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By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
(5.00 based on 3 reviews)

Published: Nov. 01, 2012
Words: 102666 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

To save her life and the life of her children, she must give in to becoming a man’s wife.

Extended description

A woman with her children on the run from her past swears never to be another man’s whore. Now her baby’s father turns up dead and not only is his loan shark after her, but the police are after her as well.

Yet, when the malevolent, real estate accountant, Sterling Newman, finds out she is the key to completing his dream property, he blackmails her into marriage or turn her over to police.

Forced to marry in order to save her life and the life of her children, she vows to hate him forever. Yet, somehow he finds a way to make her body betray her heart.

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74 thoughts on “#WickedChances Chapter 42 – #LiveStory #NaNoWriMo.org #lawritingchallenge #wip #amreading – WC86283

  1. Paradise is Blair half sister and shadow is Paradise daughter by King! Brillant Sherlock, Brillant! ” didn’t I put that altogether! I don’t chase bad guys anymore, but only to say ” Buy Gergore I think I got it Watson” LOL

    1. Nice thought but that can’t be. Paradise already has a twin sister & she’s too young to be Shadow’s mother (although there has been early teen moms in Sylvia’s books) that theory is too far fetched going off previous books that just couldn’t be. Onyx has a better chance at being the mom. She is the only one yet to put Shadow in her place like only a mom can do when she flipped her on her back & straddled her in Hope is Love. Time for a heart to step in & grace our presence cuz THEY BRING DRAMA !!!

      1. I like your thinking… I need Onyx to come to Detroit and straighten all of this out.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! This is getting GOOD! Paradise or Shadow will have to be the exchange. King wants Paradise over them all. He made a promise in the Mysterious Mr. Black not to harm her (physically but he could sexually lol). Its time the truth comes out so Shadow is the best trade so we can find out. Lol… Can’t wait for the next chapter. Let me get my umbrella cuz its about to hit the fan & spray. On everyone Lol.

      1. Its about time a Heart graces us with their presence. They always bring the drama no matter which one it is. Im shocked Onyx isn’t far behind since she’s the queen of being present when shtf… Cant wait.


    1. Who is gonna bring the popcorn? I want a front row seat when the shtf. I’m ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Steph I’ll be seated right next to you on the front row. You hold the popcorn & I’ll sheild us with the umbrella from the fan. LOL

  3. I knew it! I wish this book was complete so I could purchase it already, it will definitely be part of my Kindle library whenever it’s finished!

  4. You now I normally don’t rush you for updates but don’t do me like this… I think I might fall off the cliff this time I wanna know what’s next.

      1. Im sure You are rejuvenated now after service. You put God first now he’s given you the strength needed to push this out. I have faith in you & appreciate your tireless efforts. :-D…. NOW BRING IT LIKE I KNOW ONLY YOU CAN GURL!

  5. This is becoming wow. Good job.
    I knew the action will soon start but I didn’t think it would be this intense.
    Who is that woman? Can’t wait to find out.

    You are a great author. Love it. 🙂

    1. Paradise is meantioned in Hope is Love, The Mysterious Mr. BLACK & another book I can’t call since I’ve read over 20. I believe she will be the ine to Turn King out. He couldn’t hurt her even if he wanted to.

      1. I agree with you S Dunn. Paradise will be the one to turn King out… Or straight (we all know he has a shady, possibly bi-sexual past).

      2. Yes girl. But he only like men to give hom head cuz a woman can’t handle his elephant trunk & get him off. Lol. Bi-sexual yes. But I believe he just needs the right one & its PARADISE

      3. @S Dunn
        Theo was sooo hot! Your gonna make me go back and read that. I bet his big butt could handle Onyx but you’re right he’s taken. Now Double Play??? Have I read this (asking myself)? I thought I’ve read them all except Tanner’s story. I’ll have to look that up.

  6. Ok I have all the books that are out now and a couple that are no longer available. But how can I get a copy of the Mysterious Mr. Black? I am more than willing to purchase a copy.

    Since I don’t know Paradises background yet, did she take Shadow in after she ran away? Plus in the beginning of the book Sterling thought Shadow was Paradise. Oh my, the shock that Sterling and Dwight will get once they finally realize Paradise and Shadow are not the same person. Could both Shadow and Paradise have their debt paid off by someone maybe like Dalton Bellini? Darn Lethal for being out of town.

