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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Author’s Note: Whole Chapter here.

Oh yeah. Reoccurring character is back. Chance Jefferson. Readers of Hope Is Love will be familiar with him. And no, he’s not male protagonist. Just a sub-character.

Chapter 6

Getting home still feeling europhic from Pholsom’s morning kiss, Elena entered her Westside Detroit four bedroom home that had almost been on the demolition list by the time her mother passed. Elena had spent every penny of her savings revamping the home, getting rid of all the clutter and making the house into something livable again. The home was Colonial style and one of the largest homes on the block. She had made the top back bedroom into an open office with a balcony, while the other two bedrooms were combined as a Master Bedroom. The fourth bedroom on the first floor had become Vick’s room, which was supposed to connect to the balcony, but she stalled that construction not wanting to give him anymore than what he had – especially access to the second floor when she didn’t want him to have it. The steps leading to the second floor balcony were there, but she installed a secure door to the walled in patio on the second floor.

In Detroit, she learned a long time ago, if one left things not nailed down those items were stolen. Placing a patio on the second floor of the home, made it more difficult for items to be stolen, but it also helped her get out of the house on her days off.

Her next project for the home was to enclose the backyard with thick shrubs, a fountain or pond with Kio fish and maybe even a nice Jacuzzi. Everything except the Jacuzzi was planned to start construction in a month. She wasn’t going to let Vick get that luxury either.

Now that he was working, Elena could start hinting for him to move out.

As always she took her shoes off at the door and placed them on an ankle high shelf in the foyer. This was to preserve her wooden floors she personally buffed every month. Of course, her brother didn’t take as much pride in the floors as she did and walked right over it. She could see his current path straight to his room and on top of that, she could see heeled marks as well. It was no mystery who was also in the room with him, but Elena could care less except in the middle of the night when she heard the moans, groans and bed creaking.

On those moments, she put took out her MP3 player and tried not to think about how lonely her life had been.

Now that this “incident” had happen with Pholsom Todd, she needed to seriously consider her options. Although he promised another “incident” wouldn’t happen again, she couldn’t help wanting another one.

She’d just take precautions and keep her head together and make sure nothing was forgotten.

You’re thinking about working for him, Elena, she reminded herself. Do you really think you can keep a business relationship with him knowing how he looked and tasted naked?

It was too early in the morning to make decisions like this and she resolved to push everything that had happen in the early morning light with Pholsom Todd out of her mind.

After cooking her something to eat, she washed up and went upstairs. She had installed a door at the top of the stairs to keep the upstairs all to herself. There was a downstairs bathroom for guest and also what her brother could use so he had no reason to come upstairs for anything.

If he wanted anything, he would either catch her when she was downstairs or call her on the cell phone.

She had also installed an intercom system from his room to hers, but that was when her mother was alive and she would have to come when her mother called. When her mother was alive, she lived in Vick’s room and often had to run upstairs to help out or bring her mother food.

Elena had kept the antique furniture, along with her mother’s glass figurine collection. Even after the massive clean up of the house, to Elena’s disappointment, she had not found anything of her fathers. Her mother had refused to speak of her husband or even tell Elena where any of the items her father had owned. Elena had spent two painstaking years going through every hoarded item in the house to make sure she threw nothing away of her father’s.

Though the venture had kept her very pre-occupied, she didn’t regret dividing her time into going through all the items in the house. How was she really suppose to date or devote time to a man if she was also trying to find more about her father?

She would have asked Vick, but she didn’t want to hear how much Elena was given preferential treatment by their mother.

Elena knew Vick was cruel because she had the face he always wanted. He was an exact resemblance of their mother and she was resemblance of their father. He had it worse verbally from their mother after their father died. He was the brunt of her anger and agony.

Yet she knew Vick had demons haunting him and in her mother’s last days, her mother’s delirium revealed the hell Vick suffered. Elena pitied him.

Now with a job Elena hoped Vick would get his own stability and move out.

After eating and taking a longer shower Elena laid down in her firm queen size bed. Pulling the thick covers to her neck and as she drifted to sleep her thoughts languished to the thoughts of her attraction Pholsom Todd made her feel.


This time the dream was different. She was in the house, but it was Pholsom meeting her at the top of the stairs. This time she could see his face clearly.

In the darkness she could feel his large body pressing against hers. His large hands massaged and kneaded her entire body as if the touch of her skin was his elixir to life. She gripped his shoulders and arched her back to prepare for his entry but as much as she begged him he wouldn’t. In the whispers of her mind she heard him say I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t ever want to hurt you.

