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I was just recently added to new writer’s Ms Tracy Jones Hot Link pages. I love to share news when readers & writers connect with me and share me.

So I invite you to check her out, see what she’s doing, let her know you dropped by by and tell her I sent you.

Click here to see Tracy Jones Hot Links.

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8 thoughts on “New link @mstraysay Hot Lists

  1. Thank you for the referral. I enjoy reading& if she comes recommended by you i’ll give her a shot. Is she an urban Christian Fiction Writer? My all time favorite for that Genre is Vanessa Miller. She is from Dayton Ohio. I notice you mentioned that place often in your books so you may know of her. If not im referring Her Former Rain book (series) to you first. Other than you she is the only writer that I purchased every book. I love when I find a page turner author & that you definitely are Ms . Hubbard.♡♥♡♥

    1. LMBO …. @ S Dunn. I think I have finally found someone as bad as me w/ my Sylvia H writing obsession. But voice text doesn’t sound like a bad idea unless Sylvia’s writing a love scene. I’m sure she would get some awkward looks if she was saying dirt stuff to her phone. LOL😂

      1. Gurl I know Im boarderline Stalker. I love me some Sylvia Hubbard. But I AM NOT ONE TO HARASS HER! She has my full Support. Great work takes time. It would be hilarious to see her using the voice text. Lol. She can turn it off for that part or just look like a gossiper talking about what somone else did. Lol

  2. I Actually know and have met V.M and she’s just so humble and kind. I’ve read her series and enjoyed it myself.

    Thanks so much. She’s a great writer and it’s nice to know i’m in her bunch with you.

  3. I wanted to mention that I made this post on my phone and I must say it’s really cool. I’m thinking of a way to do short shorts in 2013 and I might try it out so i can post more often on the live story in the new year.

    1. That’s great news & I look forward to reading what you text out. You can test it out posting chapter 43. Lol… im not rushing you. IJS. LOL 😉

      1. Of course not I NEED YOU !!! BUT you can you the voice text option that text while you talk. I use it all the time when driving lol

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