brought Lauren awake. Automatically she looked at her bedside table for her cellphone, but it wasn’t there. As her brain started to catch up with her body, she remembered she had never taken her bag from his vehicle last night, but Tyler wasn’t in the bed with her.

Getting out the bed wrapping the covers back around her, she had to steady herself because her whole body was recovering from the rough sex of last night.

Her arms, pelvic and most of all her rear were sore. Lauren gathered her equilibrium and walked to the bathroom.

Tyler was just checking the shower water and looked satisfied to see her.

“It’s about time,” he said impatiently, taking her hand with gentleness pulling her into the bathroom and pulled the sheet from around her body. His tone of voice belied his body language and she let him guide her to where he wanted her to be.

She remembered her fantasy she had told Dylan a long time ago of showering with a man. Letting the steam fill the bathroom and him guiding her into the shower with him. She wanted to spend an hour just lathering each other up, kissing and enjoying each other. Dylan had said her fantasy was something silly from a romance book and men weren’t into spending hours in a shower. 

Tyler did just that. She met every lustful kiss as the water and steam covered their bodies. He was hungry for her. She could feel his need and this turned her on so much. Her heart was racing, her fingertips tingled, and every part of her soul wanted him.

Her back was pressed against the wall and Tyler’s mouth had descended to her breast. He suckled and laved, driving her insane with even more lust. Everything was reminding her how much she enjoyed Tyler’s lovemaking and not just physically. The man had a sexual power that drew on the depth of her soul. No matter what books she had read, or class she had taken to prepare her for a man’s loving, there was no way she could have been educated on having sex with a man like Tyler Black.

He moved to his knees, pulling her thigh on his shoulder again giving him full access to her womanhood.

Their eyes met before he delved between her thighs and she saw his longing, his lustfulness, and his hunger for her.

Lauren shuddered even before his lips touched her lower lips. Tyler’s mouth was perfect no matter where he kissed her and she cried out his name and let her whole body and soul succumb to the beautiful wonderfulness he granted her.

Grateful for the water in the shower to shield her tears of joy as she came repeatedly from his sensual oral emprise, La.

Tyler stood to grab a condom on the shelf above the shower, which he must’ve stored prior to her coming in there, and kissed her again. Tasting him and herself in his mouth was pure heaven.

Lauren was glad he was taking precautions and received him openly.

His arms moved around her rear lifting her up and on to his shaft fully engulfing him.

“Hate me,” he ordered as he pounded into her.

She held on to his shoulders receiving every thrust in wondrous lust. “No!” she said breathlessly.

He pounded her again. “Hate me, whore.”

“No.” She moved her free hand and cupped his face. “No, Tyler. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He buried his face in her neck and she welcomed every powerful thrust until… Lauren was sent to a rapturous utopia only Tyler could take her too and she glorified his name in thankfulness as her body pulsed and quivered violently.

His legs seemed to give out on him and they slowly slid down together until he was on his knees still holding her close.

She recovered first feeling him soften and slowly slip out of her. Reaching down, she gently took the condom off of him and put it on the edge of the bathtub next to a bottle of body wash. Lauren picked it up and began to lather his chest and arms.

He looked at her angrily.

“Yes, Tyler, I will hate. You’re loathsome, annoyingly despicable, selfish ass.”

His look softened. “I’m not annoying,” he seethed letting her legs go and taking the bottle of body wash from her.

Lauren suppressed her giggle as he started lathering her body as well.

The water was just getting cool by the time they were rinsing off and trying to rush out of the shower. Between kissing and playful arousal, Tyler had to carry her back into the bedroom to grab another condom.

They didn’t make it to the bed. Tyler’s clothes were on the chair across the room and the floor was just as nice a place as any for lovemaking. He rolled her to straddle him and she remembered this position and easily guided herself to bringing herself to pleasure. He was mesmerized by her and then succumbed to her giving in, losing his control and mind as he rocked his hips up into her until he expended all his energy.