Waking in a pool of sweat and frustration, Elena shivered remembering only her dream man had one gray eye and the other brown. Looking at the clock, she growled to herself. She had only slept for a couple of hours. Knowing what she had to do that before going in to work she jumped out of bed just as she heard the front door slam early that morning signaling Vick and Lori were on the way to work.

Elena washed up made breakfast and headed to work. Where her home was on the eastside of Detroit many owners had walked away due to economic crises. The few that had kept their houses ended up renting them out turning into slumlords. There were about five home owners in three city blocks in her area and they all tried to do the best they could to keep their property and area looking good. Elena often spent her days off cutting grass at abandoned lots and homes to keep wild animal and rodent infestation down. This summer she wanted to look into buying the abandoned home and lot next to hers. She would combine the lot next to hers to extend her property line and then rent out the home to a nice single mom.

Going downstairs to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen she knew her brother had made a mess before leaving for work.

Elena passed Vick’s door and noted in a long time he hadn’t locked the door.

After cleaning up the kitchen, curiosity got the best of her and she went to Vick’s bedroom. Knocking on the door hard enough so the hinges swung to reveal there was no one in there. Just to be sure she called out Vick’s name to ensure she was completely alone.

When he didn’t answer she asked out loud, “Is anyone there?’

Still no answer and she bravely entered the bedroom.

She usually walked by when he was there and saw it always looked as if a tornado had hit his room. Even now, the room looked as if he’d tried to straighten up a little for Lori but Elena could smell old food, dirty clothes and funk throughout the room.

Elena determined once Vick moved out she would have to throw every piece of furniture away because there was no saving anything. Her mother once said, “Everything that boy touches he destroys.” Sometimes Elena wondered was that really Vick’s curse or her father’s curse.

Going over to a desk she noticed the surprising neatness and presumed Lori had done that. There was a note pad in the middle of the desk, but there wasn’t anything written on the top. This was just one of the note pads Lori often used from the hospital. Knowing her supervisor hand writing Elena saw a pencil nearby and softly colored over the paper to see what was last written on there.

Turning the lamp attached to the desk on to see more clearly, Elena saw three last names including Mr. Cartwright at the end of that list. There was also a ten digit number that looked familiar and a dollar amount of twelve thousand dollars. Taking the sheet of paper with her Elena made sure everything was back in place. Before closing the door she decided to turn on the intercom, in his room, turning the dials so she could hear him and he wouldn’t be able to hear her. She had to crawl over a pile of junk to get to the intercom, but it was well worth the effort.

To make sure his room also didn’t attract any unwanted wild life she made satchels of coffee using old stockings and tossed them under his bed, in the closet and in the corners of his room. She often used this trick when her mother was alive and too combat the woman’s excessive hoarding.  Coffee grounds dissuaded rodents from coming in the house or living where they wanted to live.

She would get the rest of the house when she got home, but for now she got the area much needed without her brother suspecting a thing. Getting out the house by nine she drove to the hospital wondering what was all on the sheet of paper and why did she have a feeling that was information about her.

She veered from going up to geriatrics to OB/GYN. Just as she was stepping out of the elevator Chance practically jumped in front of her.

“Hey you!” He said, looking honestly glad to see her. “I’m a hugger be warned.” With that he embraced her in a thick bear hug as if he hadn’t seen her in ages.

When he set her away from him she looked down the hallway to see two various groups of nurses and other female hospital staff looking their way and whispering.

Chance reminded her of her father and she wasn’t the least bit attracted to this young successful doctor. Yet, those women didn’t know that.

“Need a quiet place to talk?”  He asked, noticing her uneasiness.

Elena nodded and Chance opened a door.

“Step into my office,” he ordered magnanimously.

Walking past him it wasn’t until he flipped on a light switch, she realized they were in the janitor’s closet. “This isn’t your office,” she pointed out.

By this time he was closing them in and they were just arms length apart from each other. “You’re smart and observant, but since I’m doctor in charge for the day I can make any room on this floor into my office and no one will bother me. That’s the perk’s of being in charge.”

The fact he said this so imperialistic and his large size with any other woman who would’ve been infatuated with him, they would have believed that malarkey, but Elena could look past his handsome face to know he was making this up as he went.

“How many women fell for that load of crapola?” she questioned with mirth brimming at the surface.

Chance chuckled, “None yet. I don’t date nurses. Especially the ones that know what time I work. I learned a severe lesson from the last one I dated. You’re the first I’ve dragged in a closet here. How’d I do?”

“Actually if I’d been the least bit attracted to you I maybe would have fallen for that,” she said, just to make him feel better.

He looked relieved. “Well thank you, Keath. How may I help you?”

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