The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 1

Live story in progress and off a cell phone no less. I use a Nokia T-mobile flip and to make this possible I am asking for donations to pay my phone bill if you would like. LOL.

You are privy to how my brains actually conjures up a story. This is a live process and I hope you enjoy it as I go along. Make comments along the way and later on I’ll fill in the blanks.

I should let you know that sometimes instead of actual punctuation you’ll see . . . (elispes, right?)

Okay, here goes …


Car breaks down in middle of Detroit. Mean husband makes wife get out with him in middle me snow storm and walk with him. She passes out from exhaustion.  Cell phone not working, He knocks on door of nearest house and gets big stranger to carry her inside. No phone there, powers out in area. Luckily stranger has fireplace going and his car is going to return in morning. He wraps her up and treats her nice. The nicest any1 has ever treated her. They connect blindly in front me her husband. Stranger offers blankets for couch. When stranger leaves them alone husband makes her sleep on the floor with a thin sheet.  Through the night suddenly in her dreams she feels warmth. Opening her eyes she sees stranger disappearing into the backrooms again. Their eyes meet and she thanks him with a nod. Later on as she sleeps she starts to have this incredible dream bout the stranger. He eats her out ravishes her mouth and then takes her body. Mindless in pleasure she doesn’t deny him culminating powerful

Powerfully enjoying every second of his love making.  Abruptly she is kicked awake to the early morning sunlight of her husband. Groggily she wakes to her him fussing bout how she kept him awake all night with all that groaning and crying. The dream felt very real but she knew it couldn’t. Asking where the stranger was her husband snaps at her to mind her own business but he’s busy looking out the window as well. She looks out window and watches in awe as the stranger heaves large piles of snow out of the way. She’s turned on by the power he possesses. Her husband makes a cynical wise crack bout the stranger being superman’s bastard.  You ungrateful ass, she sneers. You have no right to talk bout him like that. Never in her life had she ever voiced herself like that to her husband and he looked shocked as well but quickly got over it and slapped her across the room with the back of his hand. She tried to scramble up but he kicked her in her stomach. Crouching down and rolling herself into a ball, She waited for his next painful blow. When it didn’t come she warily took a chance to see what was coming just as some snow fell on her shoulder. Looking up at not only her husband she was also looking at the stranger who had come in and was now holding her husbands raised fist in a steel grip. Let me go, motherfucker, her husband ordered. The stranger let him in but at the same time shoved her husband enough to fly over the dining room table. Don’t she cried when the stranger started to go around the table to handle her husband some more. He stopped abruptly to her command. The stranger turned to her and she bravely stood up.  He’s my husband. I can’t let you hurt him. . . You can’t stop me. . . Walking  to him she touched his chest tenderly. Physically I couldn’t stop you. But I can ask. Please. . . He doesn’t deserve you. . . She doesn’t answer but walks past him to kneel at her husbands feet. . . Instead of arguing with her anymore bout it the stranger storms out the house again.

At the same time a horn honks. She runs over to the window to see him jump into a very nice looking black Denali and drive off. Looking over at her husband still lying on the floor she leaves him there and goes into the bathroom to clean up. That’s when she noticed the electricity was back on along with the gas. There she notices dampness between her legs and the thinks bout his statement of what bout last night. . . Could last night’s dream been real? No! He wouldn’t have dared. Looking at herself in the mirror she gasped as she notice the love bite on her neck. Something she hadn’t gotten since high school. . . Cursing under her breath she foolishly used the hottest water and a lot of soap to try to wash it off. When that didn’t work she jumped in the shower and tried to scrub her skin off.  Her husband knocks hard on the door for her to get her ass out there. She hurriedly obeys and comes out the bathroom to see her husband has a cut on his hand. . . .I’m gonna press charges against that son of a bitch, he threatened. . .

After getting the first aid kit out of the bathroom, She patches up his hand keeping her thoughts to herself. They hear a vehicle pull up and its the large nice looking SUV again but a very beautiful woman gets out and comes to the door. She has a key and enters the home introducing herself as Mr. black’s assistant.  . . Who is that? Her husband asked. She explains in a very belittling voice, the gentleman who you so rudely don’t know is the one that saved yr life from the bitter cold last night.

Could you let Mr. Black know- the woman cut her off. . . . I know. You’re grateful. You’ve already stated that. . . Never being good at over talking with anyone or even with words she let it go. Plus this woman seemed overly protective of this Mr. black. . .it would be inappropriate to want to see him again anyways and her husband was fussing too much in embarrassment to try to negotiate with the woman anything else. Looking around as if she was making purse she got everything she was really taking her last look at the place and then left. . . By the time they were back in the car her feet were freezing again and the heat blew too low to hurry and warm her up. Using her fingers, she massaged warmth back in her feet before they got home. They lived in a four family flat on the Westside of Detroit. With her husbands meager money he made cleaning offices in the middle of the night and her little bit she made as a clerk at an auto shop this was all they were able to afford. . .

