Chapter 47

no notes today. I did read and approve your comments and gawd, I’m really getting depressed because the story is coming to an end.

BTW, I was going to get back on the query to an agent / publisher horse and start sending my work out for major publishing. I thought about it long and hard and want to make a serious investment of time in trying to get a distribution deal.

But I’d love your help in helping me choose two titles you think I should push. I want to know your favorite story. (Add it to the comments.)

You know it’s amazing what i get done on the bus on the way back and forth from work. at this rate, I might never drive again as I type on my little Jornada.

People look at me while I’m typing and listening to Musiq and I ignore them because if you make too much eye contact in Detroit you’re either looking for a fight or you want conversation. I want neither so I just stay to myself.

I typed this one just this morning on the bus and it was real emotional so I ended up crying while typing. I didn’t go back over it to make sure it looked okay. I’m tired and exhausted. I’m really going to miss Charisse and Parker.

I’ll update later on. After lunch. …

okay, as usual try to enjoy…


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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 47 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

17 thoughts on “Chapter 47

  1. I haven’t read the post yet just your comments at the beginning I love all your stories but the three that I have read a million times and know word for word are Tanner’s Devil, Stealing Innoncence, and Teach Me to Love. As a side note I also loved Road to Freedom. Those are my top four I know that’s more than you asked for and may not really help but they are my favs.

  2. Ohmygod she is having another baby and it is too much for her with the stress and everything and Joanie dumbass! Somebody needs to smack the crap out of her for being so dumb.

  3. omg u making a sista cry her eyes out at work.. omg i know she aint dead but still reading that was some strong shit… now can we have a resurrection please? and is it truly *hemorhaging (kno i can’t spell) or a triplet?

  4. Noooooo, please don’t kill her off. I’m in tears. Please let Joanie come to her senses and help her before it’s too late.

  5. I’ll say my top two stories are tanner’s devil and sin’s iniquity. I really wish this story didn’t have to end.

  6. TOP 4 BOOKS by sylvia/cat: 4) Stealing 13) Dark Facade2) Tanner’s Devil1) Sex weed- the king of all kings!!actually after you finish this one it will be at the top of my list

  7. OMG, I do not believe you just did that. I am still strong on believing that the hemorrhaging is what is killing her, but what just happened, “As if her bowels shot out of her”. What is that all about? After two babies her body has to give way for all this she went through, those babies came out through stress, she had to tear, bleeding internally and externally, no medical attention..Joanie, Man what wrong? You want to be greedy with no plan. What in the world? Cheyenne has her for an A^%. Cheyenne gonna kill her anyway if she dont die, cause she aint about to share no money. Ok, if you kill Charisse and the babies have no milk, they gonna start carrying on like lil bay bay kids and Cheyenne gonna lose it. I know dumb and dumber aint think that far ahead. Where are the other characters in this story? Please they need to show up now.

  8. Oh, please don’t let her die. I thought for sure she was giving birth to a third child. Where is Parker??Great story! One of my favorites is Tanner’s Devil and the other is Drawing the Line.Pris

  9. I am a crack addict, been to AA and back and still need Intervention off your books, cause I love them all. But I really love Road to Freedom, Sin’s Iniquity, Tanner’s Devil, Mistaken Identity.

  10. Road to freedom and Sins Iniquity.I love all of your books and anyone you choose will be good. GOOD LUCK AND I WISH YOU THE BEST!

  11. You gone and did it Sylvia, man i woke up with a migraine this morning and took some aspirin as if that will help but anyhoo. Just reading this chapter has lessened it somewhat so that is a good thing. I don’t want Charisse to die, how about joanie instead comeone someone come help her. Don’t kill off the main characted that sucks. Great post Sylvia

  12. I like all of yours.. but my fav is Teach me to Love, Stealing Innocence I and Tanner’s devil…

  13. Oh yeah i forgot about the books sheesh, my mind is elsewhere here at work lol. 1)Tanner’s Devil2)Stealing Innocence I3)Sin’s Iniquity

  14. My favorites are all of them but I will list 4!1) Tanner’s Devil2) Sin’s Iniquity3) Stone’s Revenge4) Stealing Innocence INow, OMG! Tell me Charisse is just passing out from the pain! Hopefully, Joanie’s dumb ass will bleed to death! Am I a bit cruel? YES

  15. Syl, It is 3:32 pm………Just letting you know what time it is. hint hint, posting time…lol

  16. SYLVIA!! I just wanted to make sure you are awake. I was curious to know what time you take lunch cause it’s almost three o’clock here and I really need a post right now I got drama.

  17. Sylvia, Dark Facade is my #1 choice because the storyline is so unique, which just might get you noticed above the slush pile. Being in this writing game myself (self-publishing and traditional publishing), I’ve learned through trial and error that familiar storylines just don’t get noticed as fast. Or at all for that matter.Big publishing houses are in it to make money and if your story sounds just like Jane Doe’s there’s no incentive to sign you on. Fortunately, I don’t think you’re going to have that problem, Sylvia. All of your stories are pretty unique. However, I think Dark Facade is the most unique of them all. Maybe that’s why you’re having so many problems getting it completed. The enemy of your prosperity probably knows that that particular book is going to be your money-maker.Just my 2 cents.Suprina

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