    1. Ok. Shadow was the one that helped Paradise & her twin in Hope is Love. Not them helping her although im sure they helped each other in some way. There are books like Tanners devil I couldn’t access but may have more pieces available. Dwight knows that Shadow & Paradise aren’t the same & that they are both wanted by King. Dwight is King Heart’s best friend. His story is in Sins’s Iniquity. Mysterious Mr. BLACK gives the most detail & I pray Sylvia makes it available soon. I read it through password protection & LOVED IT. Diamond in the Ruff also gives Heart family background & that’s why I think Onyx can be the mother as a good way to through us off looking at the heart men King & Lethal. Blaque heart is the reason Onyx lost her baby. Blaque is King sister. Maybe Blaque stole the baby after Onyx thought the baby was dead which would explain Sharlie raising Shadow so a heart couldnt find out. But who knows. Im done for now guessing& will just enjoy the ride Sylvia has us on… its a good one too

      1. S Dunn thank you for the update. I haven’t read Hope is Love yet. I tried to find Tanner’s Devil and couldn’t find it anywhere. I am still trying to get access to Double Playing so I can read it. I read Dwight’s story and loved it. (Wish Dayton and Oynx will hook up). Sylvia has a writing style that I love.

      2. Hummm Dalton & Onyx… that just maybe interesting. I know Onyx loved her some Jaelen before he met Kimberly. Dalton’s ego & Onyx maybe too much. They both need tamming. Lol They both are quick with the sly remarks. I love Sylvia’s style as well. I started 3 months ago but can’t get enough… im tryjng to read Substitute Wife since I hear Ethan is in it but I can’t gain access to that or Tanner’s devil.

      3. Ok ok ok…. I’m following you. But isn’t Paradise Charisse’s friend in His Substitute Wife…. ??? Or is that her sister? I need to go back through my collection and refresh my memorie.

        Dalton and Oynx … I don’t know. I believe Onyx will only bow to a man that is her match physically and mentally. We know Dalton is smart and sexy as hell but can he pin Onyx down?

      4. S. Dunn,

        Remember in one of the books, I can’t remember which one, but I think it is the one where Onyx knocks shadow on her back. She decribes shadow as having eyes just like her brother Lethal, and wonder why? Also SexWeed gives alot of Heart background. Like you, I have collected and read all of them and can’t wait to get the rest.

      5. cyp316,
        There is a password to Double Playing . Send me a message at my e-mail address and I’ll help you with it. I am still looking for the password to Stranger 2 Love since I can’t purchase His Substitue Wife…My Sister to answer the question. I really need that book. My e-mail address is stephaniebartley1@aol.com.

      6. @ Stephanie, I just sent the password to Stranger 2 love to the email address you listed

      7. HELL YEAH Dalton can handle Onyx. They may Clash but pretty boy got away about him. It just might be too much to handle lol. Theo would’ve been good to if he wasn’t taken from Diary of a Temptress. He was in the Military with Onyx & Lethal. Nicknamed Wicked. Lol

      8. @Stephanie. It was Hope is Love that Shadow gets flipped on her back by Onyx. I didn’t read substitute wife but I want to. I believe it was her sister that you are referring to. Mrskt 20.

  7. Xavier/Xhan & Jen maybe the ones who are King’s eyes and ears. Xavier is a Black but he is also King’s uncle because of his sister. King isn’t all that bad. I actually like him the more I get his story with his fine ass. Ruthless to the core but there’s a heart buried under the ice. His friends see it occasionally

    1. I agree King is interesting. I can’t go as far as saying I like him but I know he could be one of the good guys if he wants.

      1. @ Mrskt 20 I wasn’t crazy about him until I read Mysterious Mr Black. I am Dying for King’s Paradise to drop soon… Maybe after this.

  8. Wow,WOW and more WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You are so awesome!!!!! This chapter is making me think too much . I’m not even trying to figure anything out anymore lol. I’m just waiting to see what happens. Keep up the good work!

    1. i’m just enjoying the comments from everyone and how you guys are trying to work out what I’m trying to do.

      Y’all are better than a husband cuz y’all know me better. LOL

      1. Me too Sylvia got me ready to go back to the beginning and reread what I have… Got to go back and read.

  9. I don’t think Shadow’s mum is a king but I do think her dad is question is is it Lethal or King Heart? I think Lethal because of something Hope said in Hope is Love she said that she (Shadow) was hiding from her powerful father right under his nose in Detroit because that would be the last place he would look for her. That’s just what I think. Great work Sylvia

    1. Well in the beginning of the book I did comment about what Hope said about her father being in Detroit right under her nose & the fact that Onyx said she had her brothers eyes & Lethal use to date Sharlie. But then I was throw in King & he & Lethal look alike So he too could bvery well be her father But he wouldn’t be caught dead in Detroit. So then I remembered what King’s sister Blaque did to Onyx which explains why she hates her. Dealing with you Sylvia I had to think out the box lol. But I’ll say Lethal for one Hundred please. Lol… Good Work. Kudos yet again to youn I can’t wait…

      1. I think it is Lethal too. He is the only one that has a reference to Shadow’s eyes. Even King Heart eyes is not said to be the same color as hers. My gut is telling me that Lethal is the father. She has to many traits from him. I want to know, even though we know that she is smart, how did she learn all the things like her father knows??????????????????????? Once you read all the books in all the different series, you get a better understanding of everyone but, Lethal, Onyx, Shadow, and King. Those stories we just have to wait for Ms. Hubbard to unleash them.

