A little bit of sin Chapter 17.2

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12 thoughts on “A little bit of sin Chapter 17.2

  1. Sylvia, you got your work cut out for you trying to get us (or maybe just me. lol) to like Syn. It’s just really hard for me to feel sorry for her when she’s not only beautiful, rich, and a bit on the conceited side. Yes, she didn’t deserve to be betrayed by Kat and George, but look how she’s betraying Colin. I mean, to buy/snatch that garage behind his back is just cruel. Grrr…At this point, I personally don’t care if she EVER gets Colin. I’d rather see him with Grace…or even that little old lady. lol. So, yes, you got your work cut out for you with this reader. Convince me that ‘a little bit of Syn’ really won’t hurt Colin or anyone else. Like the brilliant author that you are, I know you’ll come up with some way for me to like Synthia before the ‘The End’. I have faith in you.

  2. Sylvia I’m thinking that Colin didn’t kill Trisha but took the fall for someone else. I’m not liking Syn right now. Syn needs to get a grip not everything is about her.

  3. Suprina I am not sure what she is doing is betraying him at all. I think she is giving him the a better deal that what he was originally being offered. He could now afford the garage without any one help.It is a bit deceitful how she is doing it but it is still doing a GOOD dead for Colin.She is conceited and should be taught a lesson on not getting everything you want.Colin should reject her one more time for GOOD measure. LOL

  4. Paula, okay I can agree that she might not be ‘betraying’ him in the normal sense of the word, but she is definitely emasculating him. Syn doesn’t seem to understand that most men like to feel as if they can do things on their own, especially financial things. Instead of being grateful for her ‘good deed’, I suspect Colin is going to be PO’d about it. He’s also probably going to feel as if she’s being a buttinsky and thus further resist/reject her. And it’ll be what she deserves IMO. lol. But you got to excuse me, girl, I’m flaming hot mad with Syn right about now. lol.Can’t wait to see how Sylvia is gonna work it all out.

  5. Synthia is a trip. What does she has in mind make him her love slave. Synthia buys the build and Colin indebt to her. This woman is a trip. So you are hooking up Grace and Bernard. That is good pairing. I just don’t see Jason and Grace together.

  6. Well I’m on the outs here and I happen to love Syn. It’s about time a woman in Sylvia’s story is conniving. We always get the men who are pricks. I think of it as girl power…lol. I love the fact that she is being sneaky behind Colin’s back. Hey a girl gotta do what a girl have to do if she wants her man. So she is doing any means necessary! Keep up the good work Sylvia. I love Syn. She is the diva is this story.Colin has so many black people behind him. Is that not enough of a clue for Syn to see that he really don’t hate black people. Where is her common sense.

  7. i agree she thinks shes thebomb.com. shes doing everything on a whim. that doesnt play up to what you think a “succesful” business person would be like. currenly reading to know about colin could care less for syn

  8. LOL! Tori, you are wild! LOL!Syn is definitely acting like a diva of the worst kind with that last move. She kinda reminds me of Sylvia’s other heroine (Sheryl Banks) from Diary of a… That girl was off the chain! I didn’t like Sheryl at first either, but she grew on me before the story was over. By the ‘The End’ I actually wanted her to be happy. Maybe that’ll happen for me with Synthia.*shrugging* Who knows.Anyway, I look forward to seeing how everything is gonna pan out in this tale.

  9. someone nid s to tell Syn tht her idea of helping Colin is going to boomerang!! for real…….A man like him don't want to feel like a lady's gt to bail him out.esp financially

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