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Excerpt for yr viewing pleasure
Excerpt for yr viewing pleasure

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.


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Naomi was never clumsy, except when it came to watching Prince Heart around the office. Usually she was walking around the office with her head up in the air and her eyes forward, but when he came around, she was cutting her eyes trying to watch him in her peripheral vision. The results usually ended with her bumping into a file cabinet, wall, and even the vending machine.

Donna, her best friend, was very outspoken about Prince Heart and the attraction that he held for the office females. So it was not usual that they spent most of their time, at the office, speaking of the newest “eye candy.” “He’s damn fine, and I wouldn’t mind spanking that monkey.”

Naomi’s cheeks bloomed at Donna’s bluntness. “Don’t talk so loud,” she whispered, knowing Prince was in the office right by her desk with their boss.

“Why?” Donna asked insulted. “Would that be so bad if he found out that I was attracted to him? The whole office wants that man, but he won’t give anyone around here the time of day. And he barely speaks to you. That’s only because you’re the office manager and he has to send his reports through you to get the boss.”

Shifting in her seat uncomfortably, she rolled her eyes heavenwards wishing Donna would either lower her voice or change the subject. Just then, the office door opened and Prince came out and went between their desks to go to the copier machine. As usual, all females’ eyes were on him and as usual, he didn’t pay attention to any of them.

Donna did the latter and changed the subject from what they had been speaking about at lunchtime. “Matthew? That sounds cute and normal,” Donna said excitedly. “And you met him over the Internet? Why haven’t you said anything about him before now?”

Naomi shrugged bashfully with a modest grin. “I didn’t want to get too involved. I mean it’s the Internet and you know there are so many weirdos going around. I had to give it a chance to weed out if he was one of them.”

“And is he?”

Shaking her head, Naomi said, “No, I don’t think so, but I think after a year in a half, you can’t really hide a lot of things right?”

“You never know, Naomi. You’ve never met him right?” Donna asked warily.

“We’ve talked on the phone, but no, we’ve never met. He lives in Toronto and travels a lot across the ocean on business.”

Donna peeked on the side of Naomi’s face. It was obvious as to what Donna wanted to say. Naomi had lived with it for ten years and she knew when someone wanted to speak with her about it very easily.

Answering the question in Donna’s eyes, Naomi said, “Yes, I told him all about it and he says I’m very beautiful on the inside.”

The wary look didn’t leave Donna’s face, but she did drop the subject. “I still can’t believe you’re going through with this. Are you sure you want to do this? You don’t know him that well.”

“Well it’s time to do something different. Matt’s comes along when I need something very different.” She leaned in close because Prince Heart was just coming from the copier room near her desk. She didn’t want him to hear anything she said. “I’m so nervous and excited at the same time.”

“About what?” Prince inquired stopping in front of Naomi’s desk blocking her view of Donna with his lean muscular frame of six foot five.

Naomi fought to hide her blush, because she didn’t want the boss’s cousin to know she was talking about spending an intimate weekend getting to know one another at her father’s cabin with a man she had met over the Internet. Also, even a little attention from Prince was too much for her to bear. This man was gorgeous with a capital G.

Prince Heart had just joined the firm as an Informational Retrieval Specialist. He was the owner’s cousin, yet Prince didn’t fit the mold of being carried because he was blood. He worked hard – late nights, on call all the time, early into the office, almost perfect reports and so on – which was why he had never married because he didn’t want things to come between his job and his personal life.

Being fine as hell though made him the office’s newest “eye candy.” Ever since he stepped foot in the office six months ago, Naomi couldn’t help staring at the light skinned, tall leaned frame, with the most extraordinary cornflower eyes and thick lips. It wouldn’t seem so weird if Prince wasn’t a black man, but with mixed parents he had more of his mother’s skin and eyes, while he carried his father’s build and hair texture. Even his shoulder length dreads were highlighted with blonde pigment.

“Naomi,” Prince said in a melodious masculine voice giving her a curious smile. “What were you excited and nervous about?”

Naomi slanted her eyes in annoyance because she had a feeling that this man had been half-spying on the end of their conversation from the copier room. She usually showed annoyance to him whenever he was speaking to her on a personal level to hide her attraction for him, plus she had fun berating him and causing him a little frustration throughout the day by pretending dislike for him.

