A little bit of sin Chapter 18.2

good morning,

update on my da da: (yes, I still call him that.) fri was the first time he’s gotten out of bed and walked (only a few steps). Please keep him in your prayers and asked God for strength in his healing.

(cause y’all know I’ll stop a book for a funeral at least.)

Just kidding.

But i would and i’m sure you’ll understand this, but y’all might have to come to detroit so i can just tell you the ending face to face.

we hope to have him back home but we’re looking for a rehabilitation facility that will take his insurance in the metro detroit area. Pittsburgh can’t understand that ann arbor and troy are way to far. we might as well put him in ohio!

keep praying for him please.

Didn’t get cable, because comcast wanted 150 a month and Uverse is looking at 120. that’s a lot of mullah.

So we’re working on this digital box.

In detroit we get about eight channels. With digital I get about five extra channels and really it’s not bad, except nbc keeps messing up on monday night and i’m going to have to kill someone if they keep messing up my heroes night.

didn’t get much sleep last night, so i’m going to pump out what i can.

I LOVE THE COMMENTS, DISCUSSIONS AND SO FORTH! you guys are sooooo cool!!!



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  1. Well you just gave me another clue Sylvia on the Grace story. Now I know you will pair her up with Mark. It makes perfect sense. They are both fighting over her sister’s death money and they will more then likely meet, bump heads, and bump other things…lol. That was a good one Sylvia unless she stills end up Jason.

  2. wow i didnt even see that. i guess this would be a first someoen actually getting a major clue right

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