#Smashwords Summer Sale: #HisSubstituteWife Book One FREE w/#GoogleBooks download instructions. Plz share & RT #mondayblogs

hissubCover 600Use the code SSW75 at checkout to get this book for free


I love #Smashwords! So when I found out they were having a summer sale, I couldn’t help but give a great book out for free.

Now I share this with my readers! So now until the end of July, if you haven’t read this awesome book you need to get your eyeballs on this.

Don’t forget there’s a Book II that just keeps the story getting better between the three sisters and Parker.


And if you haven’t gotten enough of Parker, he makes an appearance in Love Like This.

Would you love to read this on your android? Make sure you’ve signed in to your Google account before following these instructions.

Once you’ve purchased your copy, on your Android phone go to your Smashwords library. Click on His Substitute Wife and then click on the epub version to download.

Once this is done, your phone should take over. This file will download to your phone and then upload to your goggle library. Depending on your Internet speed, you should have the book within a minute or two and then, walah! You can start reading.


After you’re done, please return and leave a review on #Smashwords! I’d appreciate that very much!

Also share this post with othe readers before July is over! Give them a treat. Say I love you with a FREE book! Say I was thinking about you, with a free book. Just say something to connect with another person today, with a free book.

You get the idea.

Share! Share! Share!

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