Of course every woman wishes for something more but she made a vow to marry and stay with this man through richer or poor. It didn’t matter that they had married because of the baby which died shortly after being born. Ten years she’d endured an evil man that hated her and worst of all hated himself for hating her. . . Go on inside he ordered when they got home. Bring me my car charger for the phone.  I’m going to check on something. Have something to eat before I get back. . . Obediently she did what she was told to do despite the fact that she needed to get changed for work. . . And knowing that much it didn’t seem as if he was offering her a ride. To work either.  . . He took off soon as she brought the charge cord out to him just as she was trying to ask him for a ride. Quickly she made a large pot of spaghetti while changing her clothes. Soon as it was done she ran off to catch the bus in the freezing cold. She was 30minutes late getting to work and of course her boss wasn’t too

Happy bout that. After a 15minute verbal ream out bout being on time she was finally able to get to work. Today was payday and that seen to only give her a little thrill except when she opened it half of her money was missing because she had taken an advance on her check to get her husbands car fixed. Her boss had even charged her for the tow. The only reason she had gotten a discount was because she had known something bout fixing cars and was able to use her break to work on the car. That had but down on the labor but her boss still deducted 400, which left her with two fifty. She needed to say her husband’s cell phone bill and also thee home phone bill which would leave her with 25. She wouldn’t be able to get any extra groceries because she needed the rest for transportation for work. . . She was about to throw the envelope in the garbage her check had come in when she noticed the yellow slip inside. Removing it her heart dropped. It was an immediate end of the week termination slip.

Going to her boss who was out on the floor guiding a truck on the platform she tapped him on the shoulder. He only glanced her way. She shook the yellow piece of paper at him and he put up a finger to indicate for her to wait. When he’d finished with what he was doing he turned his full attention to her. . . What is this? She demanded to know. . . Times are hard. You know this. I can no longer afford staff Jen. You know this. You see the record books. . . But I do a good job, she insisted. . . Yes you do. But my wife can do just as good with little to no pay. Plus with yr husband coming up here, you being late all the time because of him and all the harassing calls you are more drama than my little busy can take. Please Jen. Don’t make this any harder than what it is. . . So angry by her own situation she ripped the wallow slip into pieces threw it at him and left. Tears filled her eyes freezing on her cheek in the bitterly cold weather. She caught the bus to the downtown central terminal.

The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 1 (c) 2009 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved

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23 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 1

  1. Okay, that brotha was bold to have sex with her right there under her husband’s nose. Did she really think it was all a dream? Wasn’t she sore at all? lol.

    So many questions…(I like using ellipses too. LOL!) 😀

  2. When you’re used to having it rough the tenderest touch is often not even felt.

    Of course she thinks it was a dream.

    That’s pretty ballsy for him.

    Why are my men so damn complicated.

  3. All of your characters are complicated, Sylvia. But that’s just how you roll. It definitely makes for interesting reading. 🙂

  4. Interesting I like the not know yet I just started, I am only on part one but so far nice story. One issue I hate meek/tmid women but I will roll with you and see where it leads. I am enjoying it so far.

  5. I like the beginning of the story so far. Did he really have sex with her?

  6. Hey Sylvia,

    I’ve been busy just started story. I’ll say thank you upfront because I know this is going to be a knock out. I’m loving it already!!!

  7. for the new readers who are just joining us, if you would like to keep going, please send an email request to sylviahubbard1 at for the password to the rest of the Mysterious Mr. Black

  8. Hi Sylvia,
    It’s me again. Requested the past word for “The Mysterious Mr. Black”, the the password has not allowed me access to the story. Would you email it to me again and any instructions need. I am so looking forward to this story.
    While I was waiting I got a chance to read “Love Like This” awesome story, never anticipated the twist at the end. Read this made me want to read more of your stories.

  9. Mr. Black was very gutsy in all his moves for someone he had just met in that same moment. As for the woman and her husband, I have known too many women who choose to stay with the man because they think they are deeply in love and can change him or that he’s all she has or she’s all he has and the sad thing is I lost a friend in death because she wasn’t strong enough to walk away but at the end was strong enough to save her son ( from another relationship). I can tell that maybe your character will be strong enough to walk away. Thank you for sharing this great story. I’m loving what I have read so far.

  10. Hi Sylvia,

    Just want to let you know I love your writing. I read Tanner’s Devil three times. I loved every book I read of yours. I would like to start reading The Mysterious Mr. Black. Could you please e-mail me the password for this story.

    Thank you

  11. Sylvia, I am completely intrigued by your premise and can’t wait to continue. I always throughly enjoy your work.

  12. All I can say is wow. The man has audacity to sex another man’s wife right under the husband’s nose. Also, I feel bad for the wife. Liking the story so far.

  13. Love the story already. Looking forward to reading more of The Mysterious Mr. Black. Its been a while since I any of your stories. Still waiting to read the complete novel of Emperor’s Addiction. Take care

  14. “Of course every woman wishes for something more but she made a vow to marry and stay with this man through richer or poor.”

    I think this is a statement that many women can relate to.

    I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

    Good Job Sylvia

  15. Hi Sylvia,

    I am sending you this email to request the password for your story “The Mysterious Mr. Black”.

    I thank you in advance for the password. I look forward to reading the rest of the story. I’ve read reviews that it is very good.

    Thank you.
    Claudia M. Brown

  16. Oh Jeez. I really hate the fact that she has a husband who is so controlling. Makes you want to take a sack of nickels to him while he sleeps and just wear his butt out!!!! LOL

  17. I just wish that I was his wife. I would beat him with a sack of nickels for making me do what she did. Then to get fired! Not so great.

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