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Author’s Note: I don’t know where I’m going to go with this story and your guess is as good as mine.

I just got up at five am and begin typing. I met the characters in my head and I think think think I have the plot twist, but that’s about it.

For right now, you’re about to start a journey with me but it’s foggy and dark. Two things that are very dangerous when driving and when writing.

but I hope you stay with me on this journey as I muck my way through everything. And please please please give me feedback on what I write. Don’t forget to invite friends.

So off we go!

Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.





The dream returned again.

She was where she wasn’t supposed to be, but the temptation was just too great for an eighteen year old girl bored to death and tired of being secluded in her home as if she was a prisoner.

Walking backwards, desperately trying not to cause her brother to notice her and tell their mother, she pressed her back in the bushes to slip through to the neighbor’s yard. Mr. Bradshaw kept a clean yard compared to her hoarding mother and she had just seen him drive away.

He was a very private man, but his extraordinary handsomeness had caught her eyes immediately when he had moved in two months ago. According to her brother, Mr. Bradshaw had just won the lottery and had gone from homelessness to housing in one short week. He’d bought the house next door and fixed it up. Something about being raised in this neighborhood when he was a boy and wanted to return to help out, but the beggars and strangers constantly knocking on his door made him into a recluse. When she had seen him, he was always in his backyard gardening.

Usually she watched him from her bedroom window in the back of the house. Always feeling like Rapunzel in her tower, she would spend hours just watching him documenting in her journal on Mr. Bradshaw and his curious tendencies to spend hours gardening.

He was tall; Six and a half feet and brawny.

I promise never to be attracted to a handsome man.

This was her proclamation since her father’s suicide. She never wanted to go through the torture her mother had suffered.

Yet, she couldn’t stop looking at Mr. Bradshaw. Albeit, older … (at least twenty years her elder), he was still a very handsome black man that she couldn’t stop looking at, desperately wanted to get a closer look at or find out some more information about.

So when the opportunity to climb in his home through an open window from her backyard presented itself, she took the initiative and made it happen.

Her skinny strong legs hoisted her up and inside. To her surprise, she didn’t knock anything down in her blindness, but she did end up bumping hard on her butt to the floor. The curtains were dark and only let a little light in, but she was able to move around the large pieces of furniture.

Her heart was racing, but curiosity was forcing her to keep going despite the fear racing through her veins.

The place was immaculate! Something out of a high end store catalogue almost untouched by humans.

Picking up a pillow on the couch, she pressed her nose to smell the essence of man. Her senses were aroused completely and she looked toward the stairs bathed in complete darkness, but her soul was drawn to venture up there.

Just as she put her foot on the stairs, she thought she saw in her peripheral vision a shadow coming from the way she came, but when she looked back down the hallway no one was there.

Had her brother followed her?

“Vick?” she called out softly.

The essence of fresh fallen rain surrounded her and she was positive the scent was coming from upstairs and she wanted to see where the strong scent was coming from.

Gripping the banister, she stepped upstairs into the darkness holding her hands out. Her heart rate seemed to go faster, but she was also drawn up the steps.

Just as she reached the top of the stairs, she was grabbed from behind and pressed against the wall. “Breaking and entering is a serious offense, little girl,” a hard voice hissed in her ear as a large body pressed against the back of her holding her in place.

She wanted to scream, but was caught off guard to immediately react. The smell of Petrichor surrounded her and intrigued, she wanted to know how did he smell like sweet rain so strongly and was this natural?

“No!” she protested at the same time feeling one large hand on her thigh and the other raising her left arm up to make sure she couldn’t move. Yet, she didn’t want to move away. Every fiber in her being wanted this… wanted him.

Even though she couldn’t see, she could sense whoever this was towered above her.

He snorted in disbelief to her answer. “No, you’re not trespassing or no you don’t want me to touch you, little girl?”

Electricity vibrated through her veins and her legs felt weak. A fog of lust seemed to leave her tongue tied.

When she didn’t answer his question, he flipped her around and locked her arms behind her still using his weight to hold her against the wall.

Scream! Her thoughts ordered, but her body refused. One of his hands had now moved under her dress, while the other moved around her neck to force her to look up into where his face was.

