Chapter 46.2

sorry so late. i had to catch up on my on demand tv on abc and got carried away on eli stone.

I’m really liking that show for some strange reason.



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13 thoughts on “Chapter 46.2

  1. I’m very scared of “Cat” and what she could do! Lol but i gotta agree wit whoever said Parker’s dumb.. If he thinks Charisse is in on it he’s dumber than rocks seriously. I guess love makes you stupid sometimes. Oh and I second Paula’s motion for Charisse 2 gut that bitch already! come on now.. if joanie aint got no sense yet, she aint gettin none no time soon. And what is wrong with her body? i’m worried. she’s pushed out twins standing up and she still walkin? SOMEBODY GET THAT HOE 2 HOSPITAL PRONTO!!

  2. Is Charisse in still in labor? Does this mean she was pregnant with triplets instead of twins?

  3. Please, please, please post soon. I can’t stand this not knowing what will happen. Biting my nails in apprehension!!!! Please post soon.

  4. Oh gawd don’t tell me she is hemoraging. Now i am really scared. Please post some more Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. that would be somethin serious if she havin triplets wooowweee i know you STILL got surprises up your sleeve ‘CAT’ but i think we are prepared or i hope so!

  6. Yup Deja is right, Charisse is going through postpartum hemorrhage and if she does not get any help soon, her body is gonna go into relapse… I doubt any more babies in there but that would throw, structured Joanie off cause she aint got her Massa to tell her what to do…. I hope she get enough strength to beat the Fat off Joanie & kill the Bitch, Stupid MF(getting upset now). How in the world you gin let a greedy Bitch like Cheyenne control your whole life, and you aint gat s(&^ to show for it, or will ever get S*&^ to show for it! (trying to calm down now)Sylvia, please post today, Cat done do all the writing!lol

  7. Eva you have got to stop, you are making me fall out of my chair at work. LMAOCat you and Slvia work well together. Keep it coming.

  8. lol im tryin my best 2 stay in my chair paula! i wanna take a plane or bus 2 detroit and find out what’s next! i think a ticket on expedia for 2nite is like $500. omg syl i think im gettin weaker along w/ charisse. MAN THAT THUMP SHE FELT WAS ANOTHER KID! omg that’s a ass of kids they got now. maybe cheyenne do need 2 take one lol hope charisse nd parker can handle it IF THEY LIVE LONG ENUFF ‘CAT’/SYLVIA! joking.. you know we love your work.. we crave the torture and homicidal psychos and rollercoaster relationships.. its like crack.. seriously..who needs rehab? raise your hands..

  9. Oh My Goodness! Kill that bitch Joanie, Charisse! Kill her dead! Then really kill that bitch Cheyenne dead! OMG! I’m raising my hand….I think I betta go to rehab!

  10. I think Chriasse may have another baby in there. Joanie is stupid then I thought. Cheyenne is just using her and when she is done. All she is going to do is toss her aside.

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