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Chapter 33

   Jona pulled Chon into the bathroom across the hall from the event and pulled out a piece of paper. “I was homeless for a long time and being on the street you needed a lot of protection. Protection you couldn’t afford, and there was this person who helped a lot of women – Thousands of women, and when you had the protection of The Shadow, you didn’t have to worry. I wouldn’t be alive today without that.”

   “What can I do to help?”

  ,“The Shadow needs help getting in the city, and your boss has friends with buildings that can help her. She needs a large office building, with two floors she can rent, discreetly, preferably near the downtown area or towards the east side and the building must have a back exit. These two buildings are preferably, but you would have to get the contacts through Dorian for all this to work. We need the owner’s to handle this personally because discretion is key.”

   On the piece of paper were the addresses and the names of the owners. “And I would just get you their contact information?”

   “If you could set it up yourself that would be even more perfect. You can take The Shadow on as a client.”

   Using Doran’s contact information to facilitate for another client was clearly unethical, but if it would get Onyx off of them, then Chon was willing to take that chance.

   “And how will this get Onyx from stop bothering Dorian and I?”

   “I know sooner or, later Onyx is going to come back into your life and try to scare you away again. You’ll let Dorian know if he helps The Shadow, she’ll be forever grateful and owe him whatever she can give to him. If that doesn’t help, tell him he’ll also have a favor from King Heart himself.”

   “This doesn’t sound very enticing to me and I don’t think Dorian will even consider this if it isn’t worth his time.”

   “Just exactly say what I told you to him, and I assure you he will consider it.”

   “to help us with Onyx, I have to organize this?”

Jona nodded. “I know Dorian Zane is a hardass, but to get what he wants, trust must be established, and when you tell him, he’ll know why.”

“So once I get him to help me with this, do I tell you?”

“No,” Jona said. “Onyx can never know I contributed to connecting you to this.” She gave Chon a business card. “Contact Lincoln Cytee. He’ll handle all the money transfers and anything else that needs to be set up.”

Suspiciously, Chon questioned. “How do I know all of this is legit?”

“It is. I wouldn’t jeopardize anyone’s lives, despite how much I love Shadow.” She sounded sad.

“Fine, I’ll do my best,” Chon said. “I’m trusting you that this Shadow will keep her end of the deal.”

“As a promise as long as you are helping, they plan to keep Onyx well and busy on other things, so you and Dorian won’t have to worry much,” Jona promised.

“How do I know they will keep up their bargain?”

“As long as you aren’t alive, they are keeping up their end. Word is out that Onyx wants you dead if you so much as hug Dorian. And she wants to do it herself.”

Chon rolled her eyes around. “She’s crazy.”

“I don’t doubt you,” Jona said. “But once you deal with Lincoln, you’ll be assured of your secrecy.”

She looked down at the card and then back up at Jona. “I should say thank you now?”

“When The Shadow can return to Detroit, I’ll be saying thank you to you,” Jona said and left out of the bathroom.

Waiting a few moments, Chon went out the bathroom and headed down the stairs to the exit. Soon as she stepped outside, the limousine driver who had brought her opened the door to the vehicle and ushered her in.

Once she was in the house, she went up to her room and unlocked her bedroom door.

“It’s about time,” Onyx said sitting on the settee with her feet up, cleaning her nails with a small blade.

   After calming herself down from the almost heart attack she was given, Chon demanded, “How the hell did you get in my room?! My door was locked.”

   “But your balcony isn’t,” Onyx said pointing to the closed curtains that covered the balcony. “And Thaddeus’ security system is shit.”

   “Are you here to kill me?” Chon questioned bravely.

   “I’m here for two things,” Onyx said, who hadn’t given her eye contact. This dark woman had a way of making people feel like very insignificant. “Whatever plan you think you can concoct to make Dorian’s life a little easier sans me, I should tell you that nothing will work. I’m here to stay, and you won’t matter to him once February comes.”

   Chon now could understand why Onyx was so possessive about Dorian. He had been the father of her child and possibly the love of her life for a very long time. Onyx’s penchant for using Dorian sexually clearly said this woman had a hard time giving him up.

Instead of arguing with Onyx about “her claim,” Chon folded her arms over her chest and asked, “What else do you want, Onyx?”

   Onyx’s black eyes finally were drawn away from her irritating nail filing to looking at Chon entirely from head to toe with full disgust. “That’s a question I should be asking you because if my first threat didn’t work and you aren’t over here packing your shit, then I want to know what is it that you think Dorian can give you.”

   “Dorian’s already given me enough. His business contacts this weekend alone will help me make more than enough money once I’m done with his account.”

   Narrowing her eyes, suspiciously, Onyx said, “And you aren’t interested in him sexually anymore? Because last night you were ready for him to stick it anywhere.”

   Blushing from ONyx’s frank honestness, Chon said, “I can separate business from pleasure, and I can enjoy the business side more because it has a future.”

   Onyx abruptly stood up. Chon fought not to cringe and was glad to see Onyx’s hands were empty although she had not seen where the blade had gone. “Keep it like that,” Onyx said walking by Chon and leaving the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

   Chon relaxed finally. Obviously, she was becoming very good at lying or deep down inside she really could separate her feelings from business and pleasure.

