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smashwordsJust saw on Smashwords, my books were approved for premium distribution.

What does this mean for you?

I’m excited to say that the following books will be coming to premium distribution very soon!!

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RED HEART: A Heart of Detroit Series

It’s only available in Pdf version at lulu right now, but I just received the revisions from my mini editor and I’m going to be publishing that soon on more mobile devices as well. I want the Heart of Detroit series available in one place and smashwords is the place to be!

RED HEART: A Heart of Detroit Series

RED HEART: A Heart of Detroit Series

Download: $2.50

After a long period away, Jode returns to her hometown Detroit just to attend her best friend’s funeral.

Yet, when she finds out that the death was no suicide, she goes in search of the truth.

As secrets are revealed and the past she ran away from began to haunt her again, Jode believes that her best friend’s murderer may be her first love, Red Heart.