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3 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter36

  1. Could Austin and his girlfriend have something to do with Chon’s time lapse? After all she can’t remember what exactly happened on her date with Austin. Dorian possibly had something to do with that date. Chon felt some familiarity when he was intimate with her in his office. What will happen after February as mentioned by Onyxz? Also Chon mentioned she felt like she had been raped was she maybe artificially inseminated with Dorian’s child during this time lapse since he has sperm at a sperm bank? How can you be so close to the end with so many unanswered questions? Can’t wait to see how you wrap this up!

    1. What are your unanswered questions? I’d love to know them to make sure I answer them all. I’d hate to leave anything open… unless there’s a book two. LOL… but please indulge me with your questions.

  2. I’m sick of Onyx and everyone messing with Chon, the first thing I thought was that someone did a medical procedure on her, (tied her tubes??) why would she take some pills that she doesn’t know about just because some one wrote a note to take them. She needs to let Dorian know she is alive at least…..

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