New Reader Review & Reader Comment… #BlackFamilySeries “…so impress w/yr writing. I am now addicted.”

I love getting comments about my writing and although I’ve been so overwhelmed with my writing projects and working hard, I stuck my head out for a moment and decided to post this comment from a reader regarding the Black Family Series…

Name: Tonia

Comment: I am so impress with your writing, I am now addicted. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in your Black family series, because I know you have at least three more brothers to write about. Looking forward to more great writing from you. My preference BWWM exotic romance stories.

I do appreciate the support to my literary endeavors and the love for my stories. I’m glad I can bring a little something different to my readers.

I love the stories in my head and I love knowing others enjoy them too.

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