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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Author’s Note: Officially I’m four thousand words behind schedule. I’m going to try to stay up and really push this out to increase the word count.

Especially just to try to get past this scene or this day in Elena’s life. Lawd da help!

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Chapter 7.5


Before going up to her floor, she went back to her car to make sure she grabbed her extra pair of Crocs and also the book she had been reading from the library to read if and when a lull came on her shift.

Stepping into the library, she sighed trying not to reminisce about her passionate night and morning with Pholsom Todd. The kissing, touching, tasting and all that in between had been glorious to her senses; especially since she hadn’t had something in a very long time.

Yet if she accepted his offer would she be able to separate business from pleasure?

There had been other times she had slipped up before. She wasn’t a perfect angel and she had no problem before. So this should be no different and although Pholsom had certainly rocked her world with his indomitable stamina, she knew she could still do the job he would hire her for.

When she arrived at her floor early, she avoided Lori, which was easy because she always knew where her supervisor was. Lori was either snarling about how much she hated her job or yelling at someone for not doing theirs right.

Most times patients never complained about Lori’s mouth because hardly any could hear.

The staff that did complain was just sent to another floor. Somehow Lori had some kind of pull about the hospital and most people just let it go or ignored her completely and let her do whatever she wanted to do or treat them however she wanted to treat them.

Elena knew accepting the position with Pholsom Todd would get her away from the place, but she felt awful for the patients and staff who would be left there to tend with Lori.

Ducking into Mr. Bradshaw’s room when the coast was clear, she sighed with content seeing the older man was up. Her step faltered a little as she saw he looked at her with dark silver eyes with flecks of brown.

Just like the dream?

“You must be Nurse Keath Elena Holland,” he said weakly, reaching for his cup.

She hurried to his table to grab his cup before him and direct the straw to his lips. He sipped and thanked her.

Immediately she corrected him, “I’m not a nurse. I’m a medical assistant.”

“The priorities they give you around here, you might as well be one, or even a supervisor of this floor. You just lost out because of seniority and degree.”

She was shocked he was knowledgeable about what level she was really around the hospital and what level of work she actually does.

Even though she had hundreds of questions to ask Sloan Bradshaw, she didn’t want to overwhelm him. “How do you know my full name?”

“I confirmed your name by your name tag, but you have been most talked about. I think people assume just because I’m old and sickly I can’t hear a damn thing. You’re a veritable topic of conversation around here for staff and others.”


“Lots of conversation around you lately,” he concurred.

She smiled liking the fire behind his eyes. “Lately? Otherwise you don’t know me?”

He motioned for her to give him his drink again “Should I?”

After putting down his cup, she said, “I used to live next to you right after you won the lottery.”

His eyes squinted and then recognition hit him. “The Rapunzel. Next door.”

“Rapunzel?” she questioned.

He smiled a charming smile with a mischievous look in his eyes. “The beauty locked away in the tower with the dragon of a brother to guard against everyone and the evil witch needing you to keep her powers strong.”

The metaphor seemed so dead on for her past that it almost hurt to hear it from his lips. Pushing memories away, she said, “I guess you do remember me. We never met.” She closed the door to his room and then moved next to his bed to sit in a chair.

“I know. Your brother, Vick, made sure of that. I almost thought… well, a lot of people thought and I moved next door to see if I had imagined you.”

The face he remembered her brother’s name alarmed her, but she needed first to ask, “What do you mean everyone thought, Mr. Bradshaw? What did they think?”

He reached over and touched her hand tenderly. “Maybe I should start from the beginning because we don’t have a lot of time.”

Her stomach twisted because he was right and because they had a lot to speak about that she hoped they could speak about everything they needed to discuss.

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  1. I think the Facebook idea is a good idea, as long as everyone who receives you blogs are notified. I enjoy your writing and now it is getting to the good stuff. I have a question did you ever learn the name of the gentleman that you recently met (second date)?

    1. we haven’t gone on a second date yet. Just hugging interludes.

      how strange is that.

      I met his supervisor the other day and was so tempted to ask, but I figured this guy is trying to keep me as curious as possible.

    2. and in the next post, I’ll update you guys on the “mysterious guy.” It’s getting interesting. want to put it in a book and I swear if you guys let him know I’m “blogging” about him, (if he even makes it to the stage of being with me in public) I’ll go ape crazy on you. LOL

  2. Good Luck on catching up. I like this story but my mind is going crazy trying to think of what is going to happen next. I read this so fast because I thought it would be more, I was at my desk sad 🙁 But I know you have other things to do instead of making me happy writing me stories. LOL

    1. it’s good that you love the story and not doing work that to read the story, but it’s bad I’m keeping you from you work. LOL Tying as fast as possible and gonna post soon. thanks for enjoying the story!

  3. I love this new story! Cant wait to read what happens next! Missed you

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