   Taking off her shoe, she looked down at the business card Jona had given her. Reading the name out loud on the business card, she said, “Lincoln Cytee.”


Bursting! She was bursting all over, and there was nothing she could do about it. Her body was not her own and thick wave after wave of bliss washed over her soul.

   Opening her eyes to the darkened room, she knew there was a large body on the bed, and she was afraid maybe the glass of champagne at the party had been too much.

   Although she had come, the recipient wasn’t done. His magnificent mouth continued its onslaught to her womanhood bringing her to the pinnacle and before she could protest, she was overflowing all over again. He was merciless in his oral attack, and she came to a point she could be careless.

   He drank her essence and then began again, groaning as her body started to shudder almost violently giving him the nectar he seemed never to want to stop drinking. She loved his addiction to her body, but she was terrified he would drink her dry.

   Yet, his titillation with his fingers and tongue arousing her even more, gave her unbelievable wetness.

   “Please… “ she begged for just a moment of rest. “I can’t hold breath… I can’t…” Another one. He was giving her mind blowing oral pleasure. One moment she did want him to stop, but the next she didn’t.

   He shot his body up to her and kissed her fully on the lips. She very well could taste herself all over his face, but she accepted his kisses as his tongue almost wrapped around her and licked the inside of her mouth thoroughly. At the same time, his manhood moved deep into her, and the moan she released was murmured through the kiss. He gripped her hips and drove deeper and deeper until her hips rocked up upon each thrust.

   Chon could feel him thicken massively and he buried his face in her neck, but she heard him growl her name – correctly.

   Wrapping her arms around Dorian’s large body, she received his eruption, relishing the powerful tremors that reverberated from his body to hers.

   When no one moved for more than a minute and only their panting could be heard in sync, she felt his hands stroke the sides of her body. The motion tickled her and she giggled softly.

   He shot up and looked down at her in the darkness. “Why didn’t you call me and let me know Onyx had come?”

   “How do you know?” Chon asked.

   “She came to my place and told me she visited you,” he explained. “That’s why it took me so long to get to you. I had to wait until decided to leave the area.”

   “And how would you know she left the area?”

   “I just know.” He dislodged from her and rolled to the side on the pillow next to her, propping up on his elbow and putting his wrist under his chin. “You should have called me the moment she left.”

   “I was still very shocked she dared to break in again.”

   “Onyx has a lot of audacity, but what I’m wondering is what audacity do you think you have?”

   Innocently, she questioned, “What do you mean?”

   “What are you up to Chon and don’t tell me nothing because no one just doesn’t keep a visit Onyx a secret?” he demanded to know.

   Laying there naked under him made her very vulnerable, and lying, or any deceitfulness was just not in her. “What do they usually do?” she asked to try to give herself a chance to explain everything to him.

   “I don’t know because I never see or hear from them again,” he answered. “So that makes me wonder, what are you up to?”

   “I want to make your life is easier. I’m doing my job.”

   He raised a brow in curiosity. “Just your job?”

   Not wanting to get her heart involved in their relationship, Chon said firmly, “Only my job and if getting her out of your life makes your life easier, then I’m doing my job. Unless you want her there?”

   “I don’t,” he firmly said, while cupping her face. “I want her completely gone, and her constant appearance recently had made me see that I need to stop allowing her to take away the time I want to be happy.” He leaned down and lightly kissed her lips.

   The taste of her on him was so damn sensual and arousing. She licked around the edge of his mouth, and he groaned.

   Parting her lips, he dipped his tongue to entwine with his own but only briefly before he pulled away. “Nice try, Chon. I still want to know. What is your strategy to get rid of Onyx Heart?”

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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4 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter33

  1. What did Onyx mean that after February Dorian wouldn’t need Chon??? I remember Shadow from another book. I thought King Heart already had her. I remember she had eyes like Lethal.

    On Sep 2, 2017 8:59 PM, “The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard” wrote:

    > @SylviaHubbard1 posted: “If you’re just joining us, start the story at > http://www.sylviahubbard.com/ravenous Now enjoy… Chapter 33 Jona pulled > Chon into the bathroom across the hall from the event and pulled out a > piece of paper. “I was homeless for a long t” >

    1. Yes, he does from Wicked chances. the Shadow left with King Heart, but everyone knows King heart’s been looking for a way to get back into the city to find his Paradise and the Shadow can hide anything in Detroit. King Heart needed The Shadow to get into the city without Lethal or Onyx catching on.
      Buy wicked chances here: http://amzn.to/2wyAdVB

  2. Sometimes I get so confuse with all these characters, especially the ones that do not have a story like Shadow, Paradise. I though King’s ParDise was a young lady he was looking for as wel as shadow. I’m a little lost on those aspects. What is going to happen at the end of February? Why all the secrecy with keeping Onxy away from Dorian? I though Oxny lost her baby by her cousin Blaque Heart from the story His substitute wife my sister. So now I’m really confused.

    1. The confision will be straightened out at the end of this story. The truth abt what really happened will come to fruition and all should be right as we progress deeper into the war with the hearts.

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