Q. Authors, What’s Your Biggest Website Challenge? A. How do you add a blog to your website?





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Raquelle Harris
Raquelle Harris Right now, my challenge is getting my website setup. My funds are limited so, I have to do it myself.

Sylvia Hubbard
Sylvia Hubbard What platform are you using?

Raquelle Harris
Raquelle Harris WordPress, it hosts my blog. I found out from their support team how I can turn it into a website with my blog as a page on the website.

Sylvia Hubbard
Sylvia Hubbard is it .org or .com?

Raquelle Harris
Sylvia Hubbard 1. open up a new page 2.Type “Blog” 3. Save the page (DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE) 4. View your website 5.verify you have the blog added to your list of pages. 6. go to settings. 7. click on Reading 8.On front page display slect static page 9. make your front page your about page 10. make posts page the “Blog” page 11. Save Changes 12. View your website 13 TaDahhhh
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