Chapter 41.4

okay, i lied.

here’s one more…



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His Substititue Wife… My Sister Chapter 41.4 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

9 thoughts on “Chapter 41.4

  1. How in the World can the evil duo hurt them still? Or than attempted murder, or murder, or some other sort of violence or kidnapping oh dang I just answered my own question. LOL Anywho what in the world are her conditions I can’t answer that one on my own 🙂

  2. Is her condition that he let her go when she’s ready 2 kill herself again?? OOooh Charisse you stinky mcstink face do not mess up a good thing! omgosh gurl! and those lint licking twins better stay as faaar away as possible from charisse and parker

  3. Yeah what are her conditions? And when is she going to tell him. Sheesh he has told her all his secrects why can’t she? Anyhoo thanks for the extra post your awesome Sylvia.

  4. I knew they were going to get married. I felt it in my bones and I never would have guessed that Chyna would try to take the baby. I think maybe if Chyenne pretended to be Chyna then I know that would be possible. They can be evil.

  5. First of all I want o personally thank you for all the post today.OK, I have got some questions for you. What happened to Chyna? What are Charisse conditions? And according to Eva where is the other lint licking twin?It is to quite I can smell the storm brewing. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!P.S. I read Dark Facade this weekend and all i am going to say is…..WHEN IS IT COMING?That book was disturbing at first me being a sister and all. But I understood because it has become a typical part of society. Women and sometimes men will do anything for GIFTS. Keep it coming. BRING ON THE DAMAGE TO THOSE TRIFLING LICKING LINT TWINS AND HUNGRY JOANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  6. Charisse you are getting on my nerves…your happiness is right in front of you and you don’t see it. What is hell wrong with you. Why in hell are you putting condition on your love or even Parker love. You are becoming like your sister. Better check yourself before you rack yourself.

  7. okay up to speed again.hmm i have some questions but they only formulate at night in my mind 🙁 yea i was wondering about her body changes but you covered that. um yea maybe can i know a lil more about whats up with chyna and her evil half. and i was thinking back on sex weed i guess i have to read it again but how are the two boys (dyson and his bros sons) the same age again? like did he marry young because i though mels sis concived in high school. hmm was just thinking bout that. well thats it. great posts

  8. What in the world could be her conditions? Parker loves her very much, but there is still something that Parker is planning. I knew he was going to ask her to marry him, but he is trying to concock up something else… I want to know. Chyna is Dead! Cheyenne is gonna come back pretending to be Chyna. Something bad is gonna happen, and I just can not wait. I hate the fact that Charisse is not talking, and a person that does not talk is thinking…. They are the ones to watch out for!!!!!!!!You were on a roll with the postings, wonder if today will be like that!

  9. It’s about to get ugly, I just know it. Come on Sylvia, hit us with it. We can take it! Cinquetta is right, Charisse is getting on my last nerve! I want to smack some sense into that woman!

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