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Chapter 14

It took practically the whole night to look through her stuff and find a good enough black dress and some worn black boots that were decent enough to wear to an office interview. She didn’t want to hear Tyler’s mouth about how shabby she was dressed.

She didn’t have nylon’s, but she had some thick stockings and with today’s weather, they were perfect. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to wash the only three pairs of underwear she had, but the stockings were thick enough that she didn’t need them. Despite her living situation, she washed thoroughly using the special soap she had before.

For the trip to the interview, she would wear three pairs of socks and some plastic over her feet to keep them warm, because the boots were fashionable, not designed for warmth. Since she had to catch the bus there was no telling how long she would have to wait in the cold and Detroit’s transportation system was questionable. Wait times up to three hours just to get across town. Once she arrived in the lobby, she could remove her socks and the plastic.

Lauren added a small spray of coconut oil to her hair to bring her full curliness to the forefront and then added just a light touch of eyeliner to the bottom of her eyes, deciding not to use her good make up all over her face. Tyler had seen her without makeup, but the only reason she put on make up this time was that she wanted everything to feel different for him. To look as professional as possible could prompt him to treat this as business-like as possible – hopefully.

Plain and simple, she needed him to take her seriously and not look at her as his whore asking for a favor.

Arriving at his office, she was disappointed her security card didn’t work anymore and had to go to the security desk to give them the law office’s suite number.

“Are you here for a drop-off?” the guard asked skeptically looking over his clearance papers.

“No, I’m here to see Tyler Black.”

“What was that suite number again?”

She repeated the number clear as day and the guard still looked at her as if she was saying the number two times wrong.

He called a number and said, “There’s a Lauren Jensen here to see you, Mr. Black… Yes, sir, she looks decent… No, her dress doesn’t look ragged. She’s in business attire.”

Lauren wanted to die of embarrassment all over again as the guard looked her up and down. If this man dared told Tyler she had sat in the lobby and took off her socks and plastic, she would blush clear down to her toes.

The guard put his hand over the phone’s receiver. “Mr. Black wants to know what were you doing when you came into the building to your boots.”

And there it was! The blush was so severe she almost cried. Taking a deep breath, she said in a steady voice, “I was taking my socks off so they wouldn’t get hot since I’m out of the cold.”

The guard repeated what she said and then said, “No, sir, she doesn’t stink.”

Lauren found the camera and flashed her angriest glare, knowing Tyler was watching her now.

The guard got off the phone and handed her a visitor pass. “Return this when you come back down, please.”

She snatched the pass and went to the elevator. Was it only Lauren that thought of killing this man? She wondered as she rode up to the familiar floor.

Deborah smiled brightly as Lauren exited off the elevator and the cheery receptionist only made Lauren peeved.

How could anyone be happy working for Tyler? Anyone who had to deal with Tyler most likely had to take drugs.

“What do we owe the pleasure of this visit?” Deborah questioned.

“I’m here to see him,” Lauren said annoyed.

Looking confused, Deborah asked, “Mr. Knight?”

“Tyler,” Lauren corrected. “He said to come to his office bright and early and I’m here. He knows I’m here.”

Deborah looked on her screen. “I don’t see you scheduled for an appointment, Lauren.”

Did Tyler deliberately not tell anyone she was coming? “The guard in the lobby just spoke to him? He knows I’m here, Deborah. I swear. I wouldn’t have gotten a pass to come up here.”

“Really? And what did you tell this guard you were exactly meeting Mr. Black for?”

Exasperated, Lauren couldn’t believe how suspicious everyone was all of a sudden that she was meeting with Tyler? Rolling her eyes, in sheer annoyance, Lauren said: “Could you just call him and let him know I’m here for the job interview, please Deborah?”

“A job? Here? At this office?” Deborah asked shocked.

“I’m not sure. He didn’t specify,” Lauren answered uneasily.

Deborah looked at her screen again as if someone was pulling her leg and then she typed in something. “You’re the schedule change he’s been fussing about?”

“What do you mean?” Lauren asked.

“I haven’t seen that man show emotions in five years… and he hasn’t had… ” The woman seemed suddenly embarrassed. “Honestly, Mr. Black got rid of all the color in the office after his divorce was final.”

