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The Murderer's Lover

What is The Murderer’s Lover about?

Her one time taking a chance in her life and Regina thinks she’s spent her first one night stand with the first publicized serial killer in Detroit, some believe to be The Murder Capital! Now he’s stalking her and she believes she may be the next victim.
The bad thing about it is that she thinks she wants more of him.

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2 thoughts on “The Murderer’s Lover – Live #WebNovel. Have You Subscribed? #SneakReaders #amwriting #amreading #bloggedbook

  1. Three ways to bliss is still a work in progress. Albeit I’ve figured out what to do with the love triangle, I’m not moved by the suspense plot. I need a twist and it’s upset me that I can’t come up with anything. There are a couple of deaths, but nothing to make you want to throw the book across the room. I’m still working on it and working it out in my head. By the end of the year, you might get this just as a whole book.

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