AMAZING GRACE – Work In Progress Update #amreading #wip

I’ve always wanted to get the background on Hope. She was special. Shadow didn’t bond with her just for any reason. Shadow always knew there was something elsehopeislove-thumbnail to Hope.

If you know Hope’s story in Hope Is Love, then you know that she was homeless on the street, but what you don’t know was her true history.

It picks back up in this story, Amazing Grace.

amazingGraceCoverAmazing Grace

He believed the Sins of the father will pass to the son. Every moment of his life since his father’s death he is haunted at the thought he will become like the monster his father was. He would kill without mercy, hurt without pity, lust without regrets and never love.

And then he met her …Grace Oliver.

Will his past determine her future?

On a side note, there will be another book. Grace’s Sister, Mercy. She’s going to appear in Beautiful.


7 thoughts on “AMAZING GRACE – Work In Progress Update #amreading #wip

  1. Ooh yes I’m excited for this.. I love catching up with other characters in their own book and not just a snipped in someone’s else’s book.. Thanks Ms Sylvia. Is there a date for is?

  2. Can’t wait for you to start posting or actually finish the book to purchase always wanted to know the complete story

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