Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 4.3

When the call came in, he really didn’t know what to expect. Ms. Carver just said he needed to get to the school immediately and that was what he did. He prayed Eartha hadn’t hit someone else.

            He dropped everything and nearly crashed his car, trying to get to the school. Most of the staff had left by the time he arrived and when he walked in the classroom, Eartha was sitting at a desk pouting. Her frown looked almost lie his and he almost smirked to know his daughter favored him so much.

            “Mr. Heart,” Ms Carver said in a cold tone from her desk. “I’m glad you could come.”

            He looked her way and he would swear she was wearing the same damn thing he had first saw her in almost three months ago. He hadn’t heard hide or hair from Reese. Matter of fact, she had promptly sent a sealed envelope with Eartha two days after his massage, returning all the items in the envelope and for the life of him he couldn’t figure what the hell he had done to make her do that. Had she thought he was trying to buy her? Was her morals through her mother so strict, accepting gifts from a man would just kill her?

            He wasn’t just any man though. Obviously, she felt something for him even if it was respect for being Eartha’s father enough for her to accept his invitation to “hang out” in the first place.

            Em just wanted to make her happy. This feeling to please hadn’t been incited inside of him since he laid eyes on Eartha. Now there was this other female he constantly thought about pleasing. Maybe it was a way to get her out of his mind because he was beating the hell out of his penis two and three times day.

            Yet, these fantasies were so different. Since meeting Reese, he couldn’t imagine any other woman. In the past, he used to fantasize through about seventy women in his head before he released. Now only Reese could make his member stand at attention and pulse for hours.

            The more he did the worse he felt through and through because he knew how wrong it was to want to be with a female so young.

            Em figured if he could find out what his true interest in her was, then maybe he would stop thinking about her. If he could find out what made her happy and gave her that, then maybe he wouldn’t feel like her spirit was crying out to him, even though her eyes refused to show him even the slightest bit of interest.

            Maybe if he knew she was even the least attracted to him, he could then ignore her like he ignored all the other women who were showing him attention. For some reason, all the other advances didn’t matter as much any more even though he still received them. Even Eartha’s other little friends gave him attention making sure he addressed each and everyone of them when they came over with Eartha. Giggling behind his back and he always heard them say when they thought he couldn’t hear them, “Your dad is so hot.”

            “What did she do now?” he asked Ms. Carver, scanning the room and hiding his disappointment when he didn’t see Reese.

            “I didn’t do a thing, Daddy,” Eartha cried.

            He gave her one of his “Just wait your turn” looks before meeting Ms. Carver’s squinty dark dull eyes. Reese definitely didn’t get her soft beauty from her mother. Ms. Carver had this kind of slutty beauty. Even if she put on a lot of make up she would still remind him of one of those gaudy pin ups in Hustler’s Magazine.

            Ms. Carver cleared her throat. “She was passing notes in class. Even after I warned her to stop, I saw her passing notes.” She opened her palm and handed him the folded note.

            He opened the note and read it:


Do you like my dad?


            “She was using Reese to pass it to her friends,” Ms. Carver accused.

            He re-read the note and looked at his daughter who was sitting there with her arms crossed over her chest and a deep worried frown on her face. That was her handwriting – she couldn’t deny that. “Did you do this?”

            “Yes,” Eartha said honestly. “But she’s wrong about the note passing, Daddy, I wasn’t…” She stopped and tightened her lip. That clearly meant whatever information she was about to divulge there was something she didn’t want someone to know about.

            “Who were you passing it to?” Em demanded to know. “Who is the person that should have received this?”

            Eartha licked her lip and then bit down on the bottom one that was thick and full like his.

            “Can I have a private word with you, Mr. Heart?” Ms. Carver asked as the adults both realized that Eartha was going to be defiant in this matter and not answer her father.

            He glanced at his daughter who was still sitting there now with anger in her eyes before he followed Ms. Carver out into the hallway, closing the door behind them for privacy.