The fact that some woman married Tyler was a shock, but understandable about the divorce. “Why all the color?”

“His wife was black and since then, he does everything in his power to stay away from them. No insult to you at this point.”

“Did those employees know it was their color that got them fired?”

“No, because he had other reasons for firing them. Any little thing they did, he found a way to get rid of them along with anyone else who wasn’t doing their job. I just noticed by the time it was over, there was a lot less color around.”

“This didn’t bother Dylan?”

“No. He’s rarely at the office and Tyler has always been in charge of the office staff.” Deborah leaned forward. “I’m sorry I was so suspicious. I honestly was shocked and I really didn’t expect to see you again, except for reasons to hurt Mr. Black. I hope I didn’t insult you .”

“No worries,” Lauren said stiffly.

If Tyler was some racist pig then why did he draw up a sex contract with her? And why was he engaged to Jeanene? Lauren was very tempted to ask Deborah if Tyler was newly engaged, but she decided against her inquiry. Asking questions about her possible boss’s personal life would start rumors around the office and Lauren didn’t want to be office gossip. She prided herself on not being fodder for the gossip mills.

Lauren’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the intercom on the woman’s desk.

“Dammit, Deborah is the eight o’clock up here by now? Did she take the fucking stairs?”

“Yes, sir. I was taking her coat.” Deborah winked at Lauren, who took off her coat.

Lauren noted the time was five minutes until eight. She was still early.

“We’re on our way now,” Deborah assured him, taking Lauren’s coat.

Deborah took her to the private stairs behind the wall and whispered, “Good luck.”

“Thank you, I think.” Lauren felt the knot in her stomach increase with every step she took.

Tyler’s large office door was closed and she took a deep breath as she opened only one of the double door’s to enter the lavish office.

“Is your hand glued to the doorknob, or you just don’t understand time is money?” he snipped. but he hadn’t looked up from his desk.

Lauren walked up to his desk and tried not to think about the fact she knew how this man looked naked. Since he’d annoyed her this morning, she had a lot of anger inside to keep her thoughts fully distracted.

“Resume?” he questioned, still not making any eye contact with her. Whatever was on his screen and desk was more important than Lauren.

She reached inside of her paper folder she had brought with all her career paperwork and other important papers. When she had still been seriously trying to get back into the job market, she had spent money on expensive paper.

Tyler didn’t bother to acknowledge the resume she placed right in front of him on the desk above the work he was looking at.

“Well?” he urged. “Are you going to stand there or take a seat, Lauren?”

Dammit! He was making her feel like an idiot.

She sat in the chair in front of his desk noticing how the chairs were slightly turned away from him, but she was able to look out of the large windows behind him that overlooked the southwest of Detroit and even some of the river.

She had turned her head slightly to keep eye contact, but since he wasn’t giving her any current attention, she was pretending not to give him any as well. In her peripheral, she could still see those hands and out the corner of her eye, she could still see his mouth. It took everything inside of her not to think about what he had done to her the night before and now could act so nonchalant.

“You have dictation skills?” he questioned.

The haze of lust almost make her hear something else, but she quickly remembered she was here for a job interview. “I-I have some, but mostly self-taught.”

He picked up the resume and looked at it with disapproval. “Law school?”

She blushed. “I received a full scholarship, but my parents were killed in an accident and I changed my mind not to go.”

“You really scored that high on the LSats?” he questioned.


“What is your degree in?”

“Business administration,” she answered. “I really would have gone to law school, but I have only left the trust. My father’s business and other assets had to be sold off to pay off the lawsuit that was filed. He crashed into an apartment building killing my parents instantly but also harming some tenants as well. I was left alone and honestly didn’t want to take a chance of failing and having nothing to fall back on.”

“Jesus, cry me a river,” he hissed and slammed his hands on the desk. “Really, Lauren? And you ended up still losing everything after all that? Fuck!”

She couldn’t understand why he was so upset. He was the one that helped take what was left away.

“How long did it take you to convince Dylan you’re just a lonely perfect girl looking for true love?”

