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I’m stuck on chapter 25 and it’s driving me crazy as I work out the story so I can move forward. I hate that.

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Now my comments about the story:


I dropped a story spoiler in the comments of chapter.23. I know a lot of you are feeling confused especially about shadow’s roll in this whole thing and I hope I can straighten it all out.

No, Onyx or Lethal will not be making an appearance in this book.

READER QUESTION: When will Betrayed be finished?

Honestly, I was working on Betrayed when Black’s Innocence demanded attention. I couldn’t concentrate on that story until I got this story out.

BTW, this isn’t a very long chapter and yes, you will be mad at me.


Black’s Innocence Chapter 24

Lauren quickly explained herself looking at both their shocked expressions. “I learned planning the perfect life, doesn’t lead to a perfect life.I knew it the moment I woke up that morning after the honeymoon.” She cut her eyes at Tyler praying he wouldn’t blurt out the truth.

He was staring in awe at her.

“Everything was all wrong and I couldn’t live another day like that.”

“And on account that your new husband thought you weren’t a virgin,” Tyler said.

“What?!” Chance asked now very angry.

She reached over and touched Chance’s hand to calm him. “It was a miscommunication, Dr. Jefferson and even I couldn’t be sure about my own virginity until the dust cleared.”

“You’re a virgin!” Chance declared.

“And you’re the expert on her virginity?” Tyler asked.

“You damn right! I have medical records on her virginity.” He turned to Lauren. “Why didn’t you just come to me? I could have proven everything. I can still prove everything! Dammit, Lauren, you didn’t have to go through hell and back because of idiots.”

“Like I said,” she explained. “I knew that morning when my virginity was questioned this marriage probably wasn’t for me. I blindly believed love would conquer all and he wouldn’t need a piece of paper or an expert to tell him I was a virgin. Love would convince him he had made a wrong decision.”

Chance looked over at Tyler, who was looking just as confused.

Lauren could see Tyler’s expression in her peripheral, but she didn’t dare look at him. At no time did she want the doctor to think Tyler was making her say anything.

Chance said, “I care about you a lot Lauren and you know this. I hate to be crass, but I have to ask, did your ex-husband perform on your wedding night? HE would have seen you were a virgin.”

She blushed ten times hard. “Yes, he did, but I learned later, he wasn’t long enough. “

Tyler snorted under his breath and she had to shoot him a very hard look before returning her eyes to the doctor.

Continuing, Lauren said, “That’s why I was questioning my own virginity until…” Her voice trailed off and she looked over at Tyler unable to explain their relationship. “Like I said, Dr. Jefferson. I was silly and it’s all my fault. I lost everything believing in love.”

Dr. Jefferson took her hand. “No, you didn’t, but how did you lose everything?”

She saw how Tyler stiffened up again. “If I wasn’t so silly, I would have swallowed my pride and called you up. I knew you would have shown everyone the truth. But I didn’t and everyone after that determined I was a liar and couldn’t be trusted. I got in trouble at work and lost my job, got blacklisted with the help of haters and with the financial obligations from the divorce I was left deeply in debt. No one would hire me and I was destitute. If it wasn’t for Tyler, who was the only one that answered my phone call, I would be on the streets.”

Chance frowned. “I’m extremely upset by this situation, Lauren. You should have called me sooner. Whether to show proof or not, I would have answered your call. I would have been there for you.”

His words were touching and she reached over to touch his hand. Tyler leaned forward gripping the front of his desk as if he were going to break it off.

The young doctor questioned her, “Are you uncomfortable knowing Dylan works here? Knowing at any moment he could come back from his assignment in Africa?” 

“I’m taking things day by day, Dr. Jefferson. He’s not here now,” she pointed out. “I don’t have any chance right now of bumping into him.”

“And Dylan’s going to be in Africa for the next month,” Tyler declared.

She smiled thanking him for his assistance to her story. “By that time, I’ll have more than enough to start on my own or work even at home, picking up other clients.”

