Chapter 39.3

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  2. WOW! I wasn’t expecting that. Is this the ‘nephew’ and why would he hide a son and then be so infactuated with having a child with Chyna? Or would this cloud his family’s status in the community? What a way to end the day. Gee thanks Sylvia! Great post. Can’t wait til tomorrow! Ms. B

  3. Man, that is a big secret and he didn’t even tell Chyna! Well I don’t blame him there. Will the kid show up in this story? Whose his mother or is that a whole ‘nother story? Oh yeah, we should all have Charisse’s kind of “sickness”!

  4. say what??!!!!!! he already has a child??? oh sweet jesus! now i gotta hear charisse’s response to that one!madhi

  5. well…WELLLLLL….we-e-e-e-elllll *sniff*Lucy,*tongue click* you gots some ‘splanings to do.nuh uh mr. mill. you are nots bouts to drop the baby daddy drama ons on. we bes nots ready yet.this some BS right here.this, be, some, bs, right hurr. got everyone so upset they cant comment 😛

  6. I knew he was going to say that. The son was with his brother’s wife. He slpet with his brother’s wife. Where the hell is the son?

  7. SYLVIA SYLVIA SYLVIA…………………..WHY? Why did you have to make Parker into an ASS. A SON…………..Did I miss something or is this son his brothers son.Please do not tell me that SEXY PARKER slept with his brothers wife. Maybe I am thinking a little to negative. Anyway today’s post was wonderful……exciting……interesting.What is going on with Nevada? Why is Mandingo acting like that? Please let Onyx kick someone ass. Where is Chyna? Is Joanie going to find her? Where is the TRAMP Cheyenne? Who did Parker have this child with? How old is this son?I have so much questions to ask. Please give us more and I am loving this story. P.S. PLEASE DAMAGE THOSE TRIFLING TRAMPS.

  8. Okay I was NOT expecting that at all!! WTF I thought he was talking about the newfew not him having his own son. Parker lost Mad Cool points with that admission. I just don’t know what to say.

  9. WTF????????????????????????????Sylvia, you know what, I watch you beat around the bush and waited for the last sentence to say he had a son. So all that was BS he was talking bout he need to have kids? Is life was incomplete? So where is this son of his? With who? When? OMG, WTF, did I say WTF???????? Sylvia, are you gonna keep posting? Have you thought about that, PLEASE, PLEASE with Diamonds on top!

  10. WHAT THE FUCK! HELL TO THE FUCKING NO! So his son is about 14 or 16 years old. What type of “MAN” don’t take care of his kid(s). I know the type but I have to ask. Now we find out he is NOT or WONT take care of his son and nephew. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! mhmm! Oynx please kick his ass. He needs one…a good old fashion ass wooping. (Made him get his own switch!)Nevade gave Charisse a note or a locket am I close.

  11. I believe Nevade love interest is Derrick from TEACH ME TO LOVE. Is this true? When will you bring Lynx back. His story was short…did that device work for him.

  12. wow! I didn’t see that one coming! I mean onyx hinted at something..that never came to mind! you naughty gal, sylvia.. ummmmm! our lovebirds need loads of sex to co-operate bera!!here’s hoping charisse puts all the cards on the table..though knowing u sylvia.. i’m sure you have chyna died noow, cheyenne acting as cyhna and joanie /cheyenne setting a trap for charisse! can’t wait for the next update!!taa2s

  13. why wld parker want to hide his son am sure his juss as cute as the father by the way Sly when do u get to finish dark facade?

  14. a son? Parker? The guy so desperate to have a child??? MY MY MY MY MY!!!!!so where the child at? an’an’ who’s the child’s momma??!!! an’an’ where the momma’ at??!!!! i know…. have to wait fer next post, may it come QUICK!!!!!

  15. I thought Nevada’s sister was protected by the Heart’s (lethal)?Does Nevada know this?

  16. *BLINK BLINK*Uh…I am literally speechless…err…fontless.WHAT THE BLOODCLOT! This is better/worse than the young and the restless. Hold on…he’s been wanting a child..and he already has one…and where the hell is this son…and how was it a mistake…is the kid in the system? Does the son even know Parker is his father?See…I’m mad at him now…NO WONDER he let her distract him with sex….men are so easy.V

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