Chapter 40…plus Secrets, Lies & Family Ties update

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 40…plus Secrets, Lies & Family Ties update

  1. What is her problem, she need to talk! I am glad she is making baby steps, but sweet girl aint gat much time!

  2. Tia: yeah, baby steps. I like that. Makes me want to watch What about bob again.OO (from facebook) thanks for enjying the story. tell a million friends.

  3. I’m with Tia. Chariss needs to s..t or get off the pot. Parker’s already in love with her so she should just spell the beans. Great post, sorry it’s coming to an end.

  4. OMG! Getting this particular group of people to open up and talk is like pullin teeth with no pain killers…GAWD! JUST SAY IT…I’m DYING over here!V

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