Chapter 46.3

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 46.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. I hope that was not it for the day, cause that was nothing put a cliffhanger. ‘CAT’, push through please, stop letting your good twin hold you back and fight for the reader rights and post a lil something more today.. hi Sylvia!I say this for all readers out there, especially Paula, kill that Bitch! Where is Parker now? Onyx, Nevada, Kimberly, some body……She can not die like this.

  2. That is right Tia those BITCHES HAVE GOT TO DIE NOW! Cat please push through do no let Sylvia (sorry) leave us hanging like this. Please SYLVIA AND Cat i know you guys just love to see your readers HAPPY.

  3. OH YEAH WHERE IN THE FREAK IS THE HEART CLAN?? COME ON NOW!! sorry 4 yellin.. this is the quietest they have been in a loooong while.

  4. Ok I gotta a question. Could she be having a third baby? Just a thought. Please say there’s more 🙂

  5. Yesh where is everyone? Come on Charisse you can do it use the last of your strength and stab the b*tch, she deserves it. How lame can Joanie believing Cheyenne she will get the blame. Sylvia ya gotta post more pweety pwease pwease pwease lol 🙂

  6. This is so not fair. I have to leave work in about 15 minutes. Please post before I leave, I can’t stand it.

  7. I hate to say it, only because I’m a big girl too, but Charisse stab that hefty heifer right in the heart! Could there still be another child in Charisse? Come on Sylvia, you can’t just leave us hangin’ like this!

  8. I really think that Charisse is having a thrid baby and I am excited. I just wish you finish Joanie off and go kill Cheyenne.

  9. Okay Sylvia i have had on Heck of a day and am just getting to read this at 9:29pm so I hope you have more in the morning. I also think homegirl is about to give birth to baby # 3 it would be nice if Parker made it just in time for the birth.

  10. The Queen of Cliffhanger did it again…you keep doing that you are going to start a riot. Sylvia going to know what it means to be an angry black woman.(LOL) Is Charisse having another baby? Is this true? Please say it is true,BUT, knowing your evil Twin Cat. She could have Charisse Hemorrhage. Please Sylvia stop her before it to late. Charisse when Joanie get close make her bring her head close to you then stab her.Where is the hero? PARKER WHERE ARE YOU? Don’t let your woman and children die. GO GET YOUR FAMILY!!!!

  11. sylvia, QOCH…you win that title every this is juicy..and i’m beginning to fear that soon i’ll log on in the morning and you’ve shut the live story down..pls pls update more soon.. i can’t wait for joanie to find out that charisse actually gave birth to a third child in the car! and cheyenne is so insane.. if she thinks she’s gonna escape jail for all her crimes she’s in denial.. onyx baby where are u ? we need u now!!taa2s

  12. Sylvia, Are you ok? You are being too quiet…. Are we getting at least 3 posts today? Your readers are hungry for more…Come on….. Please……………………

  13. I’m okay.I have the post ready and I was just waiting for my regular time to post while I got caught up on my ugly betty.Since nov I haven’t caught up on my regular tv and i’m using this time to get it finished before the new shows start.

  14. I wanted to ask a question. I know that you are trying to get a publicist, but do they look at your blog and see how many readers you have, the amount of comments you receive off one chapter. I look forward to finishing a chapter just to read what someone has said. I wonder if you get ideas from some of our commments. Reading your work feels like an online book club. I understand you must be able to prove you have an audience when getting signed and you sure do have one.

  15. Your comments help me a lot. And that’s why I save them all the time because i want them (publicist, agent and/or publisher) to know that I do generate readers with my work and on a larger scale i could be an asset to anyone who represents me.I know i could hang in the big circles but I need all the help I can get being a single mother and all. I’m independent but I’m not afraid to say HELP!Just continue to help me generate readers and find ways to get the word out there…I’ll make noise soon and when I reach bestsellers I’m inviting you all to a weekend party in Motown.

  16. Send me a pre invite sylvia.. i’ll try my best to be there via internet!!taa2s

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