Q. Authors, What’s Your Biggest Website Challenge? A. Need interesting content for new & returning visitors


Tech Thursday is a way for me to help my writer friends with a lot of problems they have, with what I know.

Now I’m not professing I know everything, but I do know a little something about a lot of stuff.

I send the picture above out on my social media for answers and I get them. Lots of them. I retrieve them from social media and bring them back here for you to check out.

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Darliss Batchelor

Darliss Batchelor I do have a website but struggle with content that will be interesting enough to keep people coming back. I use Weebly with my own domain name.

Sylvia Hubbard

Sylvia HubbardI think if we sat down for a blog consultation we could come up with things for you Darliss Batchelor. http://www.e-junkie.com/hubbooks/product/496419.php

But until then you can find generic blog challenges and go from there. Pinterest has loads of suggestions when it comes to challenges for your blog.


Also I really suggest following Problogger.net. he occassionally offers a course for free that rocks when it comes to getting blog content and building traffic.

As you build content, forget too Engage your audience as you find out what more they really respond to, study your analytics and go from there.

Happy blogging!!

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