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Chapter 36

Pain shot through her face. There was something wrong – very wrong. Where was the hell she?

   Chon slowly sat up and looked around. Oddly enough she was lying in her bed, and the room around her was perfectly cleaned. Everything was put up, and whatever had been broken was replaced. Who had done this?

  Getting out of bed, a soreness hit her body from her pelvis to her back. What the hell had happened to her?

   She felt like she had been… raped?

   On her bedside table, she saw someone had written a note: Moltrin – Take two now and two in another six hours.

   The pills didn’t look like Moltrin, but at this point, she didn’t care and needed any type of pain medicine to help her. The mysterious person had even left her a glass of water, which was now room temperature. Chon popped the first two pills and then struggled to get out of bed.

   She trudged to her bathroom. This too had been cleaned. It seemed the whole place had been straightened up. Written on the mirror of the bathroom, someone wrote, Pain won’t last always, but hate is eternal.


   Chon gasped at the light purple mark on her cheek where Onyx had punched her. It wasn’t a deep purple, but she had a feeling she had been out long enough for the area too now look like it was trying to heal.

Looking around her house quickly, Chon tried to find her purse, which she found on her couch downstairs near her front door. Not only was everything untouched, but someone had even given her a set of new keys for her new lock on her door. Her phone was in her purse, but completely dead. The only phone she had to the house was her old fax line and she would need to find a phone she had stored in the attic in order to connect it.

After putting her cell phone on a charger, she perused the rest of her home.

Her front room was completely spotless. Matter of fact, the whole downstairs was cleaner than she ever had done before since getting this house from her brother.

   The new locks on her doors looked like they had just been replaced that day! Looking out the front windows of her house, she saw her car was parked where she had left it. Going over to her mailbox that came into the house, she saw there looked like several days of mail there, but that would mean…

   She went to the attic and found the phone despite the soreness in her body. At least whatever pills she had taken were starting to work. The first thing she did was call her own voicemail since her phone was dead, but charging by that time.

   There were several voicemails she had missed over the weekend from Austin and even her brother, Craig. They were just general concerns and they were irked about how she ignored them.

“I came by your place yesterday, and your job and no one has seen you,” her brother said. “If you think you’re going to make me worry then you’ve got another thing coming, Chon. Get with the program; nobody cares for you, and no one will ever care for you because you mean nothing to anyone; Just like your mother.”

Craig had left that message on her voicemail just that morning.

And his words had hurt, but Chon didn’t have time to dwell on that. She realized she had several days missing from her life she needed to be way more concerned.

She deleted Austin and Craig’s messages without another thought and then got messages from Phoebe, who was a little disappointed about Chon missing their appointment; Jona, who was worried and even Kimberly who was getting extremely worried.

   “Dorian just called me and said he hasn’t heard from you in days and Jona is going crazy thinking Onyx has done something to you.” Kimberly sighed with dread. “Soon as you get this mesage, please call me.”

   A day later, she received another message.

   “Where the hell are you?” Dorian asked.

   His voice was heavy with worry and anger.

   She repeated this message several times; not only to listen to Dorian, but astounded three days had passed and she couldn’t remember any of it.

   Putting the phone down, Chon looked around her place. Nothing to note she had been living there; even the kitchen was spotless, but the dishes were put up in the wrong places, yet neatly.

   Someone had come and fixed up her house while she was out. Had they worked around her? Had she been passed out from being clocked in the face for three days?

   Going to the mirror, she looked at the bruise, which wasn’t that large and shouldn’t have put her on her butt for three days.

   Chon opened the front door and saw sales papers all over her door, including post it notes from people who had come by.

   Returning to the phone, she called Kimberly since that had been the only person that had left their phone number.

   “Oh my Lord!” Kimberly said. “I’m on my way over, Don’t go anywhere or answer your door until I get there.”

   Chon sat on the couch to wait, really wanting to call Dorian. She had left her laptop in her car and wondered if it was still out there. This was Detroit and leaving expensive equipment out in the open was stupid. Things disappeared in this city if it wasn’t nailed down, including people as she was starting to realize.

   Going to her home computer, which she hardly ever used unless her laptop was down, it took a moment for the hardware to boot up. Getting to her email, she saw there were several concerned emails from Dorian.

   There were no death threats, but his tone went from truly angry to truly concern until the last subject line read, “Call me. Now.” He didn’t bother to leave a message inside of the email, but she could access his number.

By this time her cell phone was charged enough, she sighed in gratefulness her automation with her clients hadn’t failed her.

   Her other accounts were pretty much well maintained, and she quickly updated their accounts. She didn’t reply to any of Dorian Zane’s emails because she didn’t want to talk with him until she spoke to Kimberly and then maybe a doctor to see what happened to her.

