Six Must Have Resources For An Author

1.  Dan Poynter, The Self Publishing Manual and John Kremer, 1001 Ways to Market Your Book.

2. – A very prolific site that does a great job in getting the word out and give authors an avenue to reach large media sources without breaking the bank.

3. Comprehensive listing of all of the Radio Stations in the World with Web Pages by genre, location and more.

4. Chase’s Calendar of Events – A resource guide on futhering creative promotion efforts for authors.

5. Organization Resource Directory – These directories can be located in your local library, which has listing of all organizations officially registered in the United States. This cannot be checked out of the library so get ready to copy from it extensively. I would suggest you start in locations closet to you and go from there.

6. Editorial Calendar for Magazines. These are the subjects magazines and media sites are looking for in upcoming journals, newspapers, and magazines. You may check the website or call directly to the businesses offices to request their editorial calendar.


Since I’m not into just giving into 6, here is a bonus.

7. – This is a new expanding social network that can connect you with more readers. They are specific networks under one name geared to catering to needs of users. Online connections can help you spread the word about your works fast. To understand it better, because at first site it can seem overwhelming you can check out my network at: Join and connect with others you feel are writers like you, readers that would be interested in your work and of course, me.


Hope these tips help! Email me with any questions.


Sylvia Hubbard

Author, Blogger, Internet Expert, Book Coaching Consultant and Founder of Motown Writers Network