“Can’t talk?” he asked.

His breath caressed like a physical touch to her face and she wanted more … more of him touching her.

He seemed to read her mind and his large hands touched her moins as if he held the cup of life. “You’re warm… and wet,” he hissed leaning close to her where she knew his mouth was only centimeters away. His firm grip to the back of her neck forced her to look up to him.

She was scared. Not of him, but what she wanted to do to him. “Please,” she begged breathlessly.

“For what?”

Despite her inexperience, she was infected by his amative proximity. Barely mustering the breath to speak, she barely whispered, “Kiss me.”

He moved slightly away and she had a feeling he was stunned by her wantonness. Though she was innocent, he seemed to bring out a passion deep in her soul she only heard about from her romance books.  Who was this man? Boy? Child? Who?

Those questions were as important as her request. His knee was still wedged between her leg yet with his body no longer holding her against the wall, she reached up and kissed him feeling lustful desideratum all over and needing the urge to touch him. He didn’t move away and when her arms circled his neck as she stood on her toes to accomplish this feat, he still didn’t pull away from her despite the fact she knew he was stronger and could easily push her away.

Soon his hands moved around her waist to slowly draw her body closer, aiding her in her kiss by leaning down and pressing his lips more on hers.

Feeling his acquiesced and succumb to her passion, she could almost feel a vibration in his body, which reverberated into hers.  This was more than what she had imagined her first kiss to be.

“Key!” her brother’s voice boomed sounding far away calling out the nickname she preferred only her father call her.

She knew she had to go or her brother would come and ruin everything.

Pushing against his shoulders and he easily stepped away releasing her brother completely.

“I have to go,” she said in disappointment backing away and finding the banister to the steps to guide her down the steps.

She wanted to say more, but was unable to lie about a promise to return. Whoever this mysterious man was, she hoped in her wildest dreams she would see him again.

“Elena!” her brother called out her other name.

Rushing down the stairs, she rushed through the rooms to the window she had crawled out of.

Just as she was about to crawl out, she felt someone grab her arm. Turning around, she was startled by the grayest eyes on a black man she had ever seen. “I have to go before he-”

Her lips were captured in a heart pounding kiss, but this was different. This kiss was more aggressive and far from the innocence she had tasted at the top of the stairs. Suddenly, she was released and he moved back into the shadows.

As much as she wanted to see him again and surmise how he looked, she couldn’t. Diving out of the window, once again falling on her posterior, she crawled out of the bushes, around the debris in her backyard and ran towards the house.

She ran right into Vick’s arms. Her brother grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her.

“Where the hell were you?!” he demanded to know.

“I was… I was over there!” She pointed away from Mr. Bradshaw’s house to a large pile of debris that were riffed with rats.

“Liar!” he sneered.

She pushed him away hard. “Get your hands off me, Vick or I’ll tell Momma.”

There was fear in his eyes from her threat, but he still grabbed her arm and dragged her towards the house. “You shut your stupid mouth, Key.”

“Don’t call me that,” she hissed. “I told you only Daddy called me that. And I don’t see what the problem with me hiding in the backyard.”

He stopped his long strides to dragged her in the house and forced her to look at him. “I didn’t think you were in the backyard. I thought you left. Ran away.”

“It wouldn’t matter,” she snarled. “It’s not like she cares whether we’re here or there.”

“You stupid cunt. It matters.” He shoved her through the back door into the kitchen. “Now go get her stupid tea and shut her the hell up. She’s been calling for you. And don’t you ever think about leaving her – Ever.”

He slammed the kitchen door and walked away.

She hoped he didn’t see the open window like she did and wondered if that happened would he crawl inside? What would await him?

Would she ever have another opportunity to go in there?

“Elena! Bring me my tea!” her mother crackled from the upper room of the house.

The clutter inside of the house muffled her voice, but her mother could be quite loud when the need arose.

Taking a deep breath knowing her chances would be slim, she pushed her sexual adventure away in her memories so the overwhelming depression she always felt wouldn’t take away the little happiness she almost never experienced.

And then she woke…


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