A Little Bit of Sin Chapter 18.1

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A little bit of sin Won’t hurt Chapter 18.1 (c) 2009 sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved

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9 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Sin Chapter 18.1

  1. lawd finally she asked a sensible question.would trisha forgive if someone had killed her. so now she better do some real sould searching and stop thinking with her “dick”

  2. Ms Bartlett had a point about paying for your sins and getting a second chance. Synthia still has questions to ask, answers to get before moving on. She might have to go to Colin for that.Bluegardenia

  3. Sylvia you always try to throw little clues so we can catch on to the mystery. When you were talking about Grace you said “working.” There is a clue somewhere in there and I think I know what it is but I am not going to say…lol. You are good girl. Anyway, I am still loving Syn. I think I love her character more everyday. She is the diva to be reckon with…lol

  4. Synthia got some issues but I hope she is trying to help Colin. I believe in Colin. I hope he swirl away from Tisha instead of helping to kill her. I don’t understand why Colin did not tell the police someelse was in the car. Grace in not living in the real world. Virtual world sucks and fantasy life is going to end up with been alone and loney. Sylvia you mention Grace better half is one of characters in the story. Is it Dalton? Sylvia how is your father. I hope he is well. Is he out of the hospital?

  5. Sylvia, after reading through the latest comments from your readers, I realized once again why I love online stories so much. Not only do they give you and your readers a chance to personally connect, they also let you see just how your stories are being received…in real time. Other pros to online stories (from author’s POV):1. You get feedback about who hates what character and why. That’s gotta be helpful when deciding to do spin-off books. 2. You get a glimpse into which storylines are going to be the most popular. Are more people pheening for interracial stories? May/December romances? Knowing the answers to those questions had help with decision-making about new books. (Remember how one of your (tall?) readers pleasantly complained about your heroines always being so short? lol. I loved that honestly. It definitely made me add a few inches and even some extra pounds to my own heroines to better represent real people.)3. Finally, you get to see how your readers interact with one another. This gives you clues as to which of your other books they might like and just haven’t read yet.I was thinking about emailing you this, but decided to post it here in case other authors who follow your blog might need that extra push to start online stories of their own.Keep doing you, Sylvia.Suprina

  6. @sup: that was awesome. so awesome I also posted on my wordpress blog as well under the live story with a link for you too! thank you !!!

  7. Kool, Sylvia. Sorry about any typos. I was typing fast that day.SuprinaP.S. You’re welcome and thank you, too!

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