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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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It didn’t bother her at all Chance called her by her original name. She hadn’t heard it on someone’s lips in a while and she missed it. “Well, I do remember you saying you’d be in my debt for arm candy right?”

He nodded. “But no sexual favors to cover debts. I like those only if you want to give them,” he teased with a wink.

Rolling her eyes at his silliness, she said, “I don’t want sex, Chance. I need some information from patient records and something else.”

“Ethically the patient records retrieval request is wrong,” he pointed out, but put his hand out.

She handed him the paper she took from her brother’s room. “I don’t think you’ll understand it.”

“Really Keath? I’m a doctor. A woman’s doctor at that and it can’t be much I don’t understand or can’t figure out.” By this time he was looking down at the paper.

During that time, she saw shadows under the door and just knew there were people trying to listen to their conversation.

“It’s a bank account number,” he suddenly stated.

That wasn’t what she wanted him to see. “I was giving you this for the list of names. Wait! What’s a bank account number?”  She had to rise on her tip toes to grab the paper from him to look back at the numbers. “Oh shit,” she said.

“Ooohh,  say that louder,” Chance said excitedly.

Keath punched him in the chest and he had the nerve to look like it hurt when her knuckles were throbbing. Did Chance and his friends eat cement for breakfast? “That’s my bank account number. How’d they get my number and the amount in my account?  Why would they need my number? And amount?”

He took the paper away. “Who are they?”

“I found this in my brother’s room and that’s my supervisor’s handwriting, whom my brother is dating.”

“You definitely mean fucking? There’s a big difference,” Chance said skeptically. “I hear the gossip, trust me. Give me a lead on these names.”

“I think they’re all deceased from the geriatric ward. I know Cartwright is recently, but the others I’m not sure of. I want to look at their records. I need to see what caused their deaths and the symptoms before they died.”

“Got it.” He put the paper in his pocket. “Give me until Friday and meet me in ER about two in the morning. That’s my downtime. I have a bunk down there.”

Warily she asked, “No funny business, Chance?”

He snorted insulted. “Who me?”  He asked innocently. “Although I should warn you vicious rumor and conjecture might become abound in the next couple of hours about our tryst in the closet.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked suspiciously.

“You. Me. Some nasty rumors about what really happened in the closet.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “I hope you’ll trust that I didn’t spread one single rumor.”

Rolling her eyes, she said, “So you’ll understand if I leave now.”

“It wouldn’t matter. It could’ve been two minutes and they’d still say something.” There was humor abound in his eyes. “But you did say there was another matter you needed from me.”

She had almost forgotten about that part – almost. “I had unprotected sex and I needed you to just check me out.”

“Oh now this gets interesting. When and with whom?”

“That’s none of your business, Chance.”

“As your doctor, it’ll be privilege information.”

“But as my friend, I don’t want you to know.”

He smiled brightly. “You really think I’m your friend, Keath?”
“Are you going to help me or not without the questions.”

“I’ll choose help you with the questions. Who and When?”

Sighing in frustration, she said, “Your friend, Pholsom Todd, last night… oh no, this morning, I mean. Early this morning.”

Damn! How the hell did that happen?”

“I’m still trying to figure it out.”

“What happened?” he demanded.

“I was getting off of work, we met in the parking lot and then it just happened.”

“In the parking lot.”

Yes, but we had protected sex then.”

“Then? It was another time?”

“I followed him to his condo and we… well, I lost my mind and he didn’t use protection.”

Chance stepped forward and looked at her with deep concern. “You went to his new house in the city?”

She thought he would be alarmed by the second time they had sex unprotected, not more concerned over her just going to the house. “Yes, Chance.”

“And no one was there?”

“No. Was someone supposed to be there?” Before he answered, she said, “Oh wait, I think he might have had a maid or something. I think.”

Chance looked really bothered. “I don’t think you should go to his house again.”
“It won’t be happening again. I just need a work up because, well, because I just think I should to be safe. I mean, I’m clean and he’s clean, but… well, you know.”

“Say no more, I do understand. When was your last menstrual?” He had his official doctor’s voice on now.

“Last week.”

He looked at his watch. “Can you come down on your lunch? I can have the files and do the exam by then? I’ll order blood work too just in case and deliver a pee cup down here too with a patient K. Smith on it. I don’t want everyone to know your business.”

She was grateful to have a close friend like Chance who would do all this for her. How lucky could a girl be? Nodding, she asked, “Since I’m part of this rumor mill of yours, don’t you think it will serve me greatly to know the truth about you?”

Chance dropped the doctor act quickly and immediately looked humorous again. “What truth would you want to know, Keath?” he questioned.

“First, why aren’t you married or taken Chance? You’re a successful doctor, great guy and damnable handsome. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I told you. I don’t choose to be taken because I don’t have my own practice yet, although I’m hoping to change that by next year given the possibility of an investment and partner. Nothing is wrong that a lot of sex can’t cure, but not a lot of women can withstand what I’m packing.”

She looked down to the area in question and remembered the rumors she tried not to listen to about Dr. Chance Jefferson, but hell, it had been a “curiosity kills the cat” kind of day all ready. “Can I see it?”

He raised an eyebrow for a second, but then opened his pants up without further hesitation.

Elena embarrassed that he actually was going to show her, covered her eyes before she saw everything. “NO! I was just kidding.”

“It’s a lot of work to pull it out, you might as well look,” he cajoled. “And dammit, I don’t show every damn one!”

Slowly her hands moved away from her eyes and looked directly at his crotch. Chance’s member hung flaccid and even that had great length on it as the tip ended halfway on his thigh. “Put that thing away before you take my eye out.”

He burst out in laughter, but did as she told him too. She thought it was hilarious that he had to practically scoop himself back into his pants.

“You should be illegal in every state, Chance,” she further teased. “Now let me out of here.”

He moved out of her way and Elena slammed the door behind him, while he fixed his clothes. He was still laughing quite loudly in the closet, while she walked away.

Chance needed serious help and any woman who did decide to handle that had to be just as loony as he was.

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  1. How are you Sylvia ? I love it so far. Stop teasing my, I need the whole book. When will she figure out there are 2 of them. Does chance know about this? How soon before the book is available?

    1. Bev ,i’m going to try my darndest to finish this book before the month of auguest is over. its suppose to be a novella like the first one, so i needto get the plot out fast and then the sex scenes need to pop even more. got another one planned in chapter 7 and then calling up a dr friend (my own chance jefferson) to find out about pregnancies and all that so I can research more things to throw in the story.

  2. When are they going to begin Menage Troing-like “Mistaken Identity”…?

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