Chance slapped his knee as if he’d thought of the best idea ever. “Why don’t you come work for me? I can pay you double what you’re worth-”

“No!” Tyler said abruptly. “I’m paying her triple times her worth, Chance.”

Shocked, Lauren asked, “You are?”

“Of course,” Tyler said as if this was the most obvious. “And you’re worth every dime with all the help you’ve provided. I’ll beat any offer from anyone!”  He spoke in a very threatening manner.

Lauren blushed and looked back at Chance who was looking at her in a very weird way. “I’m fine, doctor. Thanks for all your concern.”

“I worry about all my patients, but I insist you come in for a checkup, Lauren. You’re looking very flushed.”

She shrugged her shoulder just knowing her attraction to Tyler must have leaked out in her face. “It’s nothing. Stress and hard living does that to a person,” she said. “My checkup isn’t for another couple of months.”

He pulled out his card and wrote his cell phone number down. “I insist. Since you’re a full-time employee, I’m sure your employer’s insurance covers check-ups, right, Tyler?”

“The best money can buy,” Tyler said stiffly.

“But I’ve only been working less than a week,” Lauren corrected them.

Tyler huffed. “It’s active immediately upon employment.”

“Good,” Chance said. “And with that, I think I’m going to reconsider my situation with you, Tyler. If you’re this wonderful to Lauren, then I think you could take care of my business just as well.”

Tyler’s eyes glistened with excitement and he leaned forward. Lauren could see Tyler really wanted this from Chance. This deal meant a lot to him.

“Do you agree, Lauren?” Chance asked. “Do you think Tyler is a good man?”

Her mouth suddenly went very dry. She was a terrible liar, but her answer would determine if Tyler received this deal or not.

She met Tyler’s intense glare, sucking her lower lip in feeling the cracking of the skin on the underside of her tongue.

Taking a deep breath, Lauren said, “Tyler has a good head for business.” She repeated what Dylan had said about his best friend. “He can negotiate the hell out of anything in his client’s favor and anyone would be honored to have him fight for them.”

Chance slapped his knee again startling Lauren, forcing her to break eye contact with Tyler.

“Then that seals the deal.” He leaned across the large desk easily and shook hands with Tyler. “I have to go to surgery, but I will meet you next week. Draw up the papers, do whatever you have to do and you’ve got me for life,” Chance said to Tyler as he stood up.

Lauren’s thoughts were lost in her lie although a little of her attention snuck a look at the doctor’s crotch as she remembered what Shadow had said. 

“Lauren, I’ll see you very soon,” Chance said shaking her out of her trance and she blushed hoping he didn’t see her looking at his groin.

She stood up embarrassed. “Yes, very soon.”

“By the end of next week soon,” he specified and shook her hand. “No excuse.”

He said his goodbyes as he got on the elevator.

Lauren looked at Tyler who was already staring at her. Sheepishly, she said, “Well, I guess I better get to finishing that doctor office project, huh?”

Tyler moved around the desk and stood in front of her akimbo, still staring down at her intensely. “You lied for me,” he said.

“You’re my boss-”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. A mind-blowing kiss that parted her lips and joined their tongues to swirl around each other. He groaned at her immediate response to his sudden passion and then he scooped her up.

Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his neck never breaking the kiss and not caring where he took her.

When her body was safe on the couch and he was over her, his hands moved down to her dress. He unbuttoned the front and smirked seeing the bright red bra. Her hands moved down to his shirt and she easily dismantled his tie, pushed off his jacket and began to unbutton the shirt, all while his mouth broke from hers and moved down to her chest to give her breast lots of attention.

His scorching lips and tongue sent hot natural dopamine screaming through her veins shooting like rockets in her crotch and then his hand further assisted her pleasure, shooting down between her legs and pressing inside her wet center.

From behind them, a deep voice cleared, and they both froze knowing someone else was in the room.

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  2. Oh no did the Dr. just walk back in…..she has an out of this situation with the Dr. if only her feelings wasn’t wrapped up with Tyler who can still hurt her deeply. All of this time she could have been ok…..sleeping in the storage, the basement…..I understand good “D” can have you a little silly but she full blown crazy….ijs

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