Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 4.2

Juanita left to go downstairs to start dinner, Reese dried herself off and put on a long skirt and a long sleeve shirt ignoring the blue and purple marks left on her light pale skin from yesterday’s dinner. Examining them never did anything to make her feel better. Ignoring made it at least tolerable so she wouldn’t lose what last little bit of sanity she had living with this deranged woman.

Going past her mother’s room on her way down, she saw her mother’s journal lying on the bed. This was something she hadn’t seen since she was very young and thought it was a book to read since Reese had always been an avid reader. At that time, she had touched it and didn’t remember the rest of the day because the beating had been so bad.

Now it lay in the exact same place and a shiver of terror enveloped Reese, but defiance and curiosity hungered in her soul and just the thought that she could find out what was occupying her mother lately, when she knew that Juanita would never tell her.

Looking around her to see where her mother could be, she heard Juanita humming another song in the kitchen. Reese walked to the bed and picked up the journal, opening to the last page written in.

It happened again last night. I dreamed about him and it was a fantasy that was just like the other ones. His big strong black body covered me and kissed me and I cried his name like the king of love he is. I can’t stop thinking of him and I know I will find a way to get him back to me and he’ll notice that I’m not so prudish and see my sexiness and covet my mind, body and soul. He’ll be all mine.

Knowing her mother lusted after a man didn’t bother Reese. Juanita had lived a boisterous life before getting “religion.” Neglecting her needs seemed to increase her insanity and if Reese could put a bug in that man’s ear to get him to do something with her mother, she would gladly do it, but first she had to know who this man was.

He walked in as if everything was his kingdom and everyone should bow to him. I wanted very much to fall to my knees and if we were alone, I would take his staff and suck its sweet juices from him, draining his energy and making him my love slave. I thought I would never want to lay eyes on another naked man ever, but who could not resist wantoness and impure thoughts with him in their midst. He is the epitome, of sex and I crave it like no other. He brought that feeling to my loins and only he can quench its thirst. I want to be his empress, his queen, his love, because he will be my Emperor. With a name like that, reputation like his, I know I can be the only woman to satisfy his hunger.

There was no doubt in Reese’s mind as she looked at the date of the journal entry knew who the man was and she closed the journal. Her mother was lusting after Emperor Heart!

Going out of the room, she paused at the top of the stairs. In her own infatuation, she never thought her own mother would have desired to be with Emperor, but he was a very handsome man. Even the most frigid woman couldn’t help desiring him, but he must be use to this and she would have never guessed her mother would fall under his spell.

Resisting him would be even more difficult, because now her plans must change. Yes, she would love to hurt her mother, but not this way. She would find another man to take her virginity. She had to because her mother would kill her to know she had slept with “her Emperor.”

Pushing away her own attraction for Emperor, reluctantly Reese knew what she must do for her mother.

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  1. Well, Sylvia, if Reese gives Em to her mother that would take away the age issues that I have with this story. Even so, Reese and Em seem to have a better connection in my opinion. It is she that he can’t stop thinking about, not her crazy mother.Can’t wait to see what that brilliant brain of yours is gonna think up next. lol.SuprinaPS. Hope the book signing went well.

  2. Now that was some twist. I would have never guess that Juanita will have a cursh on him. But all hell is about to break lose because I feel why reese try to get him to see her mother things will happen between them. I can’t wait for the fire to start. Great Post!

  3. WAIT A MIN… i was jus gettin used 2 the idea of reese & em. omg her mama is crazy! but what a twist syl i feel a big suprise coming on

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