Chapter 39.4

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  1. Well GOOD MORNING! Wow. I’m glad she got that out but hopefully now she has changed her mind about dying. And the previous ‘gee thanks’ was a little sarcastic for leaving us hanging at the end of the day! Thanks for blessing us so early in the morning but er uh, can you write quickly? I’m having a slow day so I can read ALOT!!! LOL! Have a great day Ms Sylvia.Ms B

  2. I’m so glad that Charissa was understanding enough to get past Parker’s mistake. Now I’m hoping he can do the same. Great job Sylvia

  3. You and these bombshells. There is more to come and I can not wait. I dont like how you responded to Jrboss and said I hope so too! Ummmm…..I am very glad she was so understanding, people tend to dwell on our mistakes and make judgement by them, but she has a character of strength! I hope he remembers that after she continues. Waiting, time is a ticking! Do you need me to help you type, send me you drafts, or call me so i can type for ya, pick ya brain.. lololololololololol

  4. Wow Sylvia, that was really something. Now that Parker has confessed to Charisse, he can go get his first child and they can raise the two children together. Parker better be thankful for Charisse, looks like she’s stronger than she thinks. I bet she has sorta changed her mind about killing herself and will definitely not kill herself after she sees her child. Really great post.

  5. I knew it had something to do with Parker’s brother about the child they had. But I am suprise with Parker wanted everything to be perfect. I am glad Charisse understands what is going on. When you begin to write King’s Paradise will you bring Charisse back Sylvia as Nevada’s best friend. I think I know who you might pair Lynx with? Is it Nevada’s sister because King Heart wants her so bad and they already have bad blood with eachother. But I thought King was gay?

  6. Ok see…he lucky he tried to clean that up…I swear…if I wasn’t already in love with Parker, I’d have to smack him…and now that Charisse finally admitted her reasons for agreeing to carry his child…perhaps he can work some voodoo magic on making her change her mind…TISK TISK PARKER!!

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