“Whether you believe me about my past or my present, Tyler, Dylan and I really loved each other.”

He snorted, “Like chlamydia loves penicillin.”

Lauren could only look horrified. “I don’t have any type of diseases.”

“I never accused you of having anything and trust me, I’d know by now if you had anything.”

Dammit! Dammit! She swore she was not going to blush. By now, Lauren should be used to his crudeness, but he was able to get under her skin every time.

Tyler continued. “If I hire you, I want you to know you better not think you’re being hired because you opened your legs for me. You work hard just like everyone else or you’re fired.”

“I don’t expect to be treated any special way and I’d appreciate if you could not allow others to know about our arrangement,” she specified. “I don’t want anyone to know the degrading way I had to pay off my debts.”

“Dylan’s sister will never let anyone forget who you really are.” He rolled his eyes. “You still haven’t read that contract all the way, have you?”

“It’s a lot of legal jargon above my academic level and I’m getting to it,” she said.

“Liar. You probably only pull it out when you can’t sleep.”

She wasn’t going to admit he was right. “I was intending to speak to that lawyer once I finished.”

“Well, if you got to the ending, you would’ve seen I cannot tell anyone of our agreement. You can, but I cannot.”

“Not a word of it?” she asked shocked.

“I can’t even physically hint about it.”


“Or if prior to our six times together, you can immediately refuse to give me what I want and I must pay you an additional thirty thousand dollars. If it’s after our six times, you will just receive the money.”

She smiled. “I guess you can keep a secret really well.”

“I’ll die before I give up what I want, Lauren,” he said with a deadly serious look in those black soulless eyes. “Don’t worry, Lauren. They can just look at you and see you’re a dirty whore. They won’t know you’re mine, but they will eventually know what I see.”

Lauren gripped the arms of the chair and fought the urge to scream at him. Taking a deep breath, she said, “I’d appreciate not having to deal with your verbal abuse if I am to work for you.”

“I’ll think about that. I do get a kick seeing you bristle like I’m wrong about you.” He was taking a lot of pleasure watching her hold back her emotions. “You do get that look in your eyes when you hold your temper back.”

“What look?”

Tyler only chuckled. A very sensuous sound that made her think about the last night they were together, just before he withdrew himself from her mouth and attack her with kisses.

She bit her lip forcing herself not to think of him in that manner.

“Stop it,” he sneered as if he knew what she was thinking.

Stiffening, she asked, “Stop what?”

Tyler leaned on the desk. “Don’t do that. Don’t lie to me, Lauren. I know bullshit, especially from women like you. And when you twitch that cheek with your dimple repeatedly making it impossible to stop looking at you.”

His tone was hard and cruel.

Again she bristled. “I don’t want to play your games, Tyler. Not here.”

He looked serious as a heart attack. “I don’t like to mix business with pleasure, so at all times I’m going to remain professional… when we’re not alone.”

Lauren rolled her eyes knowing Tyler was only doing this to make her life even more miserable.

“You could always just walk out of here and try to find another job out of state, Lauren,” he stated as if reading her mind. “There’s nothing holding you in that seat. There’s nothing holding you here in Michigan. Your fiancée’ left you at the altar and your parents are dead. I’m just using your body for my own pleasure, so you owe me absolutely no loyalty. You’re worthless. Why stay?”

She steadied her voice to hide her hurt. “My contacts are here. I’m comfortable here. I’ve lived here all my life. My parents are buried here. I really thought about raising children here.”

He snorted indignantly. “Really, Lauren? Who’d want to have children with you?”

“Now you’re being cruel, Tyler.”

He snapped back, “Whores deserve no less.”

Damn if she didn’t want to jump out of the chair and walk right out of the office, but knowing it would take years when Tyler could give her work in days, kept her butt planted there.

If she could pass this test now, maybe she wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore. She’d been at a lot of jobs where she literally had no contact at all with the people in charge. Her assignments would come from administrative office help or others. Dealing with him this one time and then just having to deal with the cheery Deborah all the rest of the times, was worth everything right now.

Tyler could be pushing her buttons now to make her run out of there and ruin herself even more.  He was trying to see how much she could take?

