New on #SylLit: WRONGLY HIS, a short story to get you thru the #weekend… Download Now #excerpt #kindleprime

WronglyHisWRONGLY HIS – Her deception leads him back.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with just the sight of Ambrose Fairbank?

Too bad he was gay, but his sister has a plan to fool him and she plans to use Jenna to mess with her brother’s head.

When Ambrose finds out the truth…

A short erotic novel from the edge of the imagination of the award-winning bestselling author, Sylvia Hubbard.

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A nervous breakdown was brimming along the edge of her sanity.

“Why are you helping her?” Jenna questioned to calm herself down.

Annesta, best friend snorted incredulously. “Helping her?” Waymon asked. “Hell, it was all my idea. That son of a bitch Ambrose has hurt me for the last time. He calls me his friend and steals everything I’ve worked for and loved.”

Why did that sound so familiar to Jenna’s own life with Annesta?

“He’s sworn off women all his life and not because he’s gay,” Waymon explained. “Matter of fact, I think the only reason he pretends to be gay is because he’s terrified of women.”

She frowned, confused. “I’ve never met Ambrose, but from what I heard, he’s even worse than Annesta in all ways.”

“Ten times worse, but tonight I’ll have my revenge.”

Jenna shivered holding back tears as the cold blades pressed down on her skull and Waymon began to shave what little hair she had.


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  1. Yay, 🙂 I’ll take any read you wish to give us. That let’s me know you haven’t forgotten about ur readers while I wait for the follow up to ur other books. Lol. Will this be on amazon also please??

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