            “For a while, since the fight, Eartha has found ways to disrupt the classroom. Would you know if she is having difficulties or personal problems somewhere else other than school?”

            Em couldn’t recall Eartha ever coming to him and telling him something bothered her. She wasn’t the kind of person that kept her emotions to herself like Karen. If Eartha felt something was bothering her, she spoke on it with her parents. Karen and Emperor had always kept lines of communication open for their daughter.

            “No, Ms. Carver. Eartha knows she can talk to us about anything and she has done so without fear.”

            “Are you and your wife experiencing any trouble?” Ms. Carver asked. “Trouble that you think your daughter doesn’t know about?”

            Eartha knew about everything there was to her parents and their relationship. That was how Em knew that Karen still wanted to sleep with him. Although Eartha hadn’t asked her dad what was bothering him of late, he had a suspicion she knew something was drawing his attention from his current problem of pain.

            Correcting Ms. Carver, he said, “Ex-wife. And no, Karen and I aren’t experiencing any trouble. We get along just fine.”

            “I’m familiar with uncontrollable children like this and Eartha is proving she is well on her way to becoming a child the two of you can’t get a handle on. My Reese was very defiant for a while until I took an early belief of spare the rod, spoil the child. If you think of anything, Mr. Heart, my door is always open. Even just to talk.” She placed a cold clammy hand on his.

            Em almost jerked away from the cold sweaty touch, but forced himself to not do anything drastic he would regret later. No this woman just didn’t insult his parenting style, while coming on to him? Emperor was the best damn father a girl could ever want and if this old bat was trying to get brownie points with him, she just failed miserably.

            “I don’t think I need the council of a teacher, right now, Ms. Carver. Eartha is a very bright young lady and maybe she’s just not being challenged enough in your class, because none of her other teachers complain.”

            She pulled her hand back from him affronted by his remark. “I’ll have you know, I’m the best English Honors teacher in the city.” Ms. Carver pushed her glasses up on her nose and folded her arms over her chest. “Maybe the problem is with Eartha not being able to handle my class. You know she has had problems with the last two assignments and she barely was able to turn in the two required reports on the Shakespearean plays we read.”

            Was she trying to play him for a bitch? If anything, Eartha didn’t need any help when it came the Shakespeare. The girl had been into the playwright since she was nine when her mother took her to see Othello. Seventeen grand, Emperor had spent on her twelfth birthday to fly his daughter to se a once of a kind Shakespeare festival held only in Europe. Eight fucking hours he was tortured mentally by all things Shakespeare just to see his daughter happy.

            Eartha was right. This bitch was out to get his daughter.

            “What were her grades on those papers?” he challenged, allowing his fury to be seen in his pitch black eyes.

            “I can’t recall at this time,” Ms. Carver flustered. “But I can guarantee they weren’t great pieces of works turned in.” She quickly changed the subject. “Be warned, Mr. Heart. If her attitude in my class doesn’t improve, I will have her expelled for the rest of the semester or from the school, because that’s where she’s heading. I suggest you have a serious talk with your daughter.”

            “And I suggest you have a serious talk with your supervisor because if my daughter fails this class I will make sure you’re corralled in front of the Board of Education.”

            Ms. Carver huffed with indignity. “I know my grading system is correct, Mr. Heart. For her disobedience she will serve five days in detention.”

            He knew Eartha and Karen would have a shit feast on this sentencing. “Aren’t you a bit harsh on note passing?”

            “Harsh is if I said fourteen days for every character used.” Ms. Carver jerked around so hard to go back in the classroom, her bun almost unwound from her hair.

            Emperor followed her back in, rubbing the spot where she had touched him to warm it back up. “Get your things,” he ordered Eartha. “Let’s get out of here.”

            After Eartha left out the classroom, he said, “It’s fifteen characters on that note, Ms. Carver, but how would you know that since you’re an English teacher and not a Math teacher.” He slammed the door after he left, catching up with Eartha with his long angry strides.

