Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 4.4

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She felt herself falling and realized it was true because he was laying her on the long raised table reserved for holding copying, which he had lifted her upon without even breaking a sweat. The feel of him, the taste of him, just the proximity of him was so powerful, but her damn conscious was stabbing at her gut with hot guilt jabs.

            With great reluctance, she wrenched her mouth from his and pushed at his shoulders, “No Emperor.”

            Through his cloud of lust, he caught his name off her lips and groaned because he had never heard it sounding so sweetly. It was the first time she had spoken it and damn if it didn’t sound euphonious to his ears. “But you want me, don’t you, Reese?” he whispered really needing to know this as he kissed her ears and neck.

            As pleasant as this was, Reese forced herself to remember she was in the school’s copier room and her mother was just one floor away. Mastering her control out of fear, she said with an icy tone, “Whether I do or don’t, it doesn’t matter.”

            Damn if she didn’t sound like her bitchy mother. Yes, she was definitely going to turn out like that woman if she didn’t get away from her soon.

            Her tone of voice got him like she wanted it to – back in control. The passion disappeared out of his eyes and he looked as if he couldn’t believe what he had done.

            ‘Of course its nothing but abhorrence,’ she concluded. ‘Or an overwhelming sense of pity to try to make her feel better about herself.’ Emperor Heart could not be attracted to her. That would be ludicrous.

            Em released her and moved away, adjusting his clothes and running a frustrated hand through his short cut hair.

            Reese used that moment, while he gathered his thoughts to fix her own clothes and hair.

            “I’m sorry. I really am,” he said remorsefully guilt weighing hard on him. “I don’t know what came over me.”

            That inscrutable look held heavily in her diamond cold eyes and Emperor felt the need to still explain. He knew she was too young for him and she must think he was some kind of pervert. Hell, he felt like some kind of pervert going after a young girl like Reese, but as bad as he felt he wanted to do it all over again. “I’ve never in all my years been uncontrollably attracted to someone like you, Reese. You’re not even my type.”

            She averted her eyes again and he couldn’t tell if that comment had made her upset or not.

            “It’s alright, Mr. Heart,” she said nonchalantly, picking up the copies. He didn’t see how hard she was gripping the bundle, but she could feel the paper cuts already starting. “I should go.” She started to walk past him, but he gently caught her arm to stop her.

            “Please come by the house when you can,” he said quietly with desperation in his voice. “I don’t want to see you become her. You’re much more than that, Reese.”

            ‘But I’m not your type,’ the voice in her head screamed as she refused to look at him. “I’ll think about it,” she forced out coolly.

            Em felt like they were starting back over again and the ball as always was in her court. He had never experienced not being in control of a relationship that he had with any woman, but giving her the power seemed to turn him on even more.

            Soon as he released her arm, she rushed out the room scared to even look back knowing she would drop those papers and run in his arms to feel his body against hers again. Even though she wasn’t his type and she felt like a silly little girl, who couldn’t handle a man like Emperor she still wanted him.

            Em composed himself to walk because he was feeling like he’d stuffed a log down his damn leg. ‘What the hell am I doing molesting a little girl?’ He was probably as sick as Karen thought him to be. The horrible part was that he wanted more – Much more of Reese’s essence and not just on his hands. He wanted to feel her tightness massaging his shaft. He wanted to feel her naked young body rubbing up against his watching the contrast of her white luscious flesh pressed on his. He wanted those lips forever planted on his.

            Eartha had turned the radio on and it didn’t look like she was impatient.

            “What she say? Why did she return the stuff?” Eartha asked when he sat behind the driver’s wheel.

            “She didn’t say.” He pulled his sunglasses off after starting up the car. “You looked in that envelope and resealed it, didn’t you?”

            “Yes Daddy,” she said smiling wickedly. “I know you’ve been acting strange since that promise, but then after you met Reese you stopped looking.”

            He didn’t understand what she meant by that. “What do you mean?”

            “You stopped looking at other women. I know how you used to check out women. Always looking them up and down like they were pieces of meat. But then all of a sudden, you stopped. You were in this whole ‘be by yourself thing’ and I knew it wasn’t just because of the promise you made to me. When she gave me that stuff, I knew you’d somehow made contact with her.”

            Defensively, he said, “I didn’t do anything to her. I didn’t have sex with her.”

            Eartha put a reassuring hand on her father’s hand. “I know that, Daddy. I know that because you really do things to a woman and I can tell when you’ve been with one or not. They get this silly glow on their faces. But after I gave you that envelope, you got that silly glow on your his face. I knew she was something special.”

            The fact that Eartha paid so close attention to him was a sign of how much his daughter loved him. He felt even guiltier about what he had done with Reese. “I know she’s too young for me.”

            “She’s pretty young,” Eartha agreed and shrugged. “But that still doesn’t stop her from being special to you.”

            “Why did you give her that note?”

            “Because you’d been acting strange ever since she returned that stuff to you. Why didn’t you tell me you offered to help her out giving her the guest house?” Eartha’s feelings sounded hurt.

            “I don’t know, Eartha. I never encountered any thing that I’ve been feeling lately when it concerns Reese. Does your mother know?” he asked worriedly.

            Eartha shook her head. “This had nothing to do with her, Daddy? I know our rules about what goes on at home, stays at home.”

            “That’s your Uncle Lethal’s rule,” he corrected her.

            “I know, but I never tell you what’s going on at Mom’s house, do I?”

            She didn’t and he had to give it to her, she was a pretty smart girl. “I thought I was doing Reese a favor. Sort of like giving her a vacation from her problems.”

            “She won’t accept. She won’t leave her mother, Daddy,” Eartha said knowingly. “Ms. Carver needs Reese.”

            “Why? How? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

            She shook her in dread. “Reese does all the work for the class. She composed the honors syllabus, she basically almost teaches the class the lesson and she’s the one that checks all the papers and prepares the tests and lesson plans.”

            “But she’s not old enough or certified to be doing things like that? Isn’t that illegal?”

            “Yeah, it’s illegal somewhere. Most likely more with the school board, but no one’s going to tell because then Reese would be losing out on everything she’s worked for, Daddy.”

            “Can’t she just leave? Run away?”

            “She’s tried before, but she always came back or I heard Ms. Carver found Reese and …” Eartha stopped and he saw her look in the distance in horror. “she came to school and I saw her in the bathroom one time pulling her shirt up… I saw her back.” Eartha closed her eyes and swallowed as if she had eaten something disgusting.

“Why didn’t she go to the police? Why didn’t you tell someone when you saw it, Eartha?”

“Reese told me not to say anything. Not even the police could help her if she wouldn’t admit her mother did it, Daddy. What was I supposed to do? All I can be is her friend if she can’t help herself.” She took a deep breath to push away the bad memories. “I’ve heard a lot of the senior girls talking about other worse things.” She reached over and held her father’s hand. “I’m glad you want to help her, Daddy. Don’t be upset that you do want to.”

            Emperor really couldn’t take talking about Reese anymore, because all he could think about was feeling her wetness and wanting to take her right there in the copier room. It wasn’t helping to get himself down to a comfortable size.


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