Writing Wednesday: Marry Me by Sylvia Hubbard [REPOST] an extremely short short #amwriting #syllit #readers

This is repost from The Literary Reading World of Sylvia Hubbard (http://sylviahubbard.blogspot.com).

Just to keep the flow going on this site and to bring a lot of my writing world to one point, (this website), I found this little story from looking at my stats and saw a couple of click-throughs from the other site to this.  (It was like 97 in the past 30 days which is pretty interesting considering the story’s length.)

Without further hold up, I invite you to enjoy:

Marry Me

“Marry me,” the tall dark stranger said.

Looking over her shoulder as if she had just spotted him, Lucy took in the gorgeousness of him and tried to hide the excitement of having a man this good-looking talk to her. She also tried to pretend she didn’t notice the expensive tailored suit, silk shirt, Rolex hanging off his wrist, the chunk of gold on his fingers and the biggest damn diamond in his ear. “I’m sorry what did you say?”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice you’ve been watching me,” he said over-confidently.

Lucy wasn’t about to admit to it, but she couldn’t help retorting, “Even if I was, you think a marriage of proposal is appropriate. That’s not something that should be taking lightly. You just met me, sir.”

He stepped up to her with an intriguing smile on his lips, making him look even more handsome. “I don’t play games and I don’t write a check with my mouth that my lips won’t cash,” he said in a deadly serious tone. “I truly want to marry you.”

Marry Me (c) September 13, 2005

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