            They were on the first floor before he turned her to him suddenly and grabbed her shoulders so she had no choice but to look at him. “Who did you write that note too?”

            She tried to wrench away from his grip, but it was futile. “No one, Daddy,” she lied.

            Em shook her slightly. Never in his life had he ever laid hands on Eartha, but right about now he was so angry at her blatant defiance and the upsetting thought that Ms. Carver might be right. “Eartha, quit lying to protect your friends. Who did you write that note too?” he demanded to know.

            Stepping behind him, Reese said, “Stop it! She wrote it me.”

            He released Eartha immediately and straightened up to turn and look at Reese. His heart was pulsing so damn hard and he thought it would just fly out of his mouth. Again he was lost for words to say to her. Dammit, why the hell did he always feel two feet tall when he was around her even though he towered above her short height like a damn giant?

            Eartha protectively stepped in front of Reese. “Don’t tell him anything, Reese,. I’m not gong to let him intimidate me!” Eartha said bravely.

            “It’s alright,” Reese said, breaking eye contact with Emperor to look reassuringly at Eartha. Even his daughter was a little taller than Reese five foot three height, and she should be a little fearful of Emperor as he glared down at her as if he wanted to choke her, but from what she knew of he he didn’t look like hewould hurt her.

            Reese had come on her mother and Em talking in the hallway and ducked back to the copier room, where her mother had sent her on the first floor for a ridiculous amount of copying and now she knew why. Juanita knew he was on his way and wanted her daughter out the room.

            “It’s not alright,” Em sneered.

            “Daddy, it’s nothing,” Eartha said defensively as if standing in front of Reese could protect her. “We were just joking around.”

            He knew his daughter well enough to know that this was another lie and he had every right to be angry with Eartha for lying to him, but she was doing it for almost the first time in a long time for a very special person. Taking his keys out of his pocket, he handed them to Eartha. “Get in the car and wait for me. Reese and I need to have a private word.” Em wasn’t about to let her out of his sight, damn his morals. He hadn’t seen her in what felt like centuries.

            “But Daddy-“

            He shot his daughter a “do it now” look and she obeyed immediately.

            Immediately Reese stiffened up. “There’s nothing to say,” she said in her own defense. Seeing him again was making those flutters come in her stomach. The ones she constantly told herself didn’t exist knowing what she must do.

            “That’s a lie,” he said. “Do you want to discuss this in this hallway or do you have somewhere private we can talk?”

            She led him back to the copier room glad most of the staff had gone for the day. All she needed was for some nosey staff person to get up to her mother’s room and say, “Oh, I just saw Reese sneak in the copier room with the largest black man this side of the Atlantic Ocean.”

            He was close on her heels and locked the door after they entered it.

            Now she was feeling claustrophobic. His presence filled the small room making it feel as if there were no room almost for her. “That isn’t necessary,” she said, trying to remain calm. “We have nothing to speak about, Mr. Heart.

            “Oh so now we’re back to being formal, Reese? Should I call you Ms. Carver to remind me how much I detest your mother?” he sneered clearly showing his anger, but at the same time yearning to find some way not to be angry at her so he could get closer and touch her. He must seem formidable to her, yet she was keeping her cool and doing that annoying thing of not looking at him directly.

            Reese couldn’t believe he was seriously angry with her, but she wasn’t afraid. Not like she would be if her mother was angry with her. Lying the copies down on the table, she crossed her hands in front of her. “What do you want from me?”

            “I want answers, Reese. I want you to tell me what the hell-” He stopped himself and bit down on his tongue. “Why did you return the items? You even returned the piece of paper with my numbers on it as if you wanted nothing to do with me. And you didn’t answer any calls to that prepay phone number you gave me. Did I hurt your feelings? Did I do something wrong?

            Looking everywhere but at him, she said, “I was overwhelmed and I realized that maybe hiding from my mother was not the answer to my problems. Maybe I need the control she has over me.”