  10. I’m inclined to agree with Sylvia above I think Shadow is Lethal’s daughter by Sharlie Costello, who was so in love with Lethal, but to whom he wasn’t ready to commit. I don’t think Onyx is the mother because when she found Shadow during the hunt for Hope in “Hope is Love”, she recognized Shadow’s eyes and told her that she’d only seen one other pair like them… I got the impression she was alluding to her brother Lethal, because his eyes are always described as obsidian when he’s mentioned in Sylvia’s books.

    1. I also believe that Lethal is Shadow’s father but I had to think out of the box for other possibilities dealing with Ms Hubbard. Lol. Onxy isn’t far fetched because she was once pregnant but lost her unborn baby. However we don’t know the circumstances around that. Her cousin Blaque, King’s sister caused her to Miscarry however, what if the baby really didn’t die & was just taken away. It wouldn’t be the first time since Lethal & Onyx brother Lynx is alive & they dont know. He was taken frlm them as a child most likely by Blaque or her family they hate so much. I never got the full story as to why Lethal Killed King father, who was way worse than King. But lethal & king use to be cool. Its a thin line between love & hate. The y really could be brothers instead of cousins they resemble so much. Family secrets have a way of coming out. Lol… I love Sylvia. Read her long enough u start thinking like her. Lol… im not that good yet tho.

      1. S. Dunn,
        I think some of that story about why Lethal killed King’s father is in Manic Neighbor which also has a password.

      2. Im new to this so im still reading password books. Most of the books I read were on kindle. Or the free books. I read mysterious mr black cuz I was feining for a black book & wouldn’t give up til I got in. Lol. Im going to work on password books now. I go through them quick.

    2. I must concur. I believe Lethel is Shadows father and King wants her for leverage with Lethal.

    3. I don’t believe Sharlie is Shadow’s mother. Sharlie is too underhanded. I believe there is something else to that story. But I do believe Lethal is her father.

      1. Dalton doesn’t need a women who is clings to him. He needs someone who will do her thing and knows he needs his space. Oynx is to independent and doesn’t need a man who will chase her down or is weak. Dalton is the perfect match for her. Neither takes BS sitting down either.

      2. @Cyp316. You are so right girl. They both need someone strong & independent. Dalton is HOTas hell & lil Kim turned detective Onyx can definitely handle him & his attitude. She & Jaelen would’ve been the perfect match if he didn’t get raped & fell in love. Lol

      3. S Dunn I never thought Jaelan and Oynx as a couple. Bed buddies yes, couple no. Before the rape he had too much anger in him. After the rape he was still angry but Kimberly gave him a sense of protectiveness. Not much but a little. Remember before Kimberly left, Jaelan acted like he wanted to say something to her. In my opinion Jaelan felt that protectiveness then. To me Jaelan never would of felt that way with Oynx. He doesn’t see her as a woman but more like a buddy that cam take care of herself.

      4. @ cyp316 Friends as close as they arent just bed buddies. Best relationships are friends first oftentimes. But they didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Don’t get me wrong I love kimber with him they compliment each other.

  11. Here’s one for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who do you’ll think Sharlie’s son’s father is? I just read Dark Facade, and he is mentioned in there. Looks like a Bellini may be on the hook, but who????

    1. I don’t recall that in Mistaken Identity II. But I know she dated Dalton. I know she was venting to Jaelen about him while on the plane.

      1. Yea, remember when Sharlie went to the school looking for a story, and then told the principal that she was looking for a school to enroll her son in. Yes, I figured it could be Dalton too.

      2. Yes I remember when Sharlie went to the School asking Chyanne questions about Evan & why she returned the flowers. Sharlie’s son was enrolled late into 11th grade. I remember that book well. Im pissed Dana died. I wish it was Denise trying to get back at Tyrone & Jerome & Dana isv locked up somewhere. They’ll never be a trio like them 🙁

      3. If im not mistaken it was in stealing Innocence 1 that Sharlie spilled her guts to Jaelen on the plane about Dalton.

  12. Ms Hubbard,
    See how talented and gifted you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE US ALL BUZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your loyal fan,

  13. I agree with S Dunn Dalton and Onyx would make a great couple a match made in heaven or not ; okay it would make a great story. I’m getting chills just thinking about it

    1. oh yeah and Shirley is not Shadow’s real mother she adopted her when she was two days old. I seem to remember reading that

  14. Oh boy please hurry I cant wait until you finish this one. You have me sitting on the edge of my seat because it is so good.

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