The Mysterious Mr. Black has overtaken my bestsellers list on Amazon. Do you know his secret? 


Sometimes I just wanna start saying, “Many people wonder where his secret lies,” when I introduce Mr. Black in effigy to Dr. Maya A., but he’s more than phenomenal. Mr. Black is extraordinary and I wanna thank my fans for really keeping the secret of this book to themselves.

He’s awesome in my opinion and I do have to thank Zane for the idea. After I read one of her books, I immediately wondered what was true insanity and how would a person who fell in love with an insane person handle that. And if that lust could result in the ultimate HEA?

So you decide and let me know.

If you’ve read The Mysterious Mr. Black, please take a moment and do a review wherever you bought the book and then also come back here and post it.

If you haven’t read the book, click here now.

Don’t forget, Mr. Black’s cousins!





And there is one more to come. Phelix.