This time she moved off of him and went back into the bathroom. Wetting a washcloth, she returned to him and kneeled by him. She removed the condom and then wiped him down. He only winced because the washcloth was cold.

“We used all the hot water,” she said apologetically.

He sat up and kissed her. “Come,” he ordered standing up and pulling her with him while grabbing his pants and a towel off the floor.

Lauren didn’t mind his roughness and his inability to ask her for anything. Changing Tyler was not her job. She knew this from the many books she had read about being a good wife and had accessed a man was going to be whoever they wanted to be and if a woman thought their presence in a man’s life would change him, they would be sadly disappointed. 

It was still very early in the morning. She would suspect about seven in the morning on a Sunday. There was no furniture in the living room, where he took her but there were dark curtains over the front windows. He put on his pants and handed her the towel. “Put it on,” he ordered.

Confused, she wrapped the towel around her and then looked back at him.

He pushed open the curtains wide so she could see the street in front of her home.

She clutched the towel hard around her terrified she was about to scare her new neighbors.

“Tyler, the whole neighborhood will see-”

He cut her off. “What do you see?” he asked taping on the window.

She looked out of the window to the street to see what he was talking about. Nobody was around, but there was a royal blue Ford Escape parked in front of her home with silver accents.

“Who’s that?” she questioned, trying to see if someone was sitting in the vehicle, but the windows were partially tinted.

Keys dangled in front of her face attached to a Ford key fob.

She reached up and took the keys, but only because they were hitting her forehead. Looking back at him, she said, “Who’s that for?”

Tyler took a step back. “It’s yours. I can’t have my database manager catching the bus with my important documents and expensive equipment.” He went over to a closet by the front door where a laptop case was and returned to her. “I had all the software put on and set up like your work computer. You can even dial into your computer at work when you work from home.” He handed the bag to her. “Next week I’ll have your desk moved to the second floor where there’s a small office right off of mine where you can work whenever you come into the office-”

“Stop,” Lauren ordered, stepping away from him and looking back out the window. Her mind was reeling at what was being done for her by a man who she thought couldn’t stand her and delighted in her misery. Frustrated, she said, “I can’t pay you for this Tyler and you’re not taking it out of the money you owe me.”

“You’re not paying me for this. You’re working for me, Lauren. I consider you valuable. The work you’ve done for me has been twenty times beneficial to me,” he explained placing the bag at her feet and leaving the room to return to the bedroom.

She stared at the vehicle outside of her home for a long moment. He returned to the front room.

“I’m leaving Lauren,” he announced.

Turning to him as he walked up to her, she was still speechless.

He smirked and pulled her into his arms. “I’m going to miss casually sleeping with you,” he said before kissing her hard.

Before Lauren could recover from yet again feeling his passion all over her body, Tyler was gone.

What the hell had just happened?


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5 thoughts on “#BlacksInnocence Chapter32

  1. There is no way he is pretending, I believe he is in love with her and it will be hard for him to pretend he’s not especially if/when Dylan come back and all of a sudden investigate what happened (something he should have done a long time ago) but anyway that’s my thoughts 🙂

  2. I had no problem with the back to back sex chapters. Usually I hate to read long and drawn out sex scenes but this was great.

    That is Tyler’s way of telling Lauren how much he cares. He still has an agenda and falling for Lauren wasn’t part of it. I can’t wait to find out how he will act when Dylan return.

  3. That stupid bastard of an ex husband is back. Tyler is giving her freedom to choose.

  4. Yes what the hell just happened? Is Tyler falling for Lauren? I mean for such a hard ass and how cruel he was previously he sure is being Awfully nice which is not like Tyler unless he has something up his sleeve. His starting to sound like those Blacks for real.

  5. The sex chappies work wonders for my imagination because you take your time. Now as for Tyler, something big and bad is about to happen to him or around him. It’s like he is preparing to parts ways with her in a way. He preparing her for just in case problems. That dang Dylan is going to be fired up when he returns. Is the old co-worker the one filling Dylan’s bed? Who did he really want to take or is it Deborah? Baby mama perhaps? Dammit Gina come thru with these answers.

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