Author’s Note: 02/21/08 CHAPTER FOURTY IS’A COMIN’!

Just a reminder that we got a lot of doors to still close and I got a lot of work to do.

Cracking the knuckles and worrying about when the arthritis will be kicking in for doing that.

Here’s my responses from the 26 comments, plus the Yahoogroup

Paula: she is, but Nevada doesn’t know this yet.

Anonymous: yes, you’re waiting til the next post.

Tanya: You got it! It was a blade. I’m frustated as well by Nevada’s limitless. (that’s not a word.)

anonymous: that’s the big question. why would parker want to hide a child that he desperately wanted. I never said Parker was going to be the good guy in this whole thing and we tend to love someone so much that we lose sight that he’s not guilty of his own sins.

And I don’t know on the dark facade.

taa2s: Yeah, I knew it was coming but I was so unprepared to drop that bomb there. I had really imagined this confession in a room, but I said what the hell lets do some sex in the car and then drop a bomb where she can’t run away.

cinquetta: honey, i hate to say this again but Derrick’s already got his love interest so he won’t be Nevada’s. Sorry. Lynx’s story will intertwine with King’s Paradise. I know this is a bomb. but you know i love to drop those all the time. and yes, that’s why Onyx told him to take care of business before she had to take care of him.

MM: Glad I still got the ole one two.

Tia: I hate to say this but I’m glad I messed up your day with my imagination. I do love to discombobulate people and I think i do a durn good job (hence no close friends and a beau that thinks I’m looney than a bird.)

Paula: Lots of questions but can’t answer except to say keep reading. I will assure you I will be damaging some tramps though. LOL.

Tori: That’s a very good question. What makes her so different. I think Parker’s seeing that she’s cut from a different clothe (hence that’s why I keep saying it) and that there’s no chance in hell he could ever compare her to her sister, although that will be tested soon. IT’s so easy to believe the little bad about the person even though they have a lot of good. You’re right about the knife. I like that mysterious side of Nevada and her insight to men is hilarious.

lilo.gurl: LMAO! That was some language on paper I ain’t nevah seen. It was like you were right there talking to me. LOL. Oh my gawd! I had tears in my eyes trying to read your comments.

Julia: What kind of agony could I deal if I revealed everything?’ll be meeting the kid. This mother is inconsequential (misspelled right?) I don’t mind having a dose of Charisse’s sickness long as I had a man like Parker to give me the antidote.

Ms. B: When you said Gee Thanks, I didn’t know if you were frustrated or sarcastic or really appreciative of me for giving you somehting to look forward to tomorrow. You know it’s really hard work keeping you guys coming back. If i could drain the adrenaline from my braingasm and put it in a bottle, i’d be richer than Bill Gates bout now.

And yes I did say braingasms

Eva D: Calm down. Okay, don’t calm down because as they so eloquently put it in the last comments the S.H.T.F is coming.

Tonya McDaniels: (from the Yahoo Group): If you missed anything in Chapter 1 through 35, you can catch up at:
(not everyone at once though or you’ll shut the site down).

that’s it for now. writing up a storm to have it posted by ten, so quit refreshing like crazy.

Your author,