Announcing NEW eRELEASE: Love101-Mistaken Identity Part Deux: Learning to Love #ebook #pdf #mobi #epub


July 18, 2012 by @SylviaHubbard1

And this makes 30 books!

Wow! And Wow!

Kindle Edition (Amazon mobi) | Smashwords Edition (epub, pdf & other) versions)

How did this happen? I really don’t know. When a story hits me, It really hits me and lays me out. Unfortunately, I’m unable to literally do anything else until I finish.

So I got back in Cheyenne and Evan’s head and pumped this baby out in less than a couple of weeks.

I will warn you…. DON’T BE MAD AT ME.

Author’s note: You don’t have to read the prequels to these novels in order to enjoy Love 101: Mistaken Identity.

I have set the stage for you to understand things and the original Love 101 appears in this novel.

But there’s more. The continuing story of The Lotts (from Mistaken Identity 1) is also in this book as well.

I hope to make this book available on all venues, except Amazon, but the book will be available as a Kindle download as well. Enjoy!

As always enjoy!!

Kindle Edition (Amazon mobi) | Smashwords Edition (epub, pdf & other)

Love 101: Mistaken Identity Part Deux

Cover for 'Love 101: Mistaken Identity Part Deux'

By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: July 17, 2012
Words: 47416 (approximate)
Language: American English

Short description

Learning To Love… again… After teacher is mistaken as a student and decides to push the envelope with a stranger her whole world is turned upside down. Sequel to Love 101 and the continuing saga of Mistaken Identity series.

Kindle Edition (Amazon mobi) | Smashwords Edition (epub, pdf & other)

Extended description

Prudish school teacher, Cheyenne, loses a bet with her students and is forced to wear her student’s uniform.

On the same day, she meets the devilishly gorgeous Evan Crane who is desperately lost and needs “assistance” getting home. Fighting his attraction to who is think is just a high school student, Evan finds he needs her help.

Deciding to take advantage of his weakness and her own mounting attraction to him, Cheyenne kisses Evan.

That’s when her plan to just tease the stranger becomes a chance for her to live out her own reckless fantasy.

Yet, when the tables are turned and she reaps what she has sown, Cheyenne has to make a choice to forgive Evan and overcome her own fears or miss out on the most perfect love any woman could ever have.

Kindle Edition (Amazon mobi) | Smashwords Edition (epub, pdf & other)

Available ebook reading formats

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Kindle Edition (Amazon mobi) | Smashwords Edition (epub, pdf & other)

If you’ve read the following books, leave a review below or the place of purchase. Thanks

Cover for 'Love 101'Cover for 'Mistaken Identity'Cover for 'Drawing The Line'
In some way they all connect Love 101 and Mistaken Identity and I know you’ll enjoy them together or standalone books. Thank you all so much for supporting my literary endeavors and please share this post, but don’t forget to join me in August when I do a live story for Mistaken Identity 3.

and now help me light the candle and celebrate the big 3-Oh!

21 thoughts on “Announcing NEW eRELEASE: Love101-Mistaken Identity Part Deux: Learning to Love #ebook #pdf #mobi #epub

  1. Adra Young says:

    Congratulations Sylvia.

  2. Cassondra Wynn says:

    Awwwww Sookie Sookie, you know I cannot wait to read this, Cheyenne and Evan, umph, umph, umph. They were hot and I loved the way you had Cheyenne role play!!!!! I have been waiting patiently for your next book and look forward to reading those that are published in the future.

    I will definitely be here in August to follow your WIP – Mistaken Identity 3. (Helping you blow out the big 30 candle).

  3. Yvonne Thompson says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s to helping u blow out the candle !!!!!! I’ll be celebrating mine next month

    • Thanks so much guys for your support. Please let other readers know about my new release and my upcoming WIP! Nervous and excited. Would love the support! If you’d like to host me on your site (review, interview or do a giveaway) please let me know!

  4. Congrats Miss Sylvia, I was so ready for one of your book. Even if it’s not a Heart’s family book, but I love the Lott’s too lol. Again congrats and will hit you back when I’m done. Happy Reading to me lol!

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  6. That Miss Sylvia, that would be great.

  7. […] Announcing NEW eRELEASE: Love101-Mistaken Identity Part Deux: Learning to Love #ebook #pdf #mobi #ep… ( […]

  8. […] Announcing NEW eRELEASE: Love101-Mistaken Identity Part Deux: Learning to Love #ebook #pdf #mobi #ep… ( […]

  9. […] you know my newest book, Love 101 Mistaken Identity Part Deux was released recently. As my 30th book, I wipe my brow in exhaustion and elation at the same […]

  10. Andrea says:

    I just read Love 101 Mistaken Identity Part II. I loved the book but I was sad at the end. I will not say exactly why because I know some people have not read it. What’s next for the twins?

  11. Andrea says:

    I will be waiting.

  12. niya tutwiler says:

    Why dana and will there b more to the jerome n tyrone story love ure books

  13. Quay says:

    What out new now?

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