Chapter 41.3

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 41.3

  1. Darn that Charisse for not saying that she would stay and take care of the baby. She is really starting to piss me off. Anyhoo thanks for all the posts sylvia, i was having withdrawl symptoms of not reading your book on the weekend.

  2. Chyna’s dead, might not have been Joanie, but somebody got 2 her. Pascal got into some stuff w/ King?? Everybody owes that man something jeez louisa! Is this man w/ a mangled face someone you’ve written about b4? Mandigo gotta twin?? And is Blu related to Judge Knowles in any way? We appreciate you posting even when you got so much drama going on in ya life. Its therapy for our own drama sometimes!

  3. lilo: got to go back to analyze that sex weed thing. I think both conceived during high school or shortly thereafter.cinquetta: yeah, bu we all do it.paula: chyna is coming. conditions are coming and cheyenne is plotting and planning. DF – another long story.tori: thanks for enjoying and commenting. that’s cool.

  4. You don’t have time Charisse! You better tell Parker now. It’s getting closer to S..H..T..F! I’s can feel it!

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