My journey to promote… myself… #SylLit… #amMarketing

Almost 40 books with raved reviews so why aren’t I getting there? Why do I peak at #1 online but not offline?

This has bothered me most of 2014 and has disheartened me for more literary journeys.

Not to be put into a funk, I’ve decided to start a journey to ask bloggers to feature me.

The book I’ve chosen is Dark Facade. This year, I’m releasing the paperback in November, but I want to up the ebook series to encourage more people to get hungry for it.


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What I’ve been doing?

Request for blogger features. 

I’ve been doing five a day and keeping an excel sheet with a log. (If you’d like to request a blogger detail, just click here.)

Searching for more bloggers to feature me

I’ve searched for five a day and add them to my excel sheet, hoping I’ll find so many I may never catch up to the requesting.

Posting to Facebook once a week.

I have a large group of Facebook groups I belong to and started posting not only Dark Facade but also other books

Audio inteviews (To Do)

I’m actually going to start this in September. I’m going to start adding blog shows that feature interviews with authors to my list and requesting interviews for experts and the book itself. Know any, please let me know in the comments below to help me out.

Book Club features. (To Do)

To prepare for my debut in November, I’d love to find current working bookclubs. Know any that would love to Skype or Google hangout with me, please let me know.

How you can help?

  • Post reviews about your reading experience?
  • Share on social media or your personal blog
  • Feature author on your site
  • Encourage others with blogs, bookclubs and others to read the books


You can always contact me for a blogger detail file by hitting the contact button on the sidebar or click here. I’ll email you or whoever you wish the detail file and then they can make an official review/feature request from there.

Note: All requests will be documented and insisted upon, so please take these seriously.

Thank you in advance for your support to my literary endeavors and helping me get out of the Marketing funk I’ve gotten myself into.

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  1. I love your books but you are getting behind in your series. What happened to the Betrayal series and Emperor’s Addiction? I don’t want to start anymore series until you finish the ones you have started. Very disappointed!

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