   A few minutes later, Kimberly was knocking on the door. Her drive time had been about ten minutes and she looked like she had ran out the door with whatever she had been wearing and pulled her hair back in a quick ponytail.

   “You haven’t spoken to anyone,, have you?” Kimberly asked worriedly.

   “No why?”

   “Because Dorian was on his way tomorrow morning to file a missing person report if he hadn’t heard from you. If Thaddeus wasn’t there at the office this morning to hold Dorian back, he almost tore your ex-boyfriend, Austin, a new one.”

   Why did that make her feel good? Seeing the “I’m about to die” look on Austin’s face would have been funny to her. He deserved as much. “To not care, Dorian is surely acting like he cares a lot about me,” Chon pointed out.

   Kimberly chuckled. “So what happened to you?”

   “That’s what I’d like to know,” Chon said. “I thought you’d know.”

   “No one knows, Chon,” Kimberly responded. “The last thing anyone knew is that you were speaking to Salacious and that was it.”

   “What about Onyx? Did Onyx tell you why she punched me?”

   Kimberly gasped looking devastated. “She hit you and you’re alive?”

   “You don’t think I grew this purple shiner on the side of my face on my own.”

   “That was going to be my next question. She punched you hard enough to knock you out and take you somewhere?”

   “Yes, but she came here. I was here when she punched me out three days ago.”

   “No you weren’t,” Kimberly disputed. “We came here three days ago and your house was wide open. Dorian had it cleaned and the locks changed. That’s why we were worried because we saw your purse was still here. We knew something was terribly wrong, but no one would file a police report until after seventy-two hours which would be tomorrow morning. You were no where to be found, Chon.”

   Now she was really confused. “I woke up in my bed just an hour ago with no recollection of where I have been for the last three days.” She started to slowly pace confused.

   “Well, you weren’t here,” Kimberly confirmed. “Maybe Onyx put you out just to make Dorian worry. Just to be sure, let’s get you to urgent care and make sure you’re alright. We’ll take my car.”

   Grabbing her purse, Chon insisted, “I should get my laptop out of my car. I hope it’s still there.”

   “Should we call Dorian to meet us at urgent care?” Kimberly asked as they walked out of the house.

   She had been thinking the same thing, but Chon knew she should first see a doctor to see if she was alright. She wouldn’t be able to face Dorian and deal with a health issue at the same time. Maybe Kimberly was right though. Maybe Onyx had kidnapped her just to make Dorian worry and get revenge on the both of them for getting together behind Onyx’s back.

   “Let’s just first see the doctor and then we’ll call Dorian. One thing at a time,” she said after they recovered her laptop out of her car that was in the same place she had left it in the back seat. Gratefully, her car had not been broken into being that this was Detroit and all her items were still in the car.

The idea of going to the police also ran over her mind, but she had a feeling Onyx could get away with murder, and no one would fuck with her.

“There’s an urgent care near here,” Kimberly said. “I will have to call Jaelen so he won’t be worried about me and he’ll keep it a secret if I demand he does. Once you go in to see the doctor, I promise I’ll have him keep the word of you a secret until you want to let Dorian know and I’ll see can I find out what Onyx did with you.”

Chon trusted Kimberly. “I hope you find out more than what I know, which is diddly squat.”

There were so many questions running through her mind. First, Chon wanted to get the health concern off her mind before she addressed anything else Kimberly would probably be able to help her.

At that moment, she truly appreciated Kimberly’s friendship. Chon didn’t know if she would have been able to get through this mentally by herself or handle this with Craig, who didn’t give a fig’s ass about her.

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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3 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter36

  1. Could Austin and his girlfriend have something to do with Chon’s time lapse? After all she can’t remember what exactly happened on her date with Austin. Dorian possibly had something to do with that date. Chon felt some familiarity when he was intimate with her in his office. What will happen after February as mentioned by Onyxz? Also Chon mentioned she felt like she had been raped was she maybe artificially inseminated with Dorian’s child during this time lapse since he has sperm at a sperm bank? How can you be so close to the end with so many unanswered questions? Can’t wait to see how you wrap this up!

    1. What are your unanswered questions? I’d love to know them to make sure I answer them all. I’d hate to leave anything open… unless there’s a book two. LOL… but please indulge me with your questions.

  2. I’m sick of Onyx and everyone messing with Chon, the first thing I thought was that someone did a medical procedure on her, (tied her tubes??) why would she take some pills that she doesn’t know about just because some one wrote a note to take them. She needs to let Dorian know she is alive at least…..

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