“Mr. Heart, that’s your problem, you’re too nosey,” she said as if she were so sick and tired of him

“I was only being curious,” he refuted. “Which has nothing to do with nosiness.”

“Curiosity killed the cat,” she snipped.

He leaned forward over her desk, forcing her to sit back as if his proximity was disgusting to her – but in fact it was the exact opposite of disgust. “Satisfaction brought it back,” he said in a low sensual tone.

“It’s getting’ hot in hur’” Donna started singing Ludicrous.

Naomi coolly got up from her desk, faking abhorrence with a very unladylike snort, when in truth her juices were running like the River Nile and if he kept this up she’d have to change her panties before she got home. “Since you’re finish hogging the copier, I can get my work done.” She had to snatch her folder from underneath his hand, because he was still leaning over the desk piercing her with those azure eyes of his.

Prince chuckled, and if she didn’t know any better she could have sworn she saw a little disappointment in those beautiful eyes. She told herself immediately that was her imagination playing tricks on her.

Later on that day, she decided to take the files in the back and complete the end of year filing, before she left for the day.

She hoped Donna wouldn’t open her big mouth, but even if she did, Prince Heart had no real interest in Naomi. He could have any girl in this office and Naomi was positive Prince had no interest in her.

Still…her thoughts drifted. Naomi fantasized a lot about him – morning, noon, and night. She used to fantasize he was making love to her, thrusting that sinewy body over hers, panting in her ear, licking her body up and down, worshipping her lips with sweet kisses.

‘Stop it!’ she told herself forcing her mind to concentrate on the filing at hand.

Neither Prince Heart nor any other man of his caliber would be interested in Naomi. Scarred for life, she might as well wear a red letter “S” on her chest, but the permanent scar slash on her cheek that led around her neck was sufficient enough.

A mark from her wild days of growing up in the street, using men then tossing them aside like a piece of toilet tissue, messing with men who had crazed wives. One night as she slept in her lover’s arms, his woman came home and caught them in the bed together. It was a good thing that cheap pocketknife wasn’t that sharp because her life would have ended ten years ago at nineteen. Instead, she lived, yet was this kind of life she wanted? Being alone because her looks abhorred people. She saw the stares, even from people she knew before and after the incident.

Matthew accepted it though, even though he had never seen it. Naomi had been as descriptive as possible about it. She liked how she could tell him so easily about it. He made her feel that comfortable. Yet, when he asked for a picture, she had avoided it and explained that she didn’t think a picture would do herself justice. After a while, he had stopped asking and she was glad of that. When he offered to send a picture of himself, she had emailed him immediately and told him that she would rather keep their appearance hidden until they finally met because getting to know him on this level was much deeper and loving.

Most of the plans they had made to meet were canceled because of his job, but he was getting a transfer next month to the states and he wanted to use the Valentine’s Day weekend to not only celebrate his promotional transfer, but spend it romantically with “his special lady.” He called her that all the time.

They’d spoken on the phone a few times in the year that they’d been “Internet Dating,” and he had sent her flowers and cards. She in turn sent him stuff animals or cards too in the mail.

This weekend – Valentine’s Day weekend – at her father’s hunting cabin near Midland, Michigan they would meet and spend together. She had spent last weekend cleaning up the one bedroom lodge and decorating it with candles, specially placed around the bedroom away from the bed so her scars wouldn’t distract Matt as he made love to her.

Their conversations over the phone had grown quite sexually. Matthew could verbalize making love to her very well; and she just hoped he could do a wonderful job physically because she was horny as hell. No man for ten years would make any woman horny as hell.

Which was probably why she was fantasizing so much about Prince Heart, but she wanted to be honest with herself, she couldn’t fault her lack of sex on her increased fantasies. Mr. Heart could make a nun fantasize. He dripped sexual magnetism like a hive over-flowing with honey.

Even now, she could just imagine him coming into the file room, turning her around, and taking over her mouth like it was his last kiss, sucking the breath out of her body and licking the back of her tonsils with his thick tongue.

To her surprise, strong hands suddenly gripped her shoulder, startling her to a gasp as she was turned around and looked straight into those cornflower eyes.

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