“Are you done?” she questioned sitting straighter.

His eyes narrowed because he must’ve read she had figured out his game.

“What can you exactly do?” he demanded to know. “How will you be an assist to my business?”

He was now in territory she could relate with ease.

Looking at his desk, she noted he hadn’t looked at her resume or moved the expensive paper from where she had placed it.

“I have superb database skills, Access Certified and I’ve worked in several computer database systems that I’m able to navigate and utilize several popular programs out there.”

He picked up a pen and only wrote, ‘DB’ on the paper in front of him.

“You’re also very nosey,” he said catching her writing what he was thinking.

She pretended not to care what he wrote and looked out of the window more than she looked at him. She needed the distraction anyway. Concentrating on the city skyline seemed to calm her because the more she looked at him, the more she thought about their intimate time together and this did nothing to help her concentrate on the matter at hand.

“I’m also certified in customer service, business administration, some accounting and I, even more, some hypertext markup language and social media skills.’

He wrote SM on the paper.

This time she let him know she was reading what he wrote.

“I don’t do those things.”

Tyler looked at what he wrote and then back at her with mirth glistening in his dark eyes. “You could have fooled me after last night. I thought you would be into that.”

Lauren shifted uncomfortably. “I’m not.”

He sucked on his teeth. “I think I could change your mind.”

She really hated how her body was starting to respond to him. “Is this an interview or verbal foreplay for later?”

Tyler smirked. “I don’t know. The thought of tying you up on a nice slick red bedspread seems very appealing now.” He licked his lips. “You would good with a little rope around those wrists of yours.”

Her breath quickened in fear and a lot of arousal at what he was proposing. “Is there anything on my resume you would like to speak to me about?”

“Were there any other reasons for your firing?” he questioned.

“No. Only the computer stuff?”

“Nothing else?” he asked suspiciously. “Jealous co-workers? Sleeping with the boss? Download a virus?”

“No, Tyler.”

“I’m just making sure. If I’m going to make you employable for others and be able to back you I need to know you can be trusted. I need complete honesty about your job and what you are doing at all times.”

“I told you the whole truth. I was looking up on the Internet about penises lengths because there should have been blood on my wedding night. Not when I was with you that first time.”

The look of doubt was on his face.

“I don’t care to argue with you, Tyler, but before this, I have never had another man in between my legs.”

Tyler only snorted.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to not get frustrated by Tyler.

“Do you really think you can do a job here at the law firm, Lauren?” he asked seriously.

Confidently, she answered, “Yes, I can, Tyler.”

He wrote something else on his notepad and it annoyed her she couldn’t read what he wrote.

He pushed a button on his desk phone. “Deborah I’m sending her back down. Please escort her where she needs to go.”

“Yes, Mr. Black,” Deborah said over the intercom.

“Where I need to go?” Lauren asked. “What does that mean?”

“You’re dismissed,” he said and leaned back in the chair. “Get out of my office.”

Narrowing her eyes at him, she jumped out of the chair wanting to call him ten times a jerk, but also wanting to get out of there as fast as possible.

All this wasted time for nothing? All those questions for nothing! All that restraint she had just put on for nothing?!

She stormed to the door and just as she got the knob to turn, he called her name.

Hurling around, she faced him showing her full rage, “What Tyler?!”

In a deceptively calm cool voice, he asked, “Will I see you tonight?”

She was almost knocked off her feet at the shock. “I can’t believe after that torturous waste of time you expect me to just lie on my back for you.”

“I’m not a man who allows grudges to interfere with what he wants.”

This man was three times crazy. Was it because he was white?
“Tyler, I’m not in the mood to see you. After what you just did to me. You’re nothing but a selfish self-righteous sick as fuck stupid asshole and I would just love it if I never set eyes on you ever again in my whole entire lifetime.”

“Nice,” he said, looking her up and down as if he were trying to see what she had on underneath her clothes. “Close the door and get on the couch, Lauren.”


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  2. Tyler married to a black woman, it kind of explains why he’s so mean to Lauren. If he got rid of people of color in his office and now he has a strong attraction to a black woman, that makes Tyler a very unhappy man. What did that ex-wife do to him?

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