            “That’s a lie, Reese. You and I both know that.”

            She had rehearsed that for weeks and was very upset it hadn’t worked to convince him. “You don’t know the whole story, Mr. Heart, just my side.”

            “I know you don’t deserve to be treated like shit. You’re intelligent and beautiful. Just because she’s your mother doesn’t mean she has rights to your happiness.”

            That statement from him made her finally look up to meet his dark eyes. The blue hue was prevalent as the gray faded toward the middle. She was highly upset by his remark and for a moment he was upset with himself for making her feel that way, but was also glad he had said it, if it was the only thing that could get her to look at him without him forcing her like he wanted to.

            “And you do?” she asked, hating that he hit the nail on the mark.

            “I’m not trying to control you, Reese. I’m just-“

            Suddenly, she burst into tears and this didn’t sit too well with him. “You think I’m beautiful?” she asked through her tears as all of what he said really sunk into her brain.

            Emperor hadn’t really meant for that to come to the surface, but he had meant it. He had wanted to suppress his feelings for her because he knew how wrong it was to want her like he did and until she at least came correct with her own that was close to his.

            Bashfully, he admitted, “You’re nothing like your mother, Reese.”

            Using the back of her hand after she took off her glasses, she wiped her eyes feeling embarrassed by her lack of control. “I’m just going through some things, Mr. Heart. Things a hideaway in your backyard can’t keep me from.”

            He stepped up to her, mesmerized by the tear that stained her cheek. She had missed it in wiping, but what had really drawn him was that she had taken off those ugly glasses.

            Reese didn’t move as his large hand came up to her face and tenderly gathered the tear off her cheek. It was as if she were watching herself outside her body and she couldn’t move a muscle as he moved the same hand around her nape to hold it securely as his mouth dipped down and pressed firmly against hers. She felt a sort of vacuum effect as his lips suffused with hers for a very long moment and she couldn’t breathe the entire time. It felt good. No, it felt wonderful to feel those delicious lips touching hers. Just like she imagined and she wanted to cry again.

            His other arm moved around her waist drawing her body against his, enjoying the lithe youthful body against his large frame. He deepened the kiss in that instant by sliding his tongue into her mouth and wrapping it around hers. She tasted so sweet and he wanted more of her nectar.

            Her hands rested on his shoulders and she mimicked his tongue movements becoming more and more aroused. The tingles in her belly increased to rapid fluttering and the warmness in her loins turned to lava as he overtook her senses with his mouth.

            His hand continued a descent to her thigh and then started back up as they continued to kiss. She felt him push down her thick stockings and move between her legs. Just like in her fantasies he pressed his palm against her groin and his long fingers tenderly caressed her hot sensitive spot. Wantonly, she grinded her hips against his hand feeling the hot throbbing surge through her whole body.


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  1. I see you are keeping the personal title I have for you – “Queen of Mean,” not Queen of Cliffhanger.Why would you stop there? Damn Sylvia.I haven’t had a chance to comment thus far…….but you’re still in your glory………this one is vera….vera interesting; can’t wait to see where you go with this (because I know you don’t even know).Gail F.

  2. I’m still feeling Reese out. At one moment I think she doesn’t have a backbone, another moment I don’t trust what I’m telling you because she has something up her sleeve. If she’s bold enough to go through her mother’s diary but then allowing her mother rule her decision … I can’t put my finger on it, but Reese is different from my other characters of women.

  3. im awake alright! that was hot! hot! plz dont let her crazy mother catch them she will go ballistic! reese does sound a lil sneaky tho. she must be a teacher’s assistant if she’s not a student. and how is it that she got her certificate? hmmm… the plot thickens….

  4. Oh-kay there now. Hot! I could really get into that scene because I know a secret…Reese ain’t no young bucktress after all. If that sista is old enough to get her teaching certificate, she is old enough…for whatever Em has in mind. lol.Anyhoo, great post. SuprinaPS. Can’t stand that crazy mama of hers.

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