Chapter 42

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 42

  1. where’s 42.1? and where’s the sex? and if she dont want the ring i will take it. and who is he calling?

  2. Eva D, I am with you, I will take it too. Something is wrong with that girl. She has something that many dream about, something she never thought she would have or deserve and you CONDITIONS? What kinda BS is that!!! Charisse should not have lied and said she will be truthful, she has been holding the bank thing this long, what else is she holding?????

  3. You has a SECERT at least that is what I believe. I also believe she is still insecure which is why she is holding back from Parker. If they were honest with eachother and told how they feel it would be good.

  4. What in the hell is wrong with Charisse. Has she loss her cottenpickingmind. Parker should leave Charisse sexual frustrate. She be beggin’ to stay with him. Parker need to call Jealen to get pointers on how to sexual frustrate a woman. Hey it work for Kimberly.

  5. Parker I will be your Charisse 24/7/365. I can do it all minus the suicide talk…Is she still 51/50???? Dammit Charisse…he got me all excited when he said and what I do to you? GOOD LAWD what you do to ME!!! LMAO!!Sylvia…very very good in the mid afternoon of Cali

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