And you will now have the opportunity, if you’re a new reader, [drumroll here] to meet Onyx Heart.

Readers from my other books will tell you, she is a bad girl and her goal is to make anyone around her miserable. Yes, that’s just like Dorian, but she’s ten times worse.

No wonder Dorian fell in love with her, right?

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Now enjoy…

Chapter 23

Chon noticed this time as she returned to reality how he seemed to hold her tighter welcoming her back to normality. He had moved up now and curved her body into his on the side as their legs entwined together. He was over her partially and pushing a stray hair from her face.

Why did he look so large, but not threatening? Shyly, one hand went over her head, while the other rested on his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” he inquired with an amused glint in his eyes.

“You care?” she asked with a little bit of sourness not used to this gentle Dorian Zane and needing him to stay the old way so she could get her emotions in check.

“Not really, but that last one did look as if you were going to start breathing again,” he remarked with a nonchalant shrugged. “I just don’t want you to have a heart attack underneath me. Do you know how hard it is to move a dead body?”

Chon chortled in the most unladylike way. She had not expected him to say something so ridiculous, with a serious tone of voice.

Playing along with him, she said, “Well, it’s a good thing I’m fine because I wouldn’t want to put you through that trouble.”

“Why isn’t there a vindictive bone in your body, Chon? Why are you so kind to people even when they hurt you?” His fingers lightly caressed her cheek.

It was her turn to shrug because she didn’t know how to answer that. All her life she had received mistreatment, except from her mother and father. When her parents died, she just accepted the way people treated her and not let it affect her on the surface, while she silently suffered inwardly.

“Don’t you just want to choke someone? Austin especially; Even your brother?” Dorian questioned.

She thought about Craig tearing up her business plan, and a tinge of pain hit her briefly. “That wouldn’t be justified,” she responded, forcing a smile as if nothing was bothering her. “Unless I was kicking them in the balls.”

Dorian faked a wince and smirked. “There you go.” He guided her body so she turned away from him and he molded his body against her.

She felt his lips brush behind her ears and she couldn’t believe how she was drawn into the sensuality of him yet again so easy. Her body gave into his touch, which he administered all over the front of her body and even moved between her legs again from the front and the back simultaneously.

Suddenly, she gasped as she felt his bulge on her backside, but his pajamas no longer covered him.

Dorian Zane was naked too!

His lips kept busy on her neck, but she pulled herself from her lust fog and called out his name in warning.

“No entry,” he whispered, breathing heavily, already reading her thoughts even as she could feel the bulge now settle between her cheeks.

Chon let herself relax and let him guide her hips to gyrate freely on him. He wanted her to use his body, and he kept his other hand in front to rub her most sensitive spot, while he pressed himself into her in an upward stroke, harder and harder.

He was panting viciously, and she found herself engulfed in his wild passion. His mouth voraciously attacked her nape, drowning all her senses in delightful kisses, while his finger kept a steady rhythm to yet another orgasm for her.

Chon could feel him getting harder and just knowing he would give himself over to her without penetration gave her a high she could never believe.

Her eruption was just seconds away and from his breathing and deep groans, she knew he also was close.

Just two more strokes and …

“Fuck!” he bellowed abruptly, jumping from the bed clutching his side.

Warm fluid splattered over her body and even on her hand, but when she looked down to see what it was, Chon was not expecting the bright red fluid all over her hand, arm and back along with the huge spot on the bed where he had rolled off.

She looked hastily around to see if she was bleeding, but she was fine.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he bellowed again, pulling out a small silvered blade from his side.

Chon moved to him, but he immediately put his hand up to stop her, stepping back anxiously, while he pressed his other hand on his side to halt the bleeding.

“What happened?” she asked worriedly.

“Onyx Heart happened,” he fumed and pointed to the end of the bed where a woman in all-black leather, about one hundred thirty pounds, perched like a bird on the frame of the bed with another silvered blade picking her teeth.

The woman couldn’t be more than a little older than Chon, but there was a deadly sensuous maturity about her from the glare in her pitch black eyes that chilled Chon to the bone. Her black hair was slicked back into a shoulder-length ponytail and with no make up this woman needed very little to show she knew what she was doing, and nothing was a mistake.

Chon grabbed the closest pillow to cover herself from this strange woman. Immediately, she remembered who Onyx Heart was, and now she realized why she should be afraid… Very afraid.

“What the fuck, Onyx?! Dorian thundered going into the bathroom and grabbing a towel, but coming back out immediately. “Why the hell are you trying to kill me?”

Onyx’s pitch-black eyes weren’t on Dorian. They were locked with Chon as if she wanted to do something very deadly with that blade for which she was cleaning her teeth.

“You know I wasn’t trying to kill you, Dorian, because I would’ve succeeded,” Onyx said apparently.

Despite being deadly, the woman was rather sensual and beautiful. She seemed like a perfect match for Dorian, so why weren’t they together anymore? Chon had to wonder.

“It’s just a flesh wound,” Onyx said, getting down off the frame and coming around the bed close to Chon. “As for her, I could show you worse wounds.”

Chon gasped in fear. “I don’t need to be shown anything.” She looked at Dorian for help.

“The door was locked on purpose, Onyx,” Dorian pointed out.

In one leap, Onyx was on the bed from the floor, walking her dirty black four inch thick heeled boots right over to the other side and hopped down in front of Dorian. “As if that could stop me. You knew once Jaelen showed up I wouldn’t be too far behind.”

“Jaelen told on Dorian, like a child?” Chon asked confused.

Onyx shot her a look to be quiet, and Dorian put a hand up for Chon to be quiet. Chon forgot her shyness and huffed indignantly, folding her arms over her chest.

Onyx started to turn entirely and go to the bed, but Dorian grabbed his ex-girlfriend’s arms to hold her in front of him.

“YOU broke up with me, Onyx. Why are you here?”

Onyx shook off his hands and walked to the end of the bed, standing akimbo and glaring deadly again at Chon. “I told you what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. You think you’re going to have sex with this organizational bitch. I told you, you’d never enjoy another woman again whether I’m in your life or not.”

“You’re a bitch, Onyx,” Dorian hissed. “You said that to me when we were together. How can it still apply when we are no longer together after YOU broke up with me?”

Chon could hear the betrayal and hurt in his voice, and she knew in a way Dorian still loved this woman deep down inside.

“It still applies!” Onyx glared at Dorian. “And just because I broke up with you doesn’t mean I’m going to allow you to forget about me, especially over her.” She pointed the blade in her hand at Chon.

An odd calm suddenly overcame Dorian, and his eyes narrowed to slits. “That just makes you a selfish bitch,” he clarified.

This made the woman smile as if someone had paid her a compliment. “Then you know I won’t write a check with my mouth that I won’t cash. You’re going to need my help soon, Dorian, so don’t piss me off.”

“I don’t need you.”

“You think this trollop is going to help you the only way I can?” Onyx asked incredulously. “She couldn’t find her clitoris let alone the information I have.” Onyx looked at Chon. “Don’t think just because she gets a little drink in her she becomes a freak. She was always a freak.”

Chon gasped. How could this woman say that?

“She’s not drunk now. She’s completely sober,” Dorian said proudly. “She’s healthy, I already know, and she’s had little contact with other men, which is the reasons why I chose her. Now is there anything else you’d like to embarrass her with?”

Onyx growled. “She ain’t the angel she appears to be, Dorian. She’s just as fucked up as you are.”

“I already know that,” he said triumphantly.

“She’s emotionally not ready to be in any relationship.”

“You’re only saying that because you can’t find shit on her and that’s just pissing you off.”

“Wait a minute,” Chon said getting insulted they were just talking about her as if she weren’t there.”I’m right here!”

Neither looked in her direction.

“Get out, Onyx,” Dorian ordered in the grips of his anger.

Onyx didn’t look the least bit scared over his rage, and it seemed as if the angrier he became, the more amused she became. Looking from Chon to Dorian at least three times repeatedly with those deadpan charcoal eyes, Onyx hissed in warning to him, “Keep your dick from inside of her, Dorian Zane.”

Furiously, Dorian denied like an accused child, “I didn’t penetrate her!”

Now Onyx lost her temper and boomed, “That was close enough.” She flung the blade in her hand down just millimeters to his bare feet. “You’ve been warned.”

Chon whimpered in fear because she was sure another blade was going to head her way any moment.

Filled with disgust, Onyx’s soulless black eyes looked Chon up and down. “She means too much to you. I can tell, Dorian. No penetration,” Onyx reiterated like they were children being bad. “But you can use that innocent mouth of hers. I’ll allow that.” Clicking her tongue with disapproval, Onyx added, “When this project is over, I want her ass gone. Completely, Dorian. Lose her number, or you’ll be sorry.”

Chon had enough of this, and she forgot the threat of death. “This bitch is off her rocker, Dorian,” she screeched, looking at Dorian.

“I know,” Dorian said despondently.

Chon looked back to Onyx but didn’t see the ex-girlfriend anymore at the end of the bed. Matter of fact, Chon didn’t see her anymore in the room.

Getting out of the bed, still holding the large pillow over her body, Chon apprehensively looked around, while Dorian headed to the room’s phone to call someone. Chon even looked down the darkened hallway to see absolutely nothing out there. “Where did she go?” Chon questioned him.

“That’s the least of our worries now,” Dorian said highly irritated, handing her robe to her. “Kimberly will be through that door in one minute.”

Embarrassed all over again, Chon grabbed her robe and went into the bathroom.

Her dress she had worn to the dinner was still in there. When she came back in the bedroom, Kimberly was kneeling down by Dorian’s side sewing up the wound.

Jaelen was pacing back and forth near the open bedroom door looking just as upset as Dorian.

The two blades Onyx had thrown around had been gathered by Kimberly for safety.

“Don’t worry,” Kimberly assured Chon. “It’s only three stitches. I used to be an elderly caregiver, so I know a little bit of something about this. He’ll be okay by the morning after a cold shower. ”

“Several cold showers,” Jaelen snipped, dropping clean sheets at Chon’s feet. “I told you not to fuck with him.”

Now Chon could feel herself wanting to kick someone.

“Get the fuck out, Jaelen,” Dorian sneered in rage.

“I warned-” Jaelen started to say, but ducked quickly as a glass ornament flew by his head.

“Dorian,” Kimberly complained. “You’ll rip your stitches.”

Chon thought it odd Kimberly wasn’t complaining about Dorian trying to hit her husband or breaking one of her ornaments.

“Get your damn husband away from me, Kimberly, before I kill him,” Dorian warned.

Kimberly packed up her medical kit and took Jaelen’s hand. “Let’s leave them alone, husband.” She gave Chon a mischievious wink.

Jaelen smirked. “He’ll never be alone. Onyx will-” He ducked again as another glass figurine almost clipped his ear.

When they were alone, Chon didn’t know how to feel. At one moment, she was angry they had been interrupted. Two more seconds and…

On the other hand, she was glad they had been interrupted. Two more seconds and she would have given this man anything he asked. She understood now her will was weak when it came to Dorian, and she was terrified of how her body reacted to him.

Chon picked up the sheets now that they were alone and went over to the bed to change the bloodied sheets. She was having trouble yanking the fitted sheet from the bed.

He jumped up and went to the other side of the bed.

Their eyes met. He had that serious look in his eyes.

“I thought you didn’t love her anymore,” Chon stated quietly.

“I don’t.” His eyes averted for a second.

Chon knew this was partially a lie just like she noticed the hurt in his voice when he spoke with Onyx. At one point he had been deeply in love with that woman, but since Onyx had broken up with him, Dorian was just coping with the heartbreak.

In a way, Chon understood him so well and hated she was becoming more and more connected with him, the more she knew about him. “She broke up with you, right?” Chon questioned.

“Yes, but I’ve been over her for the past couple of weeks. I mean I’ve been able to not think about her and what our relationship was.” He sounded proud of himself.

“What happened…” She stopped her words as she realized she knew the answer to the question she was going to ask and now was terrified to hear the answer.


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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5 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter23

  1. Ok ibonoe Onyx is the bad was but I’m not liking her right now, and the longer Dorian deals with Chin behind “closed doors” twice a week (I think) the closer they will be and Onyx is going to have to face the facts…….ijs

    1. Yea Onxy is crazy. Why does it matter if Dorian moves on. She didn’t want him so I just can’t Chon have him. Dorian actually with all his animosity isn’t that bad. It’s like Jaelen and Kimberly. She will fall in love with the good and bad. But all relationships have there ups and down, it seems Onxy is the bad storm they have to learn to weather on top on learning to trust. Can’t wait for chapter 24.

  2. Omg. But it was so strange how Onyx just pops up like a wild animal, perching up on the bed frame?!? And then disappearing. Interesting in seeing how Chon & Dorian relationship progresses.

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