Author’s Note – on a little bit of sin won’t hurt

When the brain catches up to the fingers.

Visualize with me…

At the beginning of a live story, I have a path I follow. A big wide path where I can go anywhere I want and I start the story with a scene in mind that I want to happen. That’s on the path.

The first scene in this story i visualized was the love scene (actually the second one).

And then I visualized the scene where he was mean to her at his place and Jason’s reaction.

Well, that’s all I really visualize from there.

Now I do know I have one more scene that i’ve visualized, but I don’t even know where that will be.

I want to let you know how excited your comments make me.

To know you hate Synthia so much makes me more excited to really tick you off.

Synthia’s more ruthless than she chose to show you and you aren’t going to like her at all once I bring Noel and her mother into play, so I thought I’d warn you.


Will Colin make the worst mistake of his life or will a blessing shine his way?

I don’t know.

I think I agree with you that he does deserve one.

But will I do it?

Don’t really know.

I don’t like Mark

And no it’s not Dalton. That would be too cruel.

One thought on “Author’s Note – on a little bit of sin won’t hurt

  1. I am glad your father is getting better. What type of religion was Colin involved? I know it is racist cult was it base on Hilter’s beliefs. What is Mark doing and with whom? I know Synthia is bitch but damn how bad are you going to make her. It remember me of character in movie ROGER RIBBIT. Jessica Ribbit, ” I not bad I was drawn that way!” (hehe) Sylvia you do you and make